Preview: WrestleZone ‘Regal Rumble 2019’ | Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

It’s creeping closer to Aberdeen Anarchy, in less than a month we’ll be sitting in the Beach Leisure Centre in Aberdeen ready for an incredible night of wrestling which includes the debut of former WWE Cruiserweight and NXT Champion PAC fka Neville. Before we get to the Granite City Supershow we need to get onto the road to Anarchy. Traditionally the road to Aberdeen Anarchy begins at the Regal Rumble. Due to Aberdeen Anarchy being pulled forward to secure PAC we’ll be jumping onto the expressway, fast-tracked all the way to the biggest wrestling show in the North East calendar.

Hailing from The Northern Hotel in Aberdeen once again, WrestleZone have once again put together a fun card that will have something for everyone.

I love rumbles, easily one of my favourite nights of the year. Having been to plenty Regal Rumbles before, it’s interesting to come in with very little idea as to who will end the night holding that trophy.

Pre-Show – Ryan Riley vs Chris Archer

Us lucky folk that got a VIP ticket will be treated to “Inspirational”, and former ICW World Heavyweight Champion “contender”, Ryan Riley against former WrestleZone Tag Team Champion Chris Archer. Riley has been obsessed with facing PAC at Aberdeen Anarchy (even though he isn’t) and it’s untapped a bit of an unhinged side to the man that lost 7 stone. “The Loserweight” has been banging on WrestleZone Managements door, going through the stages of grief since it was announced that Zach Dynamite would be facing “The Man That Gravity Forgot” which has lead him to be a bit more aggressive in the ring. Archer has been having his fair share of problems with The Outfit duo of Dino Del Monte and Ted O’Keefe lately and would likely like to conserve a little energy to throw out either during the Rumble match. Both will be out to finish this as quickly as possible in order to prepare for The Regal Rumble itself.

Crusher Craib vs Grado

A first time encounter between “The Creator of Carnage” and “The Chubby Wee Chancer”. Chalk and cheese personailities with Crusher Craib preferring brutality, punishing and battering while Grado likes to have fun and make sure everyone is having a good time. That isn’t to say Crusher doesn’t enjoy pounding away at the face of his opponents. Crusher has yet to be pinned or submitted since his return to action at Battle of the Nations 2017. He’s on an incredible streak that Grado will have to overcome. Even though Grado has competed in Impact Wrestling, a former ICW World Heavyweight Champion, WOS Champion, the current WOS Tag Team Champion with The British Bulldog Jr amongst a bursting trophy cabinet of other championship accomplishments, he’s still the perennial underdog thanks to his cheekiness along with his fun and frolics offense. He’d be wise to tap into his serious side in order to get past Crusher Craib.

Mr P & Damien vs Zach Dynamite & Jason Reed

Both singles champions in WrestleZone, Tri-Counties Champion Mr P and Undisputed WrestleZone Champion Damien, team up to take on two wrestlers that are confident and certainly outspoken. It will be an upward battle for the duo of Mr P and Damien as their opponents will no doubt have the mad dog Bradley Evans and Agent W keeping an eye on proceedings. We could see an early preview of Aberdeen Anarchy here with Reed, Dynamite and even Mr P back later in the evening to attempt to pick up the Regal Rumble trophy.

Wash Your Mouth Out With Soap Match – Alan Sterling vs Andy Wild

One of my earliest memories of going to WrestleZone was seeing Lord Alan Sterling taking on Mr P in a Kiss My Foot match that took place at the same venue, The Northern Hotel, at the same titled event, The Regal Rumble. Fast forward a number of years and Alan has a chance to finally rid any lingering taste of Mr P’s foot and I’m sure Andy Wild is more than happy to assist. Wild has been fed up of Sterling running his mouth and this is certainly one way to put a stop to it. Alan will undoubtably have the man mountain, Caleb Valhalla, in tow to offer support, morally and physically. Wild will have to be careful as it’s been proven that Valhalla is more than capable of throwing “Big Dad Bod”.

