Wrestler Spotlight: Shane Strickland

Photo credit Graeme K Cunningham Photography

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re taking a look at recent WWE signee Shane Strickland, a man who appeared for Discovery Wrestling back in 2016.

Aliasย โ€“ Shane Strickland, Lt. Jermaine Strickland, Killshot, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

Nicknamesย โ€“ “The King of Swerve”, “Swerve”, “The New Flavour”, “High Octane”

Debut – 2009

Companies Wrestled Forย โ€“

  • AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined
  • All Pro Wrestling
  • Alpha 1 Wrestling
  • America’s Most Liked Wrestling
  • Aro Lucha
  • Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion
  • Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment
  • Bar Wrestling
  • Battle Club Pro
  • Battle Pro Wrestling
  • Beyond Wrestling
  • Big Japan Pro Wrestling
  • Capital City Championship Combat
  • Change The World Wrestling
  • Combat Zone Wrestling
  • Connecticut Wrestling Entertainment
  • The Crash
  • DEFY Wrestling
  • Desastre Total Ultraviolento
  • Destination One Wrestling
  • Destiny World Wrestling
  • Discovery Wrestling
  • Dojo Pro Wrestling
  • Dragon Gate USA
  • East Coast Wrestling Association
  • Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling
  • EVOLVE Wrestling
  • F1RST Wrestling
  • Failure to Conform Wrestling
  • Family Wrestling Entertainment
  • FEST Wrestling
  • Fight Club: PRO
  • Fighting Evolution Wrestling
  • Fire Star Pro Wrestling
  • Five Borough Wrestling
  • Full Impact Pro
  • Future Stars of Wrestling
  • Game Changer Wrestling
  • Global Force Wrestling
  • Glory Pro
  • Ground Breaking Wrestling
  • Ground Xero Wrestling
  • Heartland Wrestling Association
  • House of Glory
  • House of Hardcore
  • Impact Championship Wrestling
  • Impact Pro Wrestling
  • Impact Wrestling
  • Innovative Pro Wrestling
  • International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom
  • International Wrestling Cartel
  • International Wrestling Federation
  • IWA Mid-South
  • Kamikaze Pro
  • Keystone Pro Wrestling
  • Lancaster Championship Wrestling
  • Legacy Wrestling
  • Limitless Wrestling
  • Lucha Forever
  • Lucha Toronto
  • Lucha Underground
  • Major League Wrestling
  • Maryland Championship Wrestling
  • Metroplex Wrestling
  • National Wrestling Alliance
  • National Wrestling Alliance Fusion
  • New York Wrestling Connection
  • Next Generation Wrestling
  • Northwest Ohio Wrestling
  • NOVA Pro Wrestling
  • On Point Wrestling
  • Over The Top Wrestling
  • Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling
  • Premiere Wrestling Xperience
  • Pro Wrestling 2.0
  • Pro Wrestling Chaos
  • Pro Wrestling Empire
  • Pro Wrestling Force
  • Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
  • Prodigy Pro Wrestling
  • PROGRESS Wrestling
  • Promociones HUMO
  • Real Championship Wrestling
  • Revival Pro Wrestling
  • Revolucha
  • Revolution Pro Wrestling
  • RIOT Wrestling Alliance
  • Riptide Wrestling
  • Rockstar Pro Wrestling
  • Ronin Pro Wrestling
  • Southside Wrestling Entertainment
  • Superstars of Wrestling Federation
  • Target Wrestling
  • Tidal Championship Wrestling
  • Ultimate Wrestling Experience
  • Vicious Outcast Wrestling
  • Warriors of Wrestling
  • westside Xtreme wrestling
  • Without A Cause
  • World Wrestling Entertainment
  • World Xtreme Wrestling
  • WrestleCade Entertainment
  • WrestleCircus
  • WrestlePro
  • The Wrestling Revolver
  • Wrestling’s Best of the West
  • Xcite Wrestling
  • Xtreme Wrestling Alliance

Titles & Accomplishmentsย โ€“

  • 1x Combat Zone Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion
  • 2x Combat Zone Wrestling Wired TV Champion
  • 2x DEFY Wrestling 8xGP Champion
  • 1x EVOLVE Wrestling World Champion
  • 1x Ground Xero Wrestling Respect Champion
  • 2x Lucha Underground Trios Champion w/Dante Fox & The Mack (1 time) and w/The Son of Havoc & The Mack (1 time)
  • 1x Major League Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion
  • 1x Next Generation Wrestling Champion
  • 1x PCW ULTRA Heavyweight Champion
  • 1x PCW ULTRA Light Heavyweight Champion
  • 1x Pro Wrestling 2.0 Heavyweight Champion
  • 1x Vicious Outcast Wrestling Hyper Sonic Champion
  • 1x westside Xtreme wrestling World Tag Team Champion w/David Starr
  • 1x WrestleCircus Ringmaster Champion
  • 2016 westside Xtreme wrestling World Tag Team League Winner w/David Starr
  • 2017 WrestleCircus Carnival Cash In Winner

Signature Movesย โ€“

  • Swerved Stomp/Kill Shot (Diving Double Foot Stomp)
  • JML Driver (Wheelbarrow Half Nelson Driver)
  • Calamity Trigger (Twisting Corner Flip Piledriver)
  • Confidence Boost (Michinoku Driver II out of the corner)

Alliancesย โ€“

  • JML w/David Starr
  • The Smash’n’Dash Connection w/Barrington Hughes
  • Project Lucha Underground w/El Ligero & Martin Kirby
  • The Unwanted w/Eddie Kingston, Joe Gacy & Colby Corino

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