Preview: Fierce Females ‘Welcome To The Hellmouth’


Guess who’s back. Back again. Fierce Females is back. Tell a friend. Actually, just tell everyone you know. Anyway though, Fierce Females are indeed back at the Shed in Glasgow this evening as they present Welcome To The Hellmouth, a show that looks absolutely stacked from top to bottom. With a handful of debuts and returns sadly also comes a retirement, which we’ll get on to right away…


Scottish Women’s Championship
Sammii Jayne vs Jayla Dark (c)

Although originally scheduled as a Triple Threat Match with Lana Austin as the third competitor, Jayla Dark will now put her Scottish Women’s Championship up for grabs against Sammii Jayne in singles action following an unfortunate injury sustained by Lana. Since June 2018, Jayla has knocked back everyone who’s come her way – be it Jokey, Valkyrie, or even Satsuki Totoro over in Japan, the champ has made it her mission to raise the prestige of the Scottish Women’s Championship. But following this defence, regardless of whether she wins or loses, Jayla Dark will no longer be champion as she’s set for retirement (last match is end of September I believe). She could very well retire as the champion, but Sammii Jayne will have another idea in mind. The Main Event Empress knows a thing or two about holding championships however, she’s never quite been able to lay her hands on the Scottish Women’s Championship. In fact, it’s one of only a few titles she’s been unsuccessful in challenging for. She got this opportunity by defeating both Ashley Vega and Angel Hayze as part of a one-night tournament back in February, but surgery would postpone her title match until now. No doubt about it, this will be a cracking match!


FutureShock Women’s Championship
Alexxis Falcon (c) vs Ayesha Raymond

The second of two title matches – if what I’m reading is correct – will see the FutureShock Wrestling Women’s Championship up for grabs as Alexxis Falcon makes her Fierce Females debut to take on the returning Ayesha Raymond. Since capturing the title from Lana Austin back in March, Alexxis has only made one defence of the title (only defence that’s listed on Cagematch at least), that being a Triple Threat Match against both Hollie and Taonga two weeks ago. Aside from that, she has a constant presence in the likes of TNT Extreme Wrestling and Tidal Championship Wrestling. Her opponent is someone fresh off a tour of Japan, and when I say a tour, I mean she’s been there since March (if my research is correct). Ayesha is no stranger to a Fierce Females, having made a handful of appearances throughout her career opposite Viper, Leah Owens, and Jayla Dark, amongst others. With this being her first FF appearance in 10 months, The Amazon has the chance to cement her name in the history books here if she’s able to capture an FSW title inside a Fierce Females ring.


Gia Adams vs Sammie Jo

Before she challenges Debbie Keitel for the Internet Championship in Liverpool, #1 contender Sammie Jo finds herself coming up against another Fierce Females debutant in the form of Gia Adams. Although she’s only had one match in Fierce Females this year, it’s been quite an important part in Sammie’s career, as was evidenced when she defeated Emily Hayden in the first ever I Do Match back in June to not only earn her match with Keitel in two months time but also send Emily packing from FF. As mentioned though, that title match isn’t for another two months. She first of all needs to find to get past Gia Adams, a woman making a name for herself down in the north of England. A former UCW Women’s Champion, Gia is coming to Glasgow with something to prove. Who knows, maybe she’ll find herself challenging for the Internet Championship depending on how her night goes here.


Jokey vs Ashley Vega

After coming up unsuccessful in her attempt at taking the Internet Championship from the grasp of Debbie Keitel, Jokey now finds herself at the back of the championship queue. She’s back to square one, so where does she go now? Against Ashley Vega of course. Ashley has made herself feel right at home in Fierce Females since debuting back in February, picking up victories over both Valkyrie and Anastasia. While she may have a slight obsession with dishing out stinkfaces in her matches, don’t let that fool you. She can easily take the fight to you if you get on her wrong side. Technically, Vega (along with Valkyrie and Raven Creed) has a title opportunity at the Scottish Women’s Championship waiting for her after going to a three way tie in a #1 contenders round robin tournament. If she’s also able to pick up a victory over The Twisted Priestess here, I’m sure that title match will be coming her way sooner rather than later.


