Discovery Wrestling 5th Anniversary Show | Super Early Wild Guesses On The Possible Matches

Discovery Wrestling released the first look poster for their upcoming fifth anniversary event that will take place on October 6th 2019 at The Jam House in Edinburgh. With the promise of one of the biggest events that they’ve ever had, I’ve came up with an eight match card that would be pretty neat. Chances are zero of these will happen but it’s worth a punt eh?


Discovery Wrestling Y Division Championship – Steel Cage Match – Joe Coffey (c) vs Joe Hendry

It’s clear that something is going to go down between these two soon, throw in a cage so that Coffey can’t escape Hendry once more and put his title on the line against ‘The Prestigious One’.

Four Way Elimination – Luchasaurus vs Sugar Dunkerton vs The Munndertaker vs KUMA

Just a super mental four way of big dudes and big characters. Alan Smith promised to look into getting a dinosaur if July 13th sells out. The question is, has Suge D ever faced a zombie, a giant and a dinosaur in one match? I want to find out.

The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan) vs The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson)

Just as All Elite Wrestling is about to go on TV this will likely be the last chance to see The Young Bucks take on The Kings of Catch in Discovery Wrestling. Surely this can happen.

Pure Dead Brilliant (Kid Fite, Krieger & Lou King Sharp) vs The Wild Lion Boys (Andy Wild, Kieran Kelly & Johnny Lions)

I really want to see Johnny Lions pop up in Discovery Wrestling one more time before he retires and having him team up with Andy Wild once more would be great. Throw in Kieran Kelly, who has formed a rather good team with Andy recently, this would be a lot of fun.

Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship – Martina (c) vs Sammii Jayne

Sammii Jayne gets her rematch for the Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship. Easy as that.

Michael Chase vs Theo Doros

If Michael Chase is going to have one more match in Discovery Wrestling it would surely be against his Age of Orion tag team partner. It would be a nice way to cap off his Discovery Wrestling journey.

Christopher Saynt w/Darrell Costello vs Jason Reed w/Thatcher Wright

Just a power struggle match with both trying to mold Discovery Wrestling into their visions. They’ve had no interactions at all but it sounds good on paper. It can be two bad guys trying to one up each other in their shenanigans.

SWA Scottish X Championship – Leyton Buzzard (c) vs Josh Terry

Final match is another totally out of the blue. The SWA Scottish X Championship is marked as a title that can be defended anywhere. Leyton Buzzard recently defeated Kieran Kelly to win the title, so why not bring him to Discovery Wrestling to defend against a popular youngster in Josh Terry. Maybe throw Shady Nattrass into the mix, he always relishes a chance to get his hands on Terry.


Will any of these happen? Probably not, but worth a little speculation isn’t it? Discovery Wrestling will reveal more come July so maybe, maybe, some of these will come to fruition.

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