Wrestler Spotlight: Rickey Shane Page

Rickey Shane Page Insane Championship Wrestling
Photo credit David J. Wilson

Alias – Rickey Shane Page, Rickey Crash, Christian Faith, Judge Hugo Lexington Black, Uncle Eggbert

Nicknames – “The Mid-West Martyr”, “The Babyfaced Assassin”, “Faith”

Debut – 2003

Companies Wrestled For

  • 3-2-1 BATTLE!
  • AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined
  • Absolute Intense Wrestling
  • Alpha 1 Wrestling
  • American Championship Entertainment
  • American Wrestling Revolution
  • Anna Fight Underground
  • ATTACK! Pro Wrestling
  • Bar Wrestling
  • Beyond Wrestling
  • Big Japan Pro Wrestling
  • Black Label Pro
  • Blackcraft Wrestling
  • Capital City Championship Combat
  • Championship Wrestling Experience
  • Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling
  • Cleveland Wrestling Alliance
  • Collective League of Adrenaline, Strength, and Honor
  • Combat Zone Wrestling
  • The Crash
  • Destiny World Wrestling
  • Dragon Pro Wrestling
  • DREAMWAVE Wrestling
  • Dustin Batdorff Invitational: Dropkick Addiction
  • ECHO Pro
  • Empire State Wrestling
  • Fight Club: PRO
  • Firestorm Pro Wrestling
  • Freelance Wrestling
  • Fringe Pro Wrestling
  • Game Changer Wrestling
  • Glory Pro
  • GOOD Wrestling
  • Greektown Pro Wrestling
  • H20 Wrestling: Hardcore Hustle Organisation
  • Hard Knock Wrestling
  • Heartland Wrestling Association
  • Heavy Metal Wrestling
  • HOPE Wrestling
  • Horror Slam Wrestling
  • Hybrid Wrestling
  • ICW No Holds Barred
  • Independence Pro Wrestling
  • IndependentWrestling.tv
  • Insane Championship Wrestling
  • Insanity Pro Wrestling
  • International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom
  • International Wrestling Cartel
  • IWA Deep South
  • IWA East Coast
  • IWA Mid-South
  • Jersey All Pro Wrestling
  • Lucha Forever
  • Mega Championship Wrestling
  • Mid-Ohio Wrestling
  • Midwest Wrestling
  • National Wrestling Alliance
  • National Wrestling Alliance East
  • National Wrestling Alliance East Coast
  • No Peace Underground
  • NORTH Wrestling
  • Northern Wrestling Federation
  • NOVA Pro Wrestling
  • Ohio Championship Wrestling
  • Ohio Hatchet Wrestling
  • Olde Wrestling
  • Over The Top Wrestling
  • Premier Championship Wrestling
  • PRIME Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling Chaos
  • Pro Wrestling eXpress
  • Pro Wrestling Ohio
  • Pro Wrestling Trainwreck
  • PROGRESS Wrestling
  • Revolution Pro Wrestling
  • Rockstar Pro Wrestling
  • Saint Louis Anarchy
  • Sean Henderson Presents
  • TNT Extreme Wrestling
  • Ultimate Wrestling
  • Upstate Pro Wrestling
  • Vanguard Wrestling All-Star Alliance
  • Vicious Outcast Wrestling
  • Violence X Suffering
  • White Wolf Wrestling
  • Wicked Hanuman
  • WrestleCircus
  • Wrestling For Warriors
  • The Wrestling Revolver

Titles & Accomplishments

  • 1x AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined Heritage Champion
  • 1x Absolute Intense Wrestling Absolute Champion
  • 3x Absolute Intense Wrestling Tag Team Champion w/John Thorne (1 time) and w/Vincent Nothing (2 times)
  • 1x Alpha 1 Wrestling Alpha Male Champion
  • 1x Alpha 1 Wrestling Zero Gravity Champion
  • 1x Alpha 1 Wrestling Tag Team Champion w/Gregory Iron
  • 1x Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champion w/Vincent Nothing
  • 1x Combat Zone Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion
  • 1 Game Changer Wrestling World Champion
  • 1x H20 Wrestling: Hardcore Hustle Organisation Heavyweight Champion
  • 1x Insanity Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champion w/Vincent Nothing
  • 1x Mega Championship Wrestling United States Tag Team Champion w/Vincent Nothing
  • 1x and first ever Ohio Hatchet Wrestling Tag Team Champion w/Vincent Nothing
  • 1x Vicious Outcast Wrestling Anarchy Champion
  • 2015 Absolute Intense Wrestling Gauntlet for the Gold 10 Winner
  • 2016 Combat Zone Wrestling Tournament of Death XV Winner
  • 2017 Alpha 1 Wrestling King of Hearts Winner
  • 2017 IWA Mid-South King of the Deathmatches Winner
  • 2019 Freelance Wrestling Battle Royale Winner

Signature Moves

  • Snap Death Valley Driver
  • Rolling Elbow


  • Faith In Nothing w/Vincent Nothing
  • Faith In Ryan w/Eric Ryan
  • The Messiahs of the New Age w/Dustin Rayz
  • The Symbiote w/Davey Vega
  • The Yardy Boyz w/Alex Ohlson
  • The Sad Buds w/Brett Michael David
  • Ultraviolence Unlimited w/Tyler Bateman
  • Team 187 w/Charli Evans
  • Sad Buds w/Brett Michael David
  • The Yardy Boyz w/Alex Ohlson
  • The Messiahs Of A New Age w/Dustin Rayz & Lou Roberts
  • The Megalomaniacs w/Jeremy Madrox & Marion Fontaine
  • The Lobby Legislators of an Anti-Saloon Land w/Senator Cameron S. Sheppard & Representative Gavin Q. Volstead
  • Sex & Violence w/Killer Kross & Scarlett Bordeaux
  • The Iron Curtain w/Benjamin Boone, Dick Justice, Gregory Iron & Joey Martini
  • 44.OH! w/Atticus Cogar, Bobby Beverly, Eddy Only, Eric Ryan & Gregory Iron
  • Revelation 13 w/John Thorne, Matthew Justice, Drake Younger, Shirley Doe & Vincent Nothing
  • NIXON w/Eric Ryan, Bobby Beverly, Necro Butcher, Jimmy Jacobs, Chris Dickinson & The Duke
  • The Legion w/Apollyon, Chris LeRusso, Chris Taylor, Crusher Hansen, Danny Able, Ethan Wright, Ganon Jones Jr., JR Mega, Payton Graham, Shane Taylor & Robert Parker Williams

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