WrestleZone Battle Of The Nations 2019 – Predicting The Other Matches

67955995_2931710490204584_3766417350560055296_nWrestleZone are heading back to the Aberdeen Northern Hotel on Saturday, August 17th for Battle of the Nations 2019, a night that will see them celebrate 10 years of WrestleZone events held at the Northern Hotel. With that in mind, management have revealed there will be a total of seven matches on the main card (eight if you include the VIP ticket holders pre-show match) as opposed to the usual six. Three matches have already been confirmed for this monumental night, but what about the other four? What could WrestleZone management possibly have up their sleeve for the show?

Fatal Four Way Match for the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship – Damien (c) vs Liam Thomson vs Alan Sterling vs Andy Wild

What good is a big show without an even bigger main event? Damien’s no stranger to huge defences whenever he’s the Undisputed Champion, so throw in Alan Sterling, Andy Wild, and a returning Liam Thomson. Boom – match of the year contender.

WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship – Jason Reed (c) vs Mr P

Despite all the back and forth between current Tri-Counties Champion Jason Reed and former champ Mr P, they’ve never actually had a one on one singles bout. Have that change on August 17th.

Crusher Craib vs Connor Inglis

I mean, this one’s got to happen, right? A big blowoff match between Crusher Craib and Connor Inglis, perhaps have Connor get that big pinfall over The Creator of Carnage.

The Foundation of the Future (Zach Dynamite, Bradley Evans & Ryan Riley) vs Kaden Garrick & The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago)

After a recent loss to Bradley Evans, Kaden Garrick said that he would be the one to take care of the problem that is The Foundation of the Future. Have The Rejected join his side for a rather good six man tag team match between six WrestleZone Training Academy graduates.

Already confirmed for the show is Scotty Swift and Johnny Lions defending the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships against The Outfit (Dino Del Monte and Ted O’Keefe), The Thunder Buddies pairing of Blue Thunder and William Sterling taking on the reunited Granite City Hotshots (Bryan Tucker and Shawn Johnson), and a singles bout between two men making their WrestleZone in-ring debuts as “Big Money” Austin Osiris takes on WrestleZone official Mikey Innes.

Tickets can be bought right now from http://www.ringsideworld.co.uk, priced at £15 for VIP tickets, £12 for adults, and £10 for under 14s. Doors for VIP ticket holders open at 6pm with general admission ticket holders gaining entry at 6:30. The action will kick off at 7pm!

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