Amy Allonsy vs Raven Creed

A battle between two of Ireland’s best talents will see the ever-energetic Amy Allonsy going up against the unhinged Raven Creed. These two both came into Fierce Females on the same show this past November, with Amy losing to Katey Harvey and Raven picking up the win over Sammii Jayne, albeit with assistance from Harvey. It was on this night where Raven aligned herself with both Katey and Debbie Keitel, a unit that has remained cohesive ever since (although Katey is now no longer there). Raven and Debbie have ran roughshod over everyone who’s come their way, and actually offered Amy a spot in their little group, an offer that was rejected. That decision may come back to bite her though, especially if Debbie just so happens to be in attendance here.


Angel Hayze vs Little Miss Roxxy

Angel Hayze faces another tough task at Welcome to the Hellmouth as she comes up against Little Miss Roxxy in what could very well be a show-stealing performance from both. Angel’s first match inside a Fierce Females ring saw her pick up a victory over NXT UK star Isla Dawn, quick an impression to leave in your debut match. Unfortunately for her, it’s not been all smooth sailing from there, with losses to Sammii Jayne, Debbie Keitel, and Kanji following. Her opponent is someone else who hasn’t had too much luck in Fierce Females, Little Miss Roxxy. The Newcastle native made her debut at Goddesses of War, and currently sits at an 0-2 record after being defeated by both Ivy and Sammii Jayne. It’s a must-win situation for either woman later tonight.


Chantal Jordan vs Kanji

Fresh off a hellacious Iron Woman Match against Charli Evans last night in Leicester, Kanji is once again making the journey through to Glasgow to take on the debuting Chantal Jordan. Since making her debut in 2017, The Asian Sensation has been making waves around the UK, including capturing the Defiant Women’s Championship in just her second match for the company, as well as taking part in a recent WWE tryout at the UK Performance Center. Her aforementioned Iron Woman Match with Charli Evans was part of an incredible rivalry the pair have been having in Wrestling Resurgence, with this match last night already receiving rave reviews from fans in attendance. I can’t say I’ve heard too much about her opponent for the night, but I have read that Chantal Jordan is the current Kamikaze Pro Live Champion. The Baddest Girl on the Planet has a lot to prove against Kanji – this could be the start of something big for Chantal.


Rosie Nyte vs Taonga

For the first time, Fierce Females will be holding a pre-show prior to the main card kicking off, and this one will see two individuals making their FF debuts. First up, we’ve got Rosie Nyte. Since debuting out of the PBW Academy, Rosie has slowly been rising up the ranks, making her presence felt up and down the UK. Considering some of the other rising female stars (Angel Hayze, Ashley Vega, Anastasia, etc.) have made their way to Fierce Females, it was only really a matter of time before Rosie Nyte made her debut for the company. Her opponent is someone who I’m not familiar with whatsoever, Taonga (pronounced Tonga). If I’ve learned anything from Fierce Females shows though, it’s that names who I’m not aware of will soon become huge deals, either in FF itself or elsewhere. Will the same fate come Taonga’s way, or will it be a good Nyte out for Rosie?

Tickets to the show are still available from, priced at Β£12 for general admission (Β£15 if you buy them on the door), Β£20 for early entry, and Β£40 for VIP. Those with early entry tickets will receive early entry to the show, access to the pre-show match, and a photo, while the VIP ticket holders will receive all that as well as a t-shirt and a spot on the balcony. Fans can also buy general admission tickets on the door, while the other two options will only be available online until sales close. Doors open at 4pm for early entry and VIP, with general admission ticket holders gaining entry at 4:30. The action kicks off at 5pm, and will also be available to watch via Fierce Females On Demand further down the line.

Announced Matches
Scottish Women’s ChampionshipΒ – Sammii Jayne vs Jayla Dark (c)
FutureShock Women’s Championship – Alexxis Falcon (c) vs Ayesha Raymond
Gia Adams vs Sammie Jo
Jokey vs Ashley Vega
Amy Allonsy vs Raven Creed
Angel Hayze vs Little Miss Roxxy
Chantal Jordan vs Kanji
Pre-Show – Rosie Nyte vs Taonga

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