Preview: Fierce Females ‘Exorcise Your Rite’


Are you excited for WWE Stomping Grounds on Sunday, featuring a whole host of rematches? Of course you’re not! Don’t worry though folks, Fierce Females are heading back to The Shed in Glasgow a few hours beforehand with their next show titled Exorcise Your Rite. For my money, this could very well be one of the best Fierce Females shows in history. There’s a Hardcore Match for the Internet Championship, there’s the highly-anticipated I Do Match, there’s the in-ring return of Sammii Jayne. It’s all going down in Glasgow this weekend.

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Hardcore Match for the Fierce Females Internet Championship
Jokey vs Debbie Keitel (c)

It’s been a year since Fierce Females started featuring some of Ireland’s best female performers as full-time members of their roster. The likes of Katey Harvey, Valkyrie, Amy Allonsy, and Raven Creed have all appeared since but unquestionably the Irish star who has had the most success since coming to Fierce Females has been Debbie Keitel. She won the Internet Championship from Dannii Hunter in November, and has reigned supreme ever since. Her first challenger was actually the same woman she faces on Sunday evening, that being Jokey. Their prior match took place at February’s Be Your Own Hero show in the first Bins Are Legal Match, a match stipulation that proved to be quite popular with our friends at Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet. Although it would be Keitel who walked out of the venue that night with the title intact, Jokey showed plenty of determination here. Tensions between the pair came to an all-time high at Goddesses of War when Debbie and the unhinged Raven Creed interfered in Jokey’s Scottish Women’s Championship match to allow Jayla Dark to remain on top. As a result, an Internet Championship Hardcore Match was set up by general manager Leah Owens, a match that will play out in favour of Jokey. She’s certainly more suited to the hardcore style than Keitel is, and Raven is booked for OTT’s WrestleRama 3 event on the same day. With her partner back in Ireland, we could be looking at the end of Debbie Keitel’s championship reign.


I Do Match
Winner receives a Fierce Females Internet Championship match, loser gets fired
Sammie Jo vs Emily Hayden

The seeds for this one were planted all the way back in February 2018 when Sammie Jo and Emily Hayden collided at Lass Wars – We’re All Equal. That night would see Sammie come out on top, angering Hayden in the process. This resulted in Emily taking matters into her own hands when she ambushed the future bride-to-be following Sammie’s loss to Ruby Radley last summer. The Best, The Beautiful, and The Only demanded the opportunities that she felt she was deserving of, which came at the expense of Sammie Jo for the most part. At every corner, Emily and Sammie were at each other’s throats, causing this I Do Match to be created. But that wasn’t enough. Following Hayden’s victory over Amy Allonsy back in April, Leah Owens revealed two stipulations for the bout – the winner would be awarded a future shot at the Fierce Females Internet Championship, while the loser would be forced to leave the company. It’s all or nothing for both ladies – will Sammie Jo ruin Emily Hayden’s chances of earning that opportunity she craves so badly, or will she be limping down the aisle at her own wedding?


Sammii Jayne vs Little Miss Roxxy

Sammii Jayne has been out of action since March after undergoing surgery for a broken clavicle she’d been suffering from for the better part of four years but after being cleared to return to in-ring competition last week, The Main Event Empress is returning to Fierce Females for her first match back. Before she left for the surgery, you may remember that Sammii actually won a four-woman tournament to become the next contender for the Scottish Women’s Championship. With Jayla Dark not scheduled to be at the show on Sunday however, Fierce Females management have lined up an equally-as-great opponent for her in the form of Little Miss Roxxy. Jayne and Roxxy have been having great matches everywhere they compete, most recently facing off at Main Event Wrestling’s show in January where Roxxy took the MEW Women’s Championship. From what I’ve seen of Roxxy, she’s not afraid to do whatever it takes in order to gain a victory. With an opponent who’s returning from an injury, expect to see the Newcastle native focus her attack on Sammii’s clavicle to gain an advantage in this one.


