Preview: WrestleZone ‘Live in Ellon 2019’


The summer season is well underway for WrestleZone with a number of gala shows having already taken place, and many more still to come. For now though, the roster are heading back to the Victoria Hall in Ellon for what looks set to be another action-packed show, rounded off with a defence of the Tri-Counties Championship in the evening’s main event.


Fatal Four Way Match for the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship
Blue Thunder vs Jason Reed (c) vs Crusher Craib vs Bradley Evans

A huge main event will see Jason Reed’s second defence of the Tri-Counties Championship as he continues on his quest to Make Wrestling Great Again. Unfortunately for him, there will be three men looking to usurp him as the champ. First off, we have Blue Thunder of The Thunder Buddies, a man who is now once again aligned with William Sterling in their mission to recapture the Tag Team Championships. Secondly, we have one of WrestleZone’s most dominant performers in the form of Crusher Craib. Throughout 2019, The Creator of Carnage has been fueding with WrestleZone Training Academy trainee Connor Inglis, with Inglis costing Crusher his Triple Threat Match at Aberdeen Anarchy to mark Craib’s first time being pinned since his return to in-ring competition in September 2017. Lastly, we’ve got the powerhouse of The Foundation of the Future, it’s Bradley Evans. The Mad Dog has become an animal unleashed since reuniting with Zach Dynamite back in September, wielding a steel chain around whenever he walks through the curtain. Three huge challengers for Jason Reed’s championship this Saturday night – if we’ve learnt anything from him though, it’s that it’ll take a bit more than that to knock him back. He’s already come so far with his campaign plans.


Johnny Lions vs Ted O’Keefe

Before they’re on opposing sides of the ring at Battle of the Nations in a Tag Team Championships match, Johnny Lions and Ted O’Keefe will do battle inside the Victoria Hall. Ever since the events of Aberdeen Anarchy where Lions and Scotty Swift captured the Tag Team Championships, and O’Keefe and Dino Del Monte became the #1 contenders, the two teams have been at each other’s throats. This was shown perfectly at WrestleZone’s recent shows in Fraserburgh and Stonehaven – in Fraserburgh, The Outfit cost Swift his match with Caleb Valhalla while Swift cost the gangster pair their Handicap Match against Mr P, whereas in Stonehaven, The Outfit interfered in a tag titles match to ensure the champs retained against Valhalla and Zach Dynamite. Since becoming the #1 contenders to the doubles gold, Dino and Ted have made it their mission to ensure Scotty and Johnny remained the champs because they want to be the two to end their reign. Expect this to be a preview of their Battle of the Nations showdown in Johnny Lions’ final appearance in Ellon.


Mr P vs Zach Dynamite

A recent rivalry will be revisited in Ellon as Mr P and Zach Dynamite once again collide in a battle of former Tri-Counties Champions. The tensions between these two began last summer when both men were chasing Andy Wild’s Tri-Counties Championship, resulting in Dynamite winning the gold at last year’s Aberdeen Anarchy after Bradley Evans turned on Mr P and sided with his old partner Zach to begin the first incarnation of The Foundation of the Future. In recent months, both men have reached huge points in their career, with P capturing the Tri-Counties Championship from Zach at Christmas Chaos (although he’s since lost it) while Dynamite had the privilege of battling PAC this past April. As we reach the middle of the year, both men will be looking to follow up on their recent successes and ensure the rest of the year remains as successful as they’ve been so far.


Chris Archer vs Ryan Riley

After the events of the Regal Rumble, The Foundation of the Future have been running roughshod throughout WrestleZone. One man who has felt the brunt of the trio’s punishment has been The Rejected’s Chris Archer, with this being his third match against Ryan Riley in as many months. The pair are currently sitting at an even score of 1-1, with Archer winning the first on the Regal Rumble pre-show prior to the group’s formation while Riley would win the rematch in Westhill two weeks later with Bradley Evans standing in his corner. It’s safe to say that joining Evans and Zach Dynamite in this group has given The Inspirational One a new lease of life in a way, something that has certainly risen him up the ranks within WZ. He had an unsuccessful challenge at Damien’s Undisputed Championship a few weeks ago – for someone who only made his main roster debut in September, it’s quite the accomplishment to already be challenging for the promotion’s top prize. If he can once again pick up a victory over The Outcast, expect to see him back in the championship picture in no time.


