Preview: Pro Wrestling Elite ‘Live in Ayr’ May 2019

D2S4dDjXgAANdkTWell, we’re now at that point in the year where it’s between the Elite Rumble back in March and July’s anniversary show. That’s right, we’re speaking about Pro Wrestling Elite and their stacked show set for Saturday night at the Ayr Town Hall. We’ve got an NXT UK showcase for the Heavyweight Championship, we’ve got a Triple Threat Match to decide The Purge’s next challengers for the Tag Team Championships, we’ve got the debut of Angel Hayze, and a whole load more!


PWE Heavyweight Championship
Kenny Williams (c) vs Joe Coffey

Since capturing the Heavyweight Championship from Joe Hendry last July, Kenny Williams hasn’t had it easy. Between challenges from Wolfgang, Liam Thomson, and Mark Coffey, it’s a real shocker to see The Lucky Yin still in possession of the richest prize on offer in Pro Wrestling Elite. There’s a high possibility that will all change come Saturday though as Kenny comes up against Joe Coffey. The Iron King has challenged for the title on a few occasions but he’s never gotten the job done. He failed to win this year’s Elite Rumble Match after being the last man dumped out at the hands of Jackie Polo – despite that, PWE management have decided to give Coffey a title opportunity before Polo gets his shot in the summer. Kenny’s already defeated two thirds of NXT UK’s Gallus faction. Can he make it a clean sweep in Ayr, or will Joe Coffey provide a shock to the system heading toward’s July’s eighth anniversary show?


PWE Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Triple Threat Match
The Kinky Party (Jack Jester & Sha Samuels) vs Fight Club (Kid Fite & Liam Thomson) vs Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey)

After winning the Tag Team Championships just under 10 months ago, The Purge have been adamant there’s a lack of tag team competition within PWE. That statement has caught the attention of quite a few people on the roster, most notably two former sets of champs in the form of Polo Promotions and The Kinky Party. Those two had a match last September that saw Krobar and Stevie James interrupt proceedings, and lay a beating to both men. With a successful defence following a few months later against the reuniting Fight Club, it appears as if The Purge wouldn’t have challengers heading into their one year anniversary as the champions. Management had another thing in mind though, and have ordered a Triple Threat Match between Polo Promotions, The Kinky Party, and Fight Club to determine who’ll face the bikers at a later date. Don’t expect to see them interrupting this match, otherwise they could end up having to defend against all three teams down the line.


Wolfgang vs BT Gunn

They may be Bad Company brethren in ICW but in PWE, Wolfgang and BT Gunn are set for a collision course. Both men will be looking to cement their status as a possible contender to Kenny Williams’ Heavyweight Championship, a title that neither man has previously held. Up until July, Gunn was in a war with former New Age Kliq ally Chris Renfrew, ending their rivalry with a victory at the 7th Anniversary Show. With that behind him, there’s never been a better time for The Oddity to think bigger and better. Unfortunately for him, there’s a wolf howling in front of him. It’ll be some job trying to get past the larger Wolfgang but if Gunn can make Joe Coffey tap out inside the Hydro, then he’s not got much to worry about here.


Leyton Buzzard vs Andy Wild

Leyton Buzzard may very well have a death wish at the moment. He stood up to Joe Hendry in ICW despite the severe numbers disadvantage (bless his soul) and now, he’s facing Andy Wild in PWE. On top of that, he’s not long returned from a week spent in Germany at the wXw Academy, the same training facility that has helped create death machines like WALTER and Timothy Thatcher. He must be knackered after training there, but the show must go on. While his chops aren’t quite on the level of WALTER’s, Andy Wild packs a right good wallop when he smacks an opponent in the chest. Add to that his overhead belly to belly suplexes being able to toss people from pillar to post and his Wildest Driver gutwrench powerbombs almost driving opponents through the mat, it doesn’t look good for Leyton Buzzard tomorrow evening.


Viper vs Angel Hayze

When you speak about some of the UK’s best talent, Viper immediately comes to mind. The Vixen of Violence began the year by capturing the Women’s Championship of World of Sport and most recently, has now become an official member of the NXT UK roster under the alias of Piper Niven. She’s on a whole other level at the minute, but that doesn’t stop her from forgetting where her home is. Ayrshire. That’s why tomorrow night, she’s battling a debuting Angel Hayze. Right now, Angel is coming through the ranks as one of Scotland’s fastest rising stars, and for good reason. This year alone, she’s already debuted for Discovery Wrestling, Fierce Females, and Wrestling Experience Scotland, amongst a few others. Add Pro Wrestling Elite to that list, as she’s on a mission to make her name known worldwide.


Kez Evans vs Aaron Echo

As announced just this week, Kez Evans will face Aaron Echo in a battle between two of the future stars of Scotland. Since around last July, Evans has been on the rise, thanks in part to him turning on BT Gunn up at ICW and coming out on his own. Calling himself a self-proclaimed top tier talent, the GPWA graduate is undoubtedly a future star in the making. On the other hand though, Aaron Echo is already recognised as one of the UK’s best in some people’s eyes. The King of Benidorm has been having the time of his life as of late, drinking plenty of cans whenever he has the opportunity. Expect this to be a hard-hitting affair when PWE rolls into Ayr.

At the time of writing, tickets can still be purchased from, priced at Β£25 for a gold ticket, Β£13.75 for a general admission ticket, and Β£45 for a group of four ticket. Doors for gold ticket holders open at 6pm, with general admission ticket holders gaining entry at 6:30 with the main show kicking off at 7pm!

Announced Matches
PWE Heavyweight Championship – Kenny Williams (c) vs Joe Coffey
PWE Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Triple Threat Match
– The Kinky Party (Jack Jester & Sha Samuels) vs Fight Club (Kid Fite & Liam Thomson) vs Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey)
Wolfgang vs BT Gunn
Leyton Buzzard vs Andy Wild
Viper vs Angel Hayze
Kez Evans vs Aaron Echo

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