When Worlds Collide IV: Discovery vs Target

As I browsed the back archives of Scottish Wrestling Network, I came across a couple armchair booker articles called When Worlds Collide when I took two companies and put together a merged match card if said companies were to ever mix it up.

The series concept has been somewhat revived due to the recent Source Wrestling invasion at Reckless Intent Wrestling.

I asked the Twitter-verse for some suggestions and the first, thanks to Shady Nattrass, was Discovery Wrestling versus Target Wrestling.

I’ll be honest off the bat, I’m not so familiar with Target Wrestling’s core talent roster however I have heard fantastic things from the company that straddles the border with their main hub being in Carlisle. So if I’ve missed anyone obvious from the Target Wrestling side I apologise but feel free to put together your own When Worlds Collide line up in the comments.

Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship – Four Way Elimination – Session Moth Martina (DW) (c) vs Sienna (TW) vs Sammii Jayne (DW) vs Ivy Mist (TW)

We kick off with a Discovery Wrestling staple, the four way elimination match with the Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship on the line. An interesting mix of styles, characters and experience in this one.

Medallion Open Challenge – Medallion (TW) vs Andy Wild (DW)

I’d have Medallion set out an open challenge to anyone from Discovery Wrestling, citing that he is the greatest Target Wrestling Heavyweight Champion ever etc, bring out Andy Wild and you have a great match lined up.

Target Wrestling Tag Team Championships – Havok Enterprises (Damon Havok & Tommy Oliver) (TW) (c) vs The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan) (DW)

The current tag team champions in Target Wrestling against one of the most popular teams in Discovery Wrestling. Easy as that.

Target Wrestling High Octane Championship – Kris Kendal (TW) (c) vs Josh Terry (TW/DW) vs Kieran Kelly (DW)

One match that came back in the suggestions was Josh Terry versus Kieran Kelly, I liked it but wanted to add another little caveat, Target Wrestling’s High Octane Champion Kris Kendal. Terry has been making his presence known in Discovery Wrestling lately so I’ve got him being a neutral party in this triple threat.

Joe Hendry (DW) vs Shady Nattrass (TW)

Not sure if this match has ever happened but it’s a must in this concept. Shady Nattrass is a villain who has made several appearances in Discovery Wrestling but his home promotion is Target. Put him in against Edinburgh’s Joe Hendry and this will be something special.

Champion vs Champion – Non-Title – Joe Coffey (DW) vs Grado (TW)

Both champions of each promotions in a non-title match, Coffey and Grado have a lot of history and Grado himself has a lot of history with Discovery Wrestling. These two are masters of telling a story and it would be a fantastic match up.

5 on 5 Elimination – Team Discovery Wrestling (Captain: Christopher Saynt, Dave Conrad, Theo Doros, The Nine9 (Dickie Divers & Jack Morris)) (DW) vs Team Target Wrestling (Captain: Karnage, Monty Burns, Spyda & Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey)) (TW)

A hostile Discovery Wrestling team attempting to co-exist against a united Target Wrestling team in a classic battle for bragging rights. Target’s team consist of two tag teams in Karnage & Monty and Polo Promotions whilst Team Discovery has The Nine9 and two others that captain Christopher Saynt would be very familiar with, former tag partner and fierce rival Theo Doros and former tag team partner Dave Conrad. It might take a miracle for Saynt to get his team on the same page but it makes for something exciting.

There we are, Discovery Wrestling versus Target Wrestling. What would be your line up?

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