Caleb Valhalla vs Mikkey Vago

Since his arrival to WrestleZone back at Halloween Hijinx, Caleb Valhalla has become a firm favourite here at the Scottish Wrestling Network. The lad is an absolute beast in the ring, and has been absolutely superb in his role as Alan Sterling’s bodyguard. Whenever he steps foot inside a ring, it guarantees terrible news for anyone who stands across the ring from him. Just ask Lord Mr Malice. His ghost is still haunting the production desk at WrestleZone events as we speak. In Ellon, the Thor doppelgΓ€nger finds himself up against Mikkey Vago. The Heavy Metal Hooligan is another guy who’s been exceptional since bursting on to the scene back in 2015, having become a four-time tag champ with Chris Archer along the way. It’s not all that often we get to see him in singles action but when he is going out on his own, it feels like we see a new side of Vago unleashed. Valhalla vs Vago sounds like a cracking match on paper and if both men put in the performances we’ve become used to, the Ellon faithful will be in for a treat on Saturday night.


Cysto vs William Sterling

It’s the rematch we’ve all been waiting for – Cysto and William Sterling collide once more in a battle of former Tag Team Champions, following on from their earlier match in Fraserburgh back in May. That initial match would see the Sterling brother come out on top to ensure Cysto’s return to action was a miserable one for The Tangerine Dream. Both guys here are unquestionably more accomplished as tag team wrestlers as opposed to singles stars. As previously mentioned, both have previously held the Tag Team Championships, with Cysto joined by his twin Cysto 2 (or Cysto 1 if it’s Cysto 2 in this match, you can never tell these days) while Sterling is a former five-time champ alongside brother Alan as well as holding the gold once with his Thunder Buddies ally Blue Thunder. While The Thunder Buddies have found themselves back in championship action as of late, Los Cystos haven’t been seen in the title scene for years now. Is 2019 the year for the orange pairing to get back in the mix?


VIP Ticket Holders Pre-Show
Scotty Swift vs Dino Del Monte

VIP ticket holders are in for quite the treat at the weekend as the other two participants in the previously mentioned Battle of the Nations Tag Team Championships collide. Up until very recently, Scotty Swift was entirely against being the ‘official’ tag team partner of Johnny Lions but after they caught the Tag Team Championships from The Kings of Catch in that excellent Steel Cage Match, The Red Haired Warrior has finally come to his senses and realises that this is right for his career just now. While the champions have been trying to get on the same page with regards to them actually being a team, Dino Del Monte has had no problems in that area with his pal Ted O’Keefe. Together, they are a collective unit. For the entirety of the time they’ve been on the roster, The Outfit have had no problems in making their intentions crystal clear. I wrote earlier about everything leading up to the tag titles match in August but as for Ellon when the champions and challengers are on opposing sides of the ring, tensions could reach an all-time high between the two pairings.

Tickets to the show are available from, priced Β£15 for VIP, Β£12 for adults, Β£10 for under 14s, and Β£35 for an online-only family of four ticket. Fans can also pay at the door on the night of the show. Doors at the Victoria Hall open at 6:30pm for VIP ticket holders and 7pm for general admission ticket holders, with the action getting underway at 7:30!

Announced Matches
Fatal Four Way Match for the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship – Blue Thunder vs Jason Reed (c) vs Crusher Craib vs Bradley Evans
Johnny Lions vs Ted O’Keefe
Mr P vs Zach Dynamite
Chris Archer vs Ryan Riley
Caleb Valhalla vs Mikkey Vago
Cysto vs William Sterling
VIP Ticket Holders Pre-Show – Scotty Swift vs Dino Del Monte

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