Adam’s Top 10 Wrestlers Of The Month – September 2019


It’s now October, which means we’re three quarters of the way through 2019, and three quarters of the way through the second annual Wrestlers of the Month series. This year’s instalment has seen some consistent performances from the likes of Leyton Buzzard, Angel Hayze, and current first place Andy Wild, whereas guys like Jason Reed and Emily Hayden have snuck in and picked up points here and there. With 92 days left in the year, who’ll go on to become the Wrestler of the Year? Andy Wild probably, he’s on fire at the moment. But there’s still time. Anyway, here’s the September rankings!

Honourable mentions go out to Angel Hayze, Danny Edwards, Davey Blaze, Dean Ford, Grant McIvor, Jack Morris, John Trettan, Johnny Lions, Kieran Kelly, Liam Thomson, Luke Aldridge, Mike Musso, Rob Mills, Rosie Nyte, and Theo Doros.


10. Ian Skinner

Ian Skinner is someone everyone should be keeping their eyes on going forward – he was one of my ten ones to watch heading into 2019, and you can see why. He picked up a huge victory over mentor Kid Fite at the return show of Pro Wrestling Scotland in Newmains, followed up two weeks later with a loss to the team of Danny Edwards and Hal Rayner at Premier British Wrestling’s show at the Antonine Primary School, a match that saw him team up with Ewan O’Raw. To round things off for this month, The Shooter made an unsuccessful return to Source Wrestling at Fusion 3 as he was defeated by Robert Wishart. A good month for Skinner nonetheless, and certainly one to watch as the months come and go.


9. Daz Black

Speaking of guys you should be paying attention to, here’s Daz Black. His month began with a loss alongside Jack McKenzie as they were defeated by Danny Edwards and Owen Jakks at PBW’s event in Motherwell, but he picked up a huge victory two days later as he pinned Stevie Xavier at Pro Wrestling Scotland’s show in Newmains (that match can be viewed for free here, and I highly recommend doing so). A loss to “Bad Boy” Liam Thomson at Pro Wrestling Innovation’s second event ended September on a bit of a sour note for The Shooting Star, but that victory over Stevie Xavier was more than enough for him to pick up the three points for September.


8. Lucha DS

To say September was a successful month for Lucha DS would be an understatement – across the seven matches he competed in, he was victorious in each and every one. It began with a victory over “The Prizefighter” Dean Ford at the PBW show in Motherwell, followed up by a win over both BT Gunn and Stevie Xavier in a Triple Threat Match at the Pro Wrestling Innovation event in Larkhall, a match that’s received some pretty good reviews ever since. It continued with a second win over Dean Ford at PBW’s event at the Antonine Primary School, followed by a successful weekend at Respect Pro Wrestling, firstly defeating JD Bravo in Saltcoats and then pinning Darren Vice in Kilwinning. Finally, Lucha DS would defeat Liam Thomson in a match that was part of the Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum open day on Sunday afternoon. If he keeps things going in this direction for the final three months of 2019, we could be looking at a possible Wrestler of the Year.


7. Emily Hayden

Another month means more points being collected for Emily Hayden, as the first lady of The Sensational Scenebirds continues her impressive form throughout 2019. It began when she defeated Jayla Dark in a Street Fight at World Wide Wrestling League’s Wrestlution XIII show to become a two-time W3L Women’s Champion (that match can be viewed on part two of the full show available on YouTube), a title she would also retain over Anastasia at W3L’s recent Wrestling Showdown tapings in Kirkintilloch. On top of that, Hayden would also make two successful defences of her Upbrawl Championship Wrestling Women’s Championship at the double header for Respect Pro Wrestling, defeating Rosie Nyte in Saltcoats and Anastasia the following night in Kilwinning. Another highly impressive month for The Best, The Beautiful, The Only.