WrestleZone Tag Team Championships – Triple Threat – The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan) (c) vs William Sterling & Blue Thunder vs Scotty Swift & Johnny Lions

A huge triple threat tag team match which has all the makings of chaos. This marks about a year since The Kings of Catch made their WrestleZone debut as a team and they walk in with the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships. They face two teams that have been at odds with each other with The Kings of Catch somehow finding themselves in the middle of all of it. Blue Thunder and William Sterling’s tentative reunion has certainly had fans take notice. They may not be on the same page but they have been able to recapture the teamwork that lead them to the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships in the past. They have been embroiled in a spat with the team that isn’t a team, according to Scotty Swift and only Scotty Swift, the superteam of former Undisputed WrestleZone Champions, Scotty Swift and Johnny Lions. The OG Besties, Swift Lions, Red Lions, Tenacious Swifts, Tenacious Warriors, SJ Express, The New Rockers, The Real Ghostbusters, whatever you want to call them, Scotty Swift and Johnny Lions have made quite the team over the last few months. Three talented teams, whether from their in ring prowess or their ability to read the ring and pick their spots. This will be crazy with either team in position to walk away as WrestleZone Tag Team Champions. It’s the toughest challenge in the reign of The Kings of Catch so far.

Regal Rumble
Entrants Confirmed: Scotty Swift, RUDO Lightning, William Sterling, Kaden Garrick, Ted O’Keefe, Alan Sterling, Dino Del Monte, Lewis Girvan, Blue Thunder, Grado, Bradley Evans, Aspen Faith, Mister Malice, Johnny Lions, Crusher Craib, Mikkey Vago, Ryan Riley, Thatcher Wright, Chris Archer, Zach Dynamite, Caleb Valhalla, Jason Reed, Mr P, Andy Wild, Connor Inglis

In January I put out my super early five picks to win this very match, which is still the very same list of picks I have now. Is it lazy to copy and paste that list? Yes probably. So I’ll expand a little on reasons on that very list (here) from then.

Jason Reed – Jason Reed has his mysterious cabinet that have yet to be revealed. His quest to “Make Wrestling Great Again”, more specifically WrestleZone, has been building momentum, don’t believe the FAKE NEWS. If there was ever a night for the Reed cabinet to be revealed this would certainly be it.

Grado – A former runner up, Grado would be a popular choice to main event Aberdeen Anarchy. He has Crusher Craib earlier in the night which may leave him burst for the Rumble match itself.

Zach Dynamite – Sure he has his match with PAC at Aberdeen Anarchy but a win here would certainly throw a spanner in the works. Would it then be a triple threat with PAC finding himself in the main event? Or would Ryan Riley take Dynamite’s place? A win here for Dynamite would blow Aberdeen Anarchy wide open.

Andy Wild – A former Undisputed and Tri-Counties Champion, Wild is big, powerful and full of stovies, he has all the tools to be victorious. He would be one of the biggest in the match, well versed with throwing folk about. A contender for sure. He’s been embraced by the WrestleZone fans and will have plenty support to go all the way

Crusher Craib – Three time winner, generally a safe bet to make it far. My fantasy booking sees Mr P eliminating Crusher and leading to a Tri-Counties Championship match between the two but it would make sense, from a storyline standpoint, to see Crusher versus Damien again at Aberdeen Anarchy with the history between them, the Sterling Oil background and the amount of backstory that can be brought up between these two. The writer in me could spend a lot of time and characters writing about the lead to this showdown if it were to take place.

Outside of those five I can pick out several dark horses like the returning RUDO Lightning, who recently found success in a certain rumble in Glasgow plus a couple former Undisputed WrestleZone Champions in Johnny Lions and Scotty Swift that can’t be forgotten.

The Regal Rumble will also see the debut of Thatcher Wright. The GPWA graduate will likely not make friends due to his adoration for Maggie Thatcher. I’m all for giving people a chance but that seems unforgivable.

This is the most unpredictable Regal Rumble in recent memory.

Tickets are still available at Ringside World. It’s always worth heading along to, it’s almost time for The Regal Rumble!

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