Preview: WrestleZone ‘Live in Stonehaven 2019’

14FBF70E-5A3B-4FB9-9BB4-E35852EA32E6We are now just a few short stops away from Battle of the Nations at the Northern Hotel but before the biggest party of the summer, WrestleZone are back at the Stonehaven Town Hall on Saturday evening for what looks set to be an excellent evening of wrestling action. If you like a bit of technical wrestling, the main event should suit you. If you like a good old fashioned tag team match, settle down to watch The Outfit and The Rejected do battle. If you like two big brutes colliding in the middle of the ring, that’s covered when Crusher Craib fights Andy Wild. It’s safe to say this card has something for everyone!


Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
Damien (c) vs Ryan Riley

In true Damien fashion, The Revolutionary once again overcame the odds at Aberdeen Anarchy when he dethroned RUDO Lightning as the Undisputed Champion, despite guest referee Austin Osiris unquestionably showing favour towards RUDO throughout the entire contest. One could argue that he had help himself in the former of actual officials Dennis Law and Mikey Innes but if you badmouth either of them anymore, Mikey will spear you out of your boots as we saw him do to Big Money. The win made him a record-breaking four-time Undisputed Champion, with the first man stepping up to face him being one of the newest additions to the WrestleZone roster – Ryan Riley. This is a huge opportunity for young Riley, seeing as he only made his main roster debut at the start of September. Despite that, The Inspirational One has easily become one of the most impressive members of the active roster. After all, he’s lost seven stone. A huge opportunity for Ryan and to the shock of no-one, Damien once again has the odds stacked against him as his Foundation of the Future pals Zach Dynamite and Bradley Evans may look to get involved and ensure that title comes back home with them.


Triple Threat Match for the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship
Mr P vs Jason Reed (c) vs Zach Dynamite

At Aberdeen Anarchy, WrestleZone was made great again as Jason Reed finally captured his first taste of gold in a WZ ring, capturing the Tri-Counties Championship from Mr P in a Fatal Four Way Match. His quest to the top of the company has been met with plenty of FAKE NEWS and management have been casting a witch hunt over him, but the determined Fifer ensured he left the Beach Leisure Centre that evening with the championship intact. His first of what I’m sure will be many championship defences sees him come up against two former champions in their own right, Mr P and Zach Dynamite. Both of these men know exactly what it takes to lift the gold, especially in the latter’s case as he is a former two-time champion. As part of The Foundation of the Future, Dynamite is coming off the back of the biggest match of his career opposite PAC a few weeks ago, while P had held the title for four months before being usurped by Reed. Stonehaven’s in for a treat with this one!


WrestleZone Tag Team Championships
Scotty Swift & Johnny Lions (c) vs Alan Sterling & Caleb Valhalla

They know they’ve got The Outfit waiting for them at Battle of the Nations but before then, Scotty Swift and Johnny Lions have to put their Tag Team Championships up for grabs against Alan Sterling and Caleb Valhalla. For about a year now, Lions has insisted that he and Swift are a proper team, with the tandem teaming up on quite a few occasions, including being part of the eight-man team who brought Sterling Oil to a definitive end at last year’s Aberdeen Anarchy. Swift had always backed away from these statements, refusing to label himself a tag team wrestler but now that they’re the tag champs, he sort of has no choice in the matter now. Their first challengers however are two men who have had absolutely no problem whatsoever being aligned with one another. This will be the first proper time Sterling has had a chance to get retribution over two of the men who ended the run of Sterling Oil, while Valhalla will be out to pick up another victory over The Red Haired Warrior following his success in Fraserburgh. The fate of the Battle of the Nations tag titles match lies on the line in this one.


Crusher Craib vs Andy Wild

When it comes to WrestleZone’s big men, Crusher Craib and Andy Wild more than fill that slot. Both lads are known for their overpowering strength but both can also go high risk if need be. Andy’s recently started using a Vader Bomb to crush his opponents while Crusher has been using a cannonball in the corner since 2015 I believe it was. Both are former Undisputed Champions too, with Craib holding the gold on two separate occasions while Wild only held it one time. In addition, The Creator of Carnage is also a former three-time Regal Rumble winner, having come out on top in the 2012, 2013, and 2016 instalments of the bout, whereas The Dad Bod God is a former Tri-Counties Champion. These two have actually faced off before, but I believe their last singles bout came in 2013. They’re both vastly different performers nowadays though, so it’ll be interesting how different their match is to their previous encounter.


