Full Results: Wrestling Experience Scotland ‘Five Pound Wrestling’ August 2019

The following results are from Wrestling Experience Scotland’s ‘Five Pound Wrestling’ event at The Asylum in Glasgow, Scotland on August 4th, 2019:


Kez Evans defeated Levi Justice by pinfall.

Kay Lee Ray defeated Moxie Malone by pinfall.

Luke Kyro defeated Stevie James by pinfall.

Kyle Khaos defeated Mad Walter by pinfall.

The Grind (Ryan King & Danny Cantrell) defeated β€˜Big’ Ross Hauser & Dylan Thorn by pinfall.

Austin Osiris w/The Grind (Ryan King & Danny Cantrell) defeated Zander McGuire by pinfall.

During the match, The Grind pulled out the referee which allowed Kez Evans to hit Zander with the Kez Dispenser before putting Osiris on top of Zander.

After the match, Evans, Osiris and The Grind beat down Zander until Levi Justice, Ross Hauser and Dylan Thorn made the save. They laid out Austin Osiris. Wolfgang joined in with the assault and Sean McLaughlin hit two stunners on Osiris.


Our thanks to Wrestling Experience Scotland and Louise Westie for the results from the event.

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