Amy Allonsy vs Seleziya Sparx

The first of a few HISTORIC FIRST TIME EVER matches set for Exorcise Your Rite sees Amy Allonsy taking on the debuting Seleziya Sparx. Allonsy made her Fierce Females debut back in November, losing to Katey Harvey in her first match, as well as subsequent losses to Anastasia and Emily Hayden at the following two losses. She’s still looking for that all-important first victory but sadly for Double A, that likely won’t be coming against a top independent talent like Seleziya Sparx. I’m not too familiar with Sparx’s work but her name certainly rings a bell. Upon doing some research for her, I’ve discovered she’s worked for some of the world’s top indie promotions, including Ring of Honor, SMASH Wrestling, and Alpha 1 Wrestling, where she is a former Alpha Male Champion. This could easily be a darkhorse for match of the night.


Lana Austin vs Gisele Shaw

Lana Austin is someone who we haven’t seen inside a Fierce Females ring for quite some time but finally, she’s coming back to Glasgow to face another FF debutant in the form of Gisele Shaw. The last time Austin was at Fierce Females was February 2018, where she defeated Jokey and then Kasey Owens to win a tournament that guaranteed her a future crack at the Scottish Women’s Championship. Like with Sammii Jayne, Lana is still waiting to receive her title match due to being unable to make it to any shows since (perhaps a Triple Threat at the next show?). Despite that though, she’s been as impressive as ever in the year and four months that have passed, wrestling for both NXT UK and Impact Wrestling in that time period. As was the case with the previous match I wrote about, I’m not that aware of Gisele Shaw’s work. Cagematch says she’s a regular for the likes of ATTACK! Pro Wrestling and Kamikaze Pro, and I believe she was also part of the recent tryout at WWE’s UK Performance Centre. This looks like it could be a great match but then again, so does the rest of this card.


Anastasia vs Ashley Vega

Following the opening of the Fierce Females Academy, two names that have stood out are Anastasia and Ashley Vega. Although they initially trained at the WrestleZone Training Academy and the PBW Academy respectively, it’s fair to say that they’ve become more well-rounded athletes since coming to the FF Academy. Anastasia has been a member of the Fierce Females roster since last June, when The Beauty From The Borders was brought in as a surprise opponent for Emily Hayden. She’s faced the likes of Shax and Ruby Radley ever since, becoming quite the force to be reckoned with in Fierce Females. On the other side of things, Ashley Vega only made her FF debut this past February where she lost to mentor Sammii Jayne. At Goddesses of War though, Vega left an impression on both the fans and the management team when she joined Raven Creed and Valkyrie in a round robin tournament. In both of her matches here, she left it all in the ring, picking up a victory over Valkyrie. Accomplishments aside, this will be a fantastic match between two stars of the future.


Angel Hayze vs Kanji

Another match between two stars of the future is the one between Angel Hayze and Kanji. Like with Anastasia and Ashley Vega, Angel Hayze has been training at the Fierce Females Academy in recent times but she did begin her career off thanks to the PBW Academy. Despite her only turning 18 a few weeks ago, Angel has been on the go since 2016, with two championship reigns already in her back pocket. She comes into this one opposite Kanji, a woman who only recently made her return following a brief injury. The Asian Sensation has had an incredible time since bursting on to the scene in late 2017, with a recent reign as the Defiant Women’s Champion showing how much she’s learned. Her debut for Fierce Females in February saw her on the losing side of things to Raven Creed, a loss she’ll be looking to avenge here against young Angel. I said it with the match before, and I’ll say it again here – this should be a fantastic match between two of the UK’s fastest rising performers.

Tickets to Exorcise Your Rite are available from, priced at just Β£10. Doors at the Shed open at 7pm, with the first bell at 7:30.

Announced Matches
Hardcore Match for the Fierce Females Internet Championship – Jokey vs Debbie Keitel (c)
Internet Championship shot vs Fierce Females career I Do Match – Sammie Jo vs Emily Hayden
Sammii Jayne vs Little Miss Roxxy
Amy Allonsy vs Seleziya Sparx
Lana Austin vs Gisele Shaw
Anastasia vs Ashley Vega
Angel Hayze vs Kanji

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