SWN Fan Art Corner #9 | Behind The Art: Donna Banham

After a long hiatus we are back with another SWN ‘Behind the Art’ Fan Art Corner piece. This time with talented artist Donna Banham.

Donna’s art work of Noam Dar was recently recognised by the man himself and posted on his Instagram account. And as it caught his eye, so it caught ours too. So we thought we’d ask about it’s origins. Here is the background to the piece and Donna’s Art.

‘I do a lot of paintings of mainly British wrestlers but I’ve wanted to do a picture of Noam for awhile as I’ve followed his career since I saw him on the second season of TNA Bootcamp and then signing with WWE. He’s been amazing to watch whether on the Cruiserweight Classic, 205 live or NXT UK. I loved painting this picture in particular because the original photograph was taken by the amazing James Musselwhite, each picture of his is a work of art, and I loved how it showed Noam’s personality. I am inspired by all the different wrestlers and photographers of British wrestling, I draw a lot of pictures by Beyond Gorilla because I instantly fall in love with everything he does, and CCK’s Chris Brookes has a lot of charisma also. So I don’t think I’ll ever run out of inspiration to draw.’


Check out Donna’s other work too;

Instagram: @donna619
Twitter: @Angelus619

If you have a Scottish Wrestling Fan Art piece with a story you’d like to tell get in touch with us

Instagram: @themaskedembroiderer
Twitter: @TEmbroiderer
Or email us ScotWresNet@gmail.con


Thanks again see you next time.

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