Preview: WrestleZone โ€˜Battle Of The Nations 2019โ€™ | The Fallout Of Anarchy Begins

WrestleZone returns to Aberdeen’s Northern Hotel to celebrate 10 years of coming to the art deco venue. Memorable moments have taken place from the debut of the first WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate, the first Undisputed WrestleZone Champion being crowned, the emotional journey of Damien escaping Sterling Oil, Aspen Faith’s attack on Len Ironside, and even recently the RUDO Lightning injection on the road to 2019’s Aberdeen Anarchy event. So many moments have shaped and turned WrestleZone upside down. The 2019 Battle of the Nations looks to be no different with the first big event since Aberdeen Anarchy this past June.

Mikey Innes vs Austin Osiris

When the main event of Aberdeen Anarchy was set, RUDO Lightning agreed to defend his Undisputed WrestleZone Championship against Damien if he could choose the referee. That man turned out to be “Big Money” Austin Osiris, a student from Lightning’s Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum, someone firmly in the back pocket of the champion. When the match came around WrestleZone referee Mikey Innes replaced a fallen Osiris (thanks to some intervention from the boot of Damien). Osiris pulled Innes out and it sparked a brawl between the two. Osiris made the surprise challenge to Innes to fight him at Battle of the Nations which Innes accepted with the support of Damien helping him train for the match.

WrestleZone Tag Team Championships
Scotty Swift & Johnny Lions (c) vs The Outfit (Dino Del Monte & Ted O’Keefe)

The first match confirmed for Battle of the Nations was made from the fallout of Aberdeen Anarchy, The Outfit defeated The Foundation of the Future and The Rejected to book themselves into a tag team championship match at Battle of the Nations. Dino Del Monte and Ted O’Keefe made their WrestleZone debut less than 18 months ago and have proven themselves more than worthy challengers.

Scotty Swift and Johnny Lions won an emotionally charged cage match to unseat The Kings of Catch to become WrestleZone Tag Team Champions at Aberdeen Anarchy 2019. The popular duo are firmly established in WrestleZone and come into this with a wealth of experience on their side. The Outfit think that their time is up but Swift and Lions have other ideas. The added edge to the match is, 14 year veteran, Johnny Lions’ vow to retire from WrestleZone once they lose the titles.

Blue Thunder & William Sterling vs The Granite City Hotshots (Bryan Tucker & Shawn Johnson)

Following their loss at Aberdeen Anarchy, the former Thunder Buddies, William Sterling and Blue Thunder weren’t happy with their positions. William especially, he vowed to beat down the next person to come through the door which turned out to be former Undisputed WrestleZone Champion Shawn Johnson, a former Sterling Oil ally. Sterling told Johnson to find a tag team partner and he found someone that knows a thing or two teaming with him. Bryan Tucker had been absent from WrestleZone for a little under a year, the majority of his WrestleZone career was teaming with Shawn Johnson as part of The Granite City Hotshots, winning the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships four times, but that all ended when Christmas Chaos came early in November 2015, Johnson attacked Tucker to disband the team which sent Tucker on a spiral downward. Now, four years later, Johnson and Tucker are back together to rekindle an old feud against Sterling and Thunder whom they battled in the first ever ladder match in the famed Aberdeen Beach Ballroom.

Crusher Craib vs Connor Inglis

This match has been brewing since January, ‘The Creator of Carnage’ Crusher Craib had been on the warpath since his in ring return at Battle of the Nations 2017, it looked like nobody could stand up to the beast. When Summerhill Showdown rolled around this past January, Craib picked a fight with anyone in the building and it was answered by security team member Connot Inglis. It wasn’t to be Connor’s night as he looked up to the lights but he gave it everything to rock Craib. For anyone else that could’ve been the last time we saw Inglis in the ring but he came back and became a thorn in the side of the former Undisputed WrestleZone Champion. Regal Rumble, at the Northern Hotel, was when this stepped up to the next level with Inglis shockingly eliminating Craib within minutes of his entry. Enraged, Craib started a more intense path of destruction, bludgeoning Inglis out of nowhere but Connor would again have the last laugh by assisting Bingo Ballance to end Craibโ€™s unpinned streak, that stretched right back to Battle of the Nations 2017, at Aberdeen Anarchy 2019. This is an ultimate underdog story as Connor Inglis has the crowd behind him but has an uphill battle if he looks to slay the beast.

WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship – Triple Threat Match
Alan Sterling vs Jason Reed (c) vs Andy Wild

Since “Making Wrestling Great Again” at Aberdeen Anarchy, Jason Reed has welcomed all challengers to his Tri-Counties Championship, even taking the title down to Discovery Wrestling to successfully defend the title and hasn’t been shy in sharing the news of his success. He faces the eccentric Alan Sterling, who is hot off a big win over Grado at Aberdeen Anarchy, and the former WrestleZone Tri-Counties Champion Andy Wild, who had a big win recently over Crusher Craib (thanks in part to a distraction from Connor Inglis) along with recent success across the country. Reed is no stranger to defending his title in multi man matches and looks to continue his self proclaimed ownership of WrestleZone.

Undisputed WrestleZone Championship – Triple Threat Match
Zach Dynamite vs Damien (c) vs Liam Thomson

Damien walks into the Northern Hotel to make his second defense since regaining the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship at Aberdeen Anarchy. He comes against the leader of The Foundation of the Future, Zach Dynamite and Liam Thomson, who is making his first appearance in WrestleZone after a seven year absence. A tough challenge for The Revolutionary as he looks to continue his record setting forth Undisputed WrestleZone Championship reign.

WrestleZone Tag Team Championships Number One Contendership
The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago) vs The Foundation of the Future (Ryan Rileyย & Bradley Evans)

With The Outfit taking their opportunity at the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships at the event, new number one contenders will be crowned to find out who will be next in line. The Rejected are four time WrestleZone Tag Team Champions and they face one of the newer teams that formed five months ago, The Foundation of the Future, Ryan Riley and Bradley Evans who have proven themselves as a destructible force especially when they’re behind their leader Zach Dynamite.

Kaden Garrick vs Mauler Murphy

Plus VIP ticket holders will see a bonus match between new kid on the block Mauler Murphy who recently made his pro wrestling debut at Proving Grounds in an impressive display against Cysto. Kaden Garrick has been on the downturn recently and can’t buy a win with his last victory being in May 2018. Both men are stocky gentlemen so this will be a colossal clash.


Tickets are still available from Ringside Worldย for one of the biggest nights in WrestleZone’s calendar, Battle of the Nations is regularly one of the most emotional nights of the year and when it’s in the Northern Hotel it’s always an unpredictable night in the Granite City.



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