The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago) vs The Outfit (Dino Del Monte & Ted O’Keefe)

Seeing as they’ve been going back and forth since last July, you’d think the WrestleZone fans would be sick and tired of seeing The Rejected and The Outfit squaring off. However, I think I speak for the majority (if not, all) fans here when I say I’m anything but tired of the matches. Each time they face each other, whether it’s in tag team matches or singles action, the four men always put on a great match, which will likely be no different when they head down to Stonehaven. Dino Del Monte and Ted O’Keefe are on a high right now, as they head to Battle of the Nations with a guaranteed opportunity at Scotty Swift and Johnny Lions’ Tag Team Championships after they defeated The Rejected and Foundation of the Future members Bradley Evans and Ryan Riley at Aberdeen Anarchy. It was Mikkey Vago who they pinned in that match, something that won’t be resting well with The Heavy Metal Hooligan. If they can defeat the #1 contenders here, then surely that puts Vago and Archer back into contention for a title opportunity.


Kaden Garrick vs Bradley Evans

Another show, another paragraph about Kaden Garrick’s losing streak. At the time of writing, it has been 376 days since Kaden scored a pinfall on a WrestleZone show (he may have won at some gala shows last summer, but this is only including the main shows). Throughout that time period of just over a year, the former undefeated Garrick has been pinned by the likes of Crusher Craib, Caleb Valhalla, Jason Reed, Alan Sterling, and the man he faces in Stonehaven, Bradley Evans. Following Summerhill Showdown 2018 where Zach Dynamite snapped and turned on Evans, he too went down a similar path to Kaden. Although he wasn’t exactly on a losing streak, his career wasn’t going anywhere really. Then, he saw the light. He realigned with Dynamite, with the two later forming The Foundation of the Future alongside Ryan Riley. Perhaps that’s what Kaden needs to do aswell. We know what he’s like once he’s been pushed to the limit – Mr P will tell you all about that. He just needs to follow the same light that Bradley saw.


VIP Ticket Holders Pre-Show
Los Cystos (Cysto 1 & Cysto 2) vs The Thunder Buddies (Blue Thunder & William Sterling)

Right now, WrestleZone’s tag team division has been at an all-time high, with the likes of The Kings of Catch, Proper Mental, The Rejected, The Outfit, and now Scotty Swift and Johnny Lions all vying for the championships over the last 12 months. VIP ticket holders will see another two teams collide on Saturday evening, with The Thunder Buddies teaming together for the first time since their failed attempt at capturing the Tag Team Championships back at Aberdeen Anarchy to challenge a team we haven’t seen in WrestleZone for quite a while. It’s only bloody Los Cystos. One of the Cystos returned to action during the pre-show in Fraserburgh, being pinned to the mat at the hands of William Sterling. Now, he’s bringing his twin while Sterling is taking Blue Thunder to this mad party. Is 2019 the year Los Cystos rise back to the top of tag team action in WrestleZone? Please lord no…

Tickets are still available from, priced at Β£15 for VIP, Β£12 for adults, Β£10 for under 14s, and Β£35 for an online-exclusive family of four ticket. Fans can also pay at the door on the night. Doors for VIP ticket holders open at 6:30pm followed by general admission ticket holders gaining entry at 7pm, and the action kicking off at 7:30!

Announced Matches
Undisputed WrestleZone Championship – Damien (c) vs Ryan Riley
Triple Threat Match for the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship
– Mr P vs Jason Reed (c) vs Zach Dynamite
WrestleZone Tag Team Championships – Scotty Swift & Johnny Lions (c) vs Alan Sterling & Caleb Valhalla
Crusher Craib vs Andy Wild
The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago) vs The Outfit (Dino Del Monte & Ted O’Keefe)
Kaden Garrick vs Bradley Evans
VIP Ticket Holders Pre-Show – Los Cystos (Cysto 1 & Cysto 2) vs The Thunder Buddies (Blue Thunder & William Sterling)

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