6. Krieger

Krieger’s back on the list to pick up some additional points, and it’s crystal clear why he’s on here following the impressive month he had in September. Big Scudmaster Sexy kicked things off with a victory over Dickie Divers and Euan G. Mackie at W3L’s Wrestlution XIII event to ensure he and TJ Rage remained the W3L Tag Team Champions. A loss to Grado at PBW’s show in Motherwell and a victory over Kieran Kelly at the Pro Wrestling Scotland show in the Newmains Community Centre led him to a loss against Dickie Divers at the recent Fight Club tapings for Insane Championship Wrestling. It wasn’t all bad news for Krieger though, as Lou King Sharp would return post-match to save his best pal from a further beatdown. A second loss to Grado, this time at Scottish Wrestling Alliance’s Rock N Wrestle show in Inverness, was followed by two losses as part of PBW’s weekender as he failed to take the Heavyweight Championship from Stevie Boy in Drumchapel and was then defeated by Wolfgang in Larbert, but he did pick up a victory over Frank X. Cross in his return to Respect Pro Wrestling this past Saturday. All this, plus he promoted his second Pro Wrestling Innovation show last Friday.


5. Leyton Buzzard

The month of September 2019 was a relatively good one for “The Captain” Leyton Buzzard. He kicked things off with a loss to the returning Lou King Sharp at a PBW event in Motherwell, followed by a victory alongside Grado at the recent ICW Fight Club tapings as they defeated Leyton’s former Dallas Mavericks pals Ravie Davie and Kez Evans. A win over Dickie Divers at SWA Rock N Wrestle ensured he remained the Scottish X Champion, while he then lost to BT Gunn at PBW’s event in Larbert and then defeated “The InHuman” Xero in his debut for Source Wrestling. Finally, the former Prestigious Intern was successful over The Purge’s Stevie James to once again retain his Scottish X Championship at the recent Five Pound Wrestling show for Wrestling Experience Scotland. Another fantastic month for Leyton Buzzard as he moves into fourth place on the league table.


4. Sammii Jayne

Sammii Jayne returns to the list, as she defeated Jayla Dark in one of Jayla’s final matches, defeating the former Bete Noire in one hell of a No Disqualifications Match to finally get her hands on the Scottish Women’s Championship at Fierce Females’ Welcome to the Hellmouth show at the start of the month. Inbetween that and getting married, The Main Event Empress spent the rest of her month down at Pro Wrestling: EVE, firstly defeating Angel Hayze at their Wrestling With An Agenda show. At the EVE weekender this past Friday and Saturday, Sammii lost to Nina Samuels in a Triple Threat Match at Friday Night Riot also involving Tsukasa Fujimoto, and then went to a 15 minute time limit draw with Little Miss Roxxy at She Regrets Nothing. Who knows what awaits Sammii with the Scottish Women’s Championship finally around her waist – up first though is a debut for westside Xtreme wrestling over in Germany, so all the best to Sammii with that!


3. Jayla Dark

The Supreme Leader of The Thirst Order earns eight points just before retirement as Jayla Dark comes in at number three. Things began on a sour note as she lost both the Scottish Women’s Championship to Sammii Jayne before also dropping the W3L Women’s Championship to Emily Hayden in a Street Fight at W3L Wrestlution XIII, but things picked up as she and Laura Di Matteo were victorious over Livvii Grace and Nightshade at Pro Wrestling: EVE’s Wrestling With An Agenda event. The final two matches of her career came in the form of two losses as she first lost to the current EVE Champion Rhia O’Reilly in a non-title No Disqualifications Match this past Friday, followed by another loss the following evening, this one to Tsukasa Fujimoto. With that, comes retirement for Jayla Dark. We at Scottish Wrestling Network would like to wish Jayla all the best for her post-wrestling life.


2. Andy Wild

Although he only had the two matches in September, we have to rank Andy Wild higher because those matches have both received rave reviews. First up, his non-title bout with current ICW World Heavyweight Champion Stevie Boy at the recent Fight Club tapings has been praised as much as possible since it occurred, while he would then go on to defend his UEWA European Heavyweight Championship against Liam Thomson in