Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum: Everything You Need To Know

img_2326On Tuesday, October 1st, the Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum (FPWA) will be opening its doors to begin training the next generation of Scottish professional wrestlers. Since this new training facility was announced, it’s been endorsed online by some of the top performers to come from the UK, including ICW Commissioner Carmel Jacob, WWE 205 Live star Noam Dar, and current NXT UK Tag Team Champion Mark Andrews. When you take a look at what’s been announced about the FPWA thus far, it’s no secret to see why so many people are excited about it. Before their doors officially open for training on Tuesday evening, here’s everything you need to know about the Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum!


The Head Coach And Owner Is Andy Wild

So, who’s running this ship? It is of course Andy Wild, who is one of the top performers in Scotland at the moment. With 14 years of experience behind him, there’s no-one better to run the Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum than The Dad Bod God. Wild is also the current UEWA European Heavyweight Champion, while also previously holding the Pro Wrestling Elite Heavyweight Championship, the Insane Championship Wrestling Zero-G Championship, the British Championship Wrestling Openweight Championship, and the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship, amongst other accolades. In addition to that, Andy has received training from the likes of Finn Bรกlor, Zack Sabre Jr., Johnny Saint, and many others. A fantastic head coach to say the least.


The Assistant Coach Is Johnny Lions

While Andy Wild will be running the operation as the head coach, he won’t be in there alone as “Tenacious” Johnny Lions will be joining Andy as the assistant coach. With 15 years of professional experience, Lions has also spent 13 of those years helping coach some of the wrestlers you see today. His main role within the FPWA will be to help out with the Juniors and Wee Wrestlers classes. The former World Wide Wrestling League Heavyweight Champion has a full PVG disclosure, and also works for the Fife Council outside of his wrestling career as an Employability Officer. This makes him the perfect candidate for this role within Scotland’s newest training facility.

Here’s a statement from Andy Wild regarding Johnny Lions’ role in FPWA, taken from their official Facebook page;

โ€˜โ€™Myself and the Team at FPWA carefully selected Johnny Lions as our Assistant Coach due to his love and passion of professional wrestling. I have known Johnny for around 12 years and his knowledge and advice of all aspects of the game has made me a better pro. With his years of experience in the ring, coaching pro wrestling and his job with young people, I couldnโ€™t think of anyone more qualified for the job of leading the Juniors and Wee Wrestler’s classes, to give the young students of FPWA the perfect start to their Wrestling Training, before moving up to the more advanced adult classesโ€™โ€™.

There Are Two Different Membership Options, Plus Other Classes

When you join the Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum, you’ll be presented with one of two different membership options;

Membership Option 1 – this is a three hour class every week (7-10pm every Tuesday), focusing on the basic fundamentals of professional wrestling; body control, break falls, in-ring work, conditioning, and British style grappling. This option will appeal to those who are beginning their wrestling journey as well as those who are early on in their career, and costs ยฃ55 a month.
Membership Option 2 – this is split into the aforementioned three hour class every week, but will also feature a two hour class as well (7-9pm every Thursday). The second class will focus on more advanced professional wrestling techniques; match structure, psychology, promo skills, in-ring positioning, and working to cameras, while also including a personal improvement plan. This option will appeal to those who had prior training, those who are show ready, and any beginners who are motivated enough to fast-track their learning – this will cost ยฃ75 a month.

In addition to these adult classes though, there will also be the opportunity for the youngsters to come along and train;

Juniors Class (ages 12-15) – this is a 90 minute class every week (6:15-7:45pm every Wednesday), focusing on introducing the basic fundamentals of professional wrestling in a safe environment; foundation movements, break falls, in-ring work, body control, and British style grappling. This will give them the key skills they need to build a future wrestling career on, and costs ยฃ35 a month.
Wee Wrestlers (ages 6-11) – this is a 1 hour class every week (5-6pm every Wednesday), focusing on keeping children fit and learning what it’s like to be a ‘real wrestler’. These classes will utilise music and games as tools to teach wrestling and help those taking part to build confidence. Although the classes will be taught on mats as opposed to an actual wrestling ring, the students will receive an opportunity to step into the ring at the end of each class to show the coaches what they’ve learned. These classes cost ยฃ21 a month.

The Facility Is Based In Glenrothes

As for the training facility itself, it will be based in Glenrothes, Fife. The official location is as follows – Unit 11, Newark Road South, Glenrothes, KY7 4NL.

Training at the Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum begins this coming Tuesday (October 1st, 2019). Spaces have filled out on the initial adult classes, but send an email to to express your interest in additional classes which will launch in January 2020.

We here at Scottish Wrestling Network would like to wish Andy Wild, Johnny Lions, and everyone else involved with the Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum all the best with their new venture!

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