Preview: WrestleZone ‘Aberdeen Anarchy 2019’


Weeeeeeeellllllllllllllll, it’s the big show. It’s the big bad show tonight. Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, it’s the big show!

It’s Aberdeen Anarchy lads (not featuring The Big Show sadly). Someone who will be featured on the show though is a man who has no boundaries when it comes to flight. You don’t need RyanAir when you’ve got the athletic capabilities of former WWE superstar PAC! That’s right, the former two-time WWE Cruiserweight Champion becomes the latest name added to the list of illustrious guests who have graced Aberdeen Anarchy with their presence in the past.

This year’s supershow is a bit different to previous instalments as it will take place at the Beach Leisure Centre as opposed to the neighbouring Beach Ballroom. It may not have the same atmosphere as the Ballroom and it may be a chilly evening inside, but don’t let that take away from the amazing card WrestleZone have lined up for April 13th. Three huge championship contests (one of which will take place inside the demonic steel cage), a match with championship implications for Battle of the Nations, PAC vs Zach Dynamite. It’s looking like quite the night.

For my money, this is quite possibly the best card in WZ history!


Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
Special Guest Referee – Austin Osiris
Damien vs RUDO Lightning (c)

The main event, the show closer, the grand daddy of them all. This was going to be the main event either way following RUDO Lightning’s victory in the Regal Rumble Match but after that match, the roles will dramatically reversed as RUDO now enters as champion while Damien is the challenger. It was a shocking conclusion to an already eventful evening at the Northern Hotel, seeing RUDO capture the gold from The Revolutionary. Having worked so hard to get back to the title, it must’ve been quite a set back for Damien given the way he lost the title – the Regal Rumble trophy to the head before the match, and then the championship belt to the skull following a ref bump. Damien is now hellbent on becoming a four-time champ on Saturday night, but it’ll only happen on RUDO’s terms. He’s selected his own personal referee, that being Austin Osiris. Big Money has a bit of history with Damien dating back to last year’s Drew Galloway Invitational Tournament, where Osiris was eliminated in the quarterfinals at the hands of Damien. Because of that, the man with the longest undefeated streak in Scottish wrestling today will undoubtedly sway the match in Lightning’s favour. Damien’s overcome the odds on several occasions – only time will tell if he’s able to do so once more.

Prediction: RUDO Lightning – Take a gander atΒ thisΒ for my reasons as to why RUDO Lightning will still be the Undisputed WrestleZone Champion when the clock strikes midnight on April 14th.


Fatal Four Way Match for the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship
Mr P (c) vs Andy Wild vs Jason Reed vs Shawn Johnson

It’s sort of become a tradition at Aberdeen Anarchy to have the Tri-Counties Championship defended in a Fatal Four Way Match. It happened in 2017 and it continued in 2018. Now, it’s Mr P’s time to defend the title in the four way fray. Every challenger in this bout has a reason for being here. You’ve got Andy Wild, a former Tri-Counties Champion in his own right. He lost it to Zach Dynamite at last year’s Aberdeen Anarchy but since then, he’s turned a new leaf in WrestleZone. He’ll have the fans on his side as he looks ahead to becoming a two-time champ at the weekend. Then, you’ve got Jason Reed. The man on a mission to Make Wrestling Great Again. In order to do that, he needs to win a title. He was eliminated from the Regal Rumble Match much to my dismay (I’m still not over it to be honest) so the Undisputed Championship is out of his grasp for the time being sadly. Lastly, you’ve got Shawn Johnson. The former Sterling Oil member is looking to become the first Triple Crown Champion in WrestleZone history, having previously held both the Undisputed and Tag Team Championships (and won the Regal Rumble too for that matter). The Tri-Counties Championship is the only title to have evaded him thus far. Four huge personalities colliding over the title. The big question though is will we be embracing the chaos, heading for a wild night out, helping make wrestling great again, or will we be seeing the resurgence of a hotshot?

Prediction: Jason Reed – Who else was I picking? I’ve backed Jason Reed’s campaign plans since day one. Unlike Theresa May, I firmly believe Reed can achieve what he’s set out to do. We still haven’t seen any new members of The Reed Cabinet unveiled, although Thatcher Wright does appear to be on Jason’s side if you’ve been keeping up with KINGS ROAD. I’ll guarantee you this – on April 13th, wrestling will be made great again when Jason Reed lifts the gold.


