Preview: WrestleZone ‘Live in Westhill 2019’


It’s the last stop on the road to Aberdeen Anarchy on Saturday evening as WrestleZone return to the Ashdale Hall in Westhill, a venue that looks lovely by the way. With just two weeks to go before the big show, it’s the final opportunity for any and all roster members to get the momentum heading towards the Beach Leisure Centre. As we all know, momentum is the most important thing in professional wrestling.


Damien, Mr P & Shawn Johnson vs RUDO Lightning, Jason Reed & Zach Dynamite

WrestleZone promised a huge main event for this show, and boy, did they deliver! So many stories coming into this bout. Fresh off of losing the Undisputed Championship to RUDO Lightning, Damien will lead his team of Shawn Johnson and current Tri-Counties Champion Mr P into battle to face RUDO’s team of Jason Reed and Zach Dynamite. The Revolutionary may have trouble with his partners here though – at the Regal Rumble, he and Mr P showed some dissension in their tag team match while the rivalry between him and Shawn goes way back. On the other side, RUDO Lightning may also have some difficulties getting along with his partners for the evening. He eliminated Zach Dynamite to win the Regal Rumble Match, which subsequently led to him capturing the Undisputed Championship. Perhaps the only alliance you can count on remaining intact for the duration of this match is between Zach and Jason Reed. They were a great pairing at the Rumble and, assuming they have all their allies at ringside in Westhill, they’ll have the numbers advantage. Just what Dynamite needs ahead of his upcoming match with PAC come April 13th.


Scotty Swift & Johnny Lions vs The Thunder Buddies (Blue Thunder & William Sterling)

Ahead of their Tag Team Championships Steel Cage Match at the Beach Leisure Centre, Scotty Swift and Johnny Lions are once again set to collide with The Thunder Buddies. Ever since Halloween Hijinx, William Sterling has had his eyes set on gaining retribution over Scotty Swift following the dissolution of Sterling Oil at the Beach Ballroom, soon followed by Blue Thunder joining his side in the hopes of getting back to championship gold. Both of these teams were part of a title match at the Regal Rumble alongside defending champions The Kings of Catch, a bout that ended without a decisive winner as referee Dennis Law called the match off after being unable to control the action. It’s a rivalry so heated right now that the only way to control things is to have the guys surrounded by a steel cage. While that structure awaits them on April 13th, Swift, Lions, Sterling, and Thunder have the opportunity to pick each other apart in Westhill, and gain that extra advantage heading into the Beach Leisure Centre supershow.


Aspen Faith vs Andy Wild

In what I believe is a first time ever contest, Aspen Faith faces Andy Wild in a match that could be a main event anywhere in the country. Since winning the Tag Team Championships last October alongside Kings of Catch partner Lewis Girvan, The Lost Boy has found himself embroiled in the rivalry between Scotty Swift and Johnny Lions, and The Thunder Buddies. He has a mammoth task ahead of him at Aberdeen Anarchy if he hopes to leave Aberdeen as champion but after seeing his opponent for the evening, he may not even make it to that show as Andy Wild blocks his path. The Stovie Superman saw off Alan Sterling two weeks ago and washed his mouth out with soap, but found himself the first man eliminated from the Regal Rumble Match. He’ll hope to redeem himself on Saturday evening in Westhill, something that could gain him a spot on the Aberdeen Anarchy card.


Crusher Craib vs Irving Garrett

In another first time contest, Crusher Craib will take on Irving Garrett. Since returning to action in September 2017, The Creator of Carnage is yet to be pinned or submitted. In the one and a half years since, he’s racked up victories over the likes of Scotty Swift, Bryan Tucker, Johnny Lions, and most recently Grado, a who’s who of WrestleZone talent. In Westhill, he finds himself in a tantalising contest with The Bone Collector. Irving Garrett has made two appearances in a WrestleZone ring so far, firstly losing to Damien at last year’s Halloween Hijinx and then being pinned by Alan Sterling at January’s Summerhill Showdown. Garrett is still looking for that all important first victory in a WrestleZone ring. His holds may have been good enough to gain him the moniker of being the winner of the 2018 Drew Galloway Invitational Tournament, but it’ll take a lot more to put away Crusher Craib, especially with it being Aberdeen Anarchy season.


Chris Archer vs Ryan Riley w/Bradley Evans

A rematch from the Regal Rumble pre-show has also been announced, as Chris Archer will once again square off with Ryan Riley, although Riley won’t be coming alone this time around. Their match at the Northern Hotel was quite a fast-paced encounter, with the former multi-time Tag Team Champion flying all over the ring to get the night started on a high. Riley did attempt some power moves, and almost scored the win with a half nelson backbreaker but it wasn’t enough as Archer walked away with a tick in the win column. Later that night however, The Inspirational One would align himself with Zach Dynamite and Bradley Evans to form a new alliance known as The Foundation of the Future. They’re here to take over WrestleZone, and that all begins with Chris Archer on Saturday night


Ted O’Keefe vs Mikkey Vago

The fierce rivalry between The Outfit and The Rejected is set to roll into Westhill at the weekend with Ted O’Keefe facing Mikkey Vago. It’s been eight months since the first meeting took place between the two sides and since then, wins have been traded back and forth. Including both singles and tag team encounters, the score currently sits at 6-4 in favour of Chris Archer and Mikkey Vago. Their most recent tag match at Summerhill Showdown saw a dominant performance from Ted O’Keefe and Dino Del Monte, as they focused their entire attack on the leg of The Heavy Metal Hooligan to ensure an easy victory. Whoever wins here will surely have the momentum heading into the Tag Team Championships #1 contenders match at Aberdeen Anarchy, a bout that will also include Foundation of the Future members Bradley Evans and Ryan Riley. High stakes for these two individuals at the Ashdale Hall.


VIP Ticket Holders Pre-Show
The Sam Barbour Experience vs Dino Del Monte

VIP ticket holders will bear witness to a WrestleZone debut as GPWA graduate The Sam Barbour Experience comes up to Westhill to face Dino Del Monte of The Outfit. SBX, who is definitely not the twin of Rogue to Wrestler contestant Rab The Crab, was one of the earliest names out of the Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum, and has since gone on to work for promotions such as Pro Wrestling Elite and Main Event Wrestling down in England while maintaining his reputation as The Most Handsome Man in Sports Entertainment. Don’t be fooled though – he isn’t just about the looks as he’s actually quite a proficient striker, executing a bloody lovely running knee strike to finish his opponents off. Unlucky for him, his opponent on his Aberdeenshire debut is another rather good striker. Since arriving in WrestleZone last March, Dino Del Monte has used a devastating rolling elbow to finish off several opponents. Alongside Ted O’Keefe, Dino is on a mission to take over WrestleZone. That continues this Saturday in Westhill, with The Outfit preparing for the biggest match of their short career in two weeks time.

Tickets are available from, priced at Β£15 for VIP tickets, Β£12 for adults, Β£10 for under 14’s, and Β£35 for a family of four ticket. Doors for VIP ticket holders open at 6:30pm followed by general admission ticket holders at 7pm, with the main show kicking off at 7:30!

Announced Matches
Damien, Mr P & Shawn Johnson vs RUDO Lightning, Jason Reed & Zach Dynamite
Scotty Swift & Johnny Lions vs The Thunder Buddies
Aspen Faith vs Andy Wild
Crusher Craib vs Irving Garrett
Chris Archer vs Ryan Riley w/Bradley Evans
Ted O’Keefe vs Mikkey Vago
VIP Ticket Holders Pre-Show – The Sam Barbour Experience vs Dino Del Monte

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