Preview: Respect Pro Wrestling ‘Live in Lochwinnoch 3’


Respect Pro Wrestling are set to kickstart their 2019 with quite a HISTORIC show. Following the unveiling of both Billy Kirkwood and The Wee Man as co-general managers last November, they revealed that this show will see the crowning of the inaugural RPW Tag Team Champions. Not only that, but we’ll see the first ever Submissions Match in Respect Pro history with the Heavyweight Championship up for contention. This is a show not to be missed folks!


Submissions Match for the RPW Heavyweight Championship
Lewis Girvan vs Aspen Faith (c)

The Kings of Catch may have won the ICW Tag Team Championships last week but over in Respect Pro Wrestling, they’re in a rivalry over the Heavyweight Championship. It all began back in August, where Lewis Girvan lost the title to Aspen Faith in a Triple Threat Match also involving David Devlin. Following this, a singles bout was set for the November show with quite a unique match stipulation – a good ol’ fashioned Bunkhouse Brawl. With Glen Dunbar serving as the sheriff (is there a reason why this randomly happened?), Aspen walked away victorious with the title intact. Another match is now set for Saturday’s event in Lochwinnoch, where the only way to win is by submission. These two have had a Submissions Match before for Discovery Wrestling, which was a fantastic match. Expect nothing different at the weekend.


Fatal Four Way Elimination Match to determine the inaugural RPW Tag Team Champions
BMD (Bobby Roberts & JD Bravo) vs The Sensational Scenebirds (Christopher Saynt & Darrell Costello) vs The Violence Institute (MATT DALY & Luke Matthews) vs Team AbFab (Jesse Santana & Jonathan Richards)

A Fatal Four Way Elimination Match will see the first ever Tag Team Champions crowned as BMD, The Sensational Scenebirds, The Violence Institute, and Team AbFab are set to go into battle in an attempt to make history. The titles were announced at the last show by Billy Kirkwood and The Wee Man, with Christopher Saynt and Darrell Costello advancing over Danny Edwards and Ian Skinner while Bobby Roberts and JD Bravo moved on over MATT DALY and Luke Matthews. Despite the loss, DALY and Matthews will still compete in the match, with the final spot going to Jesse Santana and Jonathan Richards. The Princess of Pro Wrestling recently made his return from injury and after no-one else wanted to team with him, Jonathan Richards stepped forward to team with him. As a result, Team AbFab was formed. Which of these four teams will cement their mark in the history books of Respect Pro Wrestling?


#1 Contenders Match
Robert Wishart vs Jack Morris

While The Kings of Catch are fighting over who’ll be heading to the Walker Hall as the Heavyweight Champion, Robert Wishart managed to strike a deal with Respect Pro management that ensured the winner of his match here with Jack Morris will go on that very venue as the next in line. Both men are coming off the back of losses at The St Andrew’s Scrap, losing to Lucha DS and Alexander Darwin MacAllan respectively. Despite this, our new general managers clearly see potential in both men to be viable contenders for the Heavyweight Championship. This one should be quite the high flying showcase but by the end of the night, the main event for the third anniversary show will be confirmed.


Emily Hayden vs Angel Hayze

Women’s action in Lochwinnoch will see Emily Hayden of The Sensational Scenebirds facing a debuting Angel Hayze. Both ladies are on a roll at this moment, having both competed in this past weekend’s Disco Derby Match for the Discovery Women’s Championship (neither would come out on top though) as well as currently holding the W3L Women’s Championship and the Almost Pro Women’s Champion respectively. Emily’s allies in The Sensational Scenebirds will be busy elsewhere on the show challenging for the Tag Team Championships, but there’s no saying whether or not they’ll stick their noses in here. Angel better have eyes on the back of her head for this one.


Triple Threat Match
Glen Dunbar vs Lucha DS vs Alexander Darwin MacAllan

Triple Threat action sees a unique mix of talent as Glen Dunbar, Lucha DS, and Alexander Darwin MacAllan come to blows. The Lowland Superstar made a surprise appearance at the show in November, serving as the guest sheriff for the Bunkhouse Brawl between Aspen Faith and Lewis Girvan. On that same show, DS was victorious over King Robert Wishart while MacAllan picked up a victory over Jack Morris. Despite their victories, they find themselves in this match as opposed to the #1 contenders match. Perhaps a win here will put either man in contention for the Heavyweight Championship.


Chris Renfrew vs TJ Rage

Chris Renfrew makes his Respect Pro debut where he faces a tough task in the form of TJ Rage. The former leader of The New Age Kliq has been reasonably successful as of late, capturing the Reckless Intent UK Championship last April and still holding on to it as we speak, with successful defences coming over the likes of Andy Wild, Mikey Whiplash, and Michael Chase. While he may be a huge success to the Livingston faithful, he’s yet to prove himself to the crowd in Lochwinnoch. With TJ Rage being the man across the ring from him, Renfrew may not even get the opportunity to do so. A bulldozer of a man, Rage can knock down anyone and everyone who dares stand in his path. The ex-NAK member may just be another name to add to that list.

As of writing, less than 20 tickets remain for this show, priced at Β£8 for adults, Β£5 for children, and Β£22 for a family of four ticket. These can be purchased by messaging the Respect Pro Wrestling Facebook page. Doors open at 6pm, with the action kicking off at 6:30.

Announced Matches
Submissions Match for the RPW Heavyweight Championship – Lewis Girvan vs Aspen Faith (c)
Fatal Four Way Elimination Match to determine the inaugural RPW Tag Team Champions
– BMD vs The Sensational Scenebirds vs The Violence Institute vs Team AbFab
#1 Contenders Match – Robert Wishart vs Jack Morris
Emily Hayden vs Angel Hayze
Triple Threat Match – Glen Dunbar vs Lucha DS vs Alexander Darwin MacAllan
Chris Renfrew vs TJ Rage

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