Triple Threat Steel Cage Match for the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships
The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan) (c) vs Scotty Swift & Johnny Lions vs The Thunder Buddies (Blue Thunder & William Sterling)

The story behind this one goes all the way back to last year’s Aberdeen Anarchy event, where Scotty Swift and Johnny Lions were part of the team who defeated Sterling Oil to bring an end to the devious alliance for good. Almost two months after, William Sterling returned to cost Swift a Dog Collar Match and since then, he’s reunited with his old Thunder Buddies partner Blue Thunder to cost Swift and Lions the Tag Team Championships on two separate occasions. A championships match at the Regal Rumble between those teams and defending champs The Kings of Catch was eventually thrown out by referee Dennis Law after he lost control of all six men. Seeing this, board member Len Ironside wanted to find a definitive winner, and so booked the second Steel Cage Match in WrestleZone history for this year’s Aberdeen Anarchy. Faith and Swift both aren’t the biggest fans of heights, whereas Sterling is no stranger to putting his body on the line in a big stipulation match. Lions, well, he’s not all there these days. Thunder will be there to try and get back to championship glory and Girvan will no doubt be dishing out low blows left, right, and centre as he usually does in multi-man contests. A good mix of talent set to enter the blue structure in a few days time.

Prediction: Scotty Swift & Johnny Lions – Predicting a Kings of Catch loss. Who thought that would ever happen on this site? Johnny Lions has made it crystal clear that 2019 is his final year as a professional wrestler. One of the things he’s waited his whole career to do is compete in a Steel Cage Match. He’s ticking that box off but you’d have to imagine winning a set of titles alongside Scotty Swift would fully cement their status as a proper tag team. It’s happening whether Swift likes it or not!

Be sure to check out Billy’s article in association with WrestleZoneΒ here!


PAC vs Zach Dynamite

When this match was first announced, the one thing that came into my head was how it would put Zach Dynamite on the map. We saw the same thing happen to Damien when he faced Tyler Bate at Battle of the Nations 2017, so expect to see nothing different here. It’s sort of the same exact story in a way, in the sense that Dynamite hasn’t been on the best of runs as of late (up until the Regal Rumble at least) but WrestleZone management are confident in his abilities in the ring to put him against someone the calibre of PAC. The former two-time and greatest Tri-Counties Champion of all time went on a slight losing streak upon the end of his second reign last December, but good showings at both of WrestleZone’s March events gave him the momentum he needed heading into April 13th. It doesn’t matter how confident Zach may be about himself though, and it also doesn’t matter if he has his Foundation of the Future pals at ringside with him. It’s PAC he’s against. Gravity forgot him, but the WrestleZone fans certainly won’t after Saturday’s event.

Prediction: PAC – This was a tough one to call but eventually, I went with PAC. I was so close to going for Zach – after all, he’s just formed this new alliance with Bradley Evans and Ryan Riley so it’d be a shame to have him lose really. My main reason for going for PAC is basically because if he loses, there’s a chance we may not get to see the Black Arrow. Can’t have that now, can we?


Triple Threat Match
Bingo Ballance vs Lionheart vs Crusher Craib

September 9th 2017. The date when Crusher Craib made his in-ring return to WrestleZone after suffering a severe hip injury the previous year. In that time, The Creator of Carnage has remained unpinned and unsubmitted, seeing off challenges from the likes of Scotty Swift, Grado, Irving Garrett, and a surprisingly determined WrestleZone Training Academy trainee by the name of Connor Inglis. Crusher may still have Connor on the mind following his fairly short elimination at the hands of the young upstart in the Regal Rumble Match, which came on full display as he demolished Connor in Westhill while he was serving as security for the show. Despite his mind perhaps not being in the right place for now, he will still have to contend with quite the challenge on Saturday in the form of both Bingo Ballance and Lionheart. Crusher and Bingo had a brief encounter during a Fatal Four Way Match at Christmas Chaos (Comes Early!), with Crusher executing a beautiful mid-air Black Hole Slam, while the former three-time Regal Rumble winner also had an excellent singles bout with Lionheart in ICW last November (with Lionheart becoming the only man to pin Crusher since he came back, although it wasn’t in a WrestleZone ring). Three huge forces all with a different style – this could be a possible showstealer.

Prediction: Lionheart – On the fence with this one really. It’ll either be Lionheart or Bingo winning in my eyes. Can’t see Crusher Craib winning, thoroughly believe Connor Inglis will stick his nose in at some point to cost his rival the win, likely leading to a proper singles bout between them.


Grado vs Alan Sterling

On paper, this seems like any old comedy match. But when you take a closer look at things, there’s quite a bit at stake here when Grado takes on Alan Sterling. The latter isn’t the most successful man in Aberdeen Anarchy history, having won just the one match since Anarchy became the extravaganza it is today (that being a three on three Ladder Match in 2016). Grado on the other hand, is yet to be defeated, as he’s scored wins over the likes of Kid Fite, Sha Samuels, and Scotty 2 Hotty at previous Aberdeen Anarchy events. Things between the pair got rather heated at the Regal Rumble, with Grado dragging Alan back to ringside so he could have his mouth washed out with soap at the hands of Andy Wild followed by Sterling costing Grado his match with Crusher Craib and also dumping him out of the Regal Rumble Match later in the evening. Despite having the size advantage, Grado doesn’t have Caleb Valhalla in his corner. The Thor-lookalike will be on the opposite side of the ring from The Chubby Wee Chancer, which may hamper Grado’s performance throughout the match should he get involved.

Prediction: Grado – The WrestleZone fans love seeing Alan Sterling get some comeuppance. While Caleb Valhalla may play a factor in ensuring it’s All About Alan on Saturday evening, I wouldn’t bet on it. Grado’s undefeated streak at Aberdeen Anarchy will continue.


WrestleZone Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Triple Threat Match
The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago) vs The Foundation of the Future (Bradley Evans & Ryan Riley) vs The Outfit (Dino Del Monte & Ted O’Keefe)

The third Triple Threat Match of the evening will determine who goes on to challenge for the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships at Battle of the Nations. The Rejected know exactly what it takes to get the job done, having held the doubles gold on four separate occasions throughout their career – in fact, the past two Aberdeen Anarchy’s have seen them come in as champions and leave with the titles still intact. On Saturday, they come face to face with two men they’ve faced countless times over the last nine months in the form of The Outfit. Since July, these two teams have come to blows in both singles and tag team matches. Dino and Ted almost captured the Tag Team Championships last August in Inverurie but in the end, it would be Archer and Vago walking home with the titles around their waists. The third wheel in this match comes from WrestleZone’s newest stable The Foundation of the Future, as Bradley Evans and Ryan Riley team together for the first time. Riley joined forces with Evans and Zach Dynamite at the Regal Rumble to form the new alliance and so far, it’s brought him some luck as he pinned Chris Archer two weeks ago in Westhill. When you break it down, they could really just sit back and let The Rejected and The Outfit tear into one another then swoop in at the end to steal the pin. It’s certainly an option.

Prediction: The Foundation of the Future – They’re the new alliance. What better way to build them up than by having them win their first match as an actual team? As much as I’d like to see The Outfit earning themselves a championship match, they’ll have to wait for now. Evans and Riley for the win.


VIP Ticket Holders Pre-Show Triple Threat Match
Irving Garrett vs Caleb Valhalla vs Kaden Garrick

Those with ringside tickets will be treated to quite the bonus match as Irving Garrett, Caleb Valhalla, and Kaden Garrick collide in a huge Triple Threat Match. Following their altercation in the Regal Rumble Match, I was basically begging for a match between Valhalla and Garrick. Two smaller guys in terms of height but when it comes to brute strength, two of the hardest hitting members of the WrestleZone roster.Β  I mean, Caleb killed a man at the Regal Rumble (my thoughts remain with the family of Lord Mr Malice at this tough time). While I am wanting to see a singles bout between the pair, you won’t see me complaining about Irving Garrett being on the show. The Bone Collector is still looking for his first win inside a WrestleZone ring, having debuted back in October. Speaking of looking for wins, it’s been 11 months since Kaden Garrick picked up a win in a match. Seeing as the pair of them are against Caleb Valhalla here, don’t expect to see either of them gaining a pinfall or submission here.

Prediction: Caleb Valhalla – The bodyguard to Alan Sterling is willing to do anything in order to gain the upper hand. As mentioned, he essentially killed Malice last month. Who knows what he’ll do to either Garrett or Garrick.

Alongside that stacked card, fans can also attend an afternoon meet & greet with PAC at the Beach Leisure Centre from 2-3pm, and those aged 18+ can attend an after-party at Exodus from 11pm-3am. Entry to that is free for all Aberdeen Anarchy ticket holders up until 1am.

At the time of writing, tickets can still be purchased both online from and in-person at Forbidden Planet in Aberdeen. Tickets are priced Β£27 for a ringside ticket and Β£17 for a general admission ticket. Please note, ringside tickets can be purchased online only. Doors for ringside ticket holders open at 5pm followed by general admission ticket holders at 6pm, with the main portion of the show kicking off at 7pm. Come along and witness a historic night for all at WrestleZone!

Announced Matches
Undisputed WrestleZone Championship with Austin Osiris as Special Guest Referee – Damien vs RUDO Lightning (c)
Fatal Four Way Match for the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship
– Mr P (c) vs Andy Wild vs Jason Reed vs Shawn Johnson
Triple Threat Steel Cage Match for the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships
– The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan) (c) vs Scotty Swift & Johnny Lions vs The Thunder Buddies (Blue Thunder & William Sterling)
PAC vs Zach Dynamite
Triple Threat Match – Bingo Ballance vs Lionheart vs Crusher Craib
Grado vs Alan Sterling
WrestleZone Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Triple Threat Match
– The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago) vs The Foundation of the Future (Bradley Evans & Ryan Riley) vs The Outfit (Dino Del Monte & Ted O’Keefe)
VIP Ticket Holders Pre-Show Triple Threat Match – Irving Garrett vs Caleb Valhalla vs Kaden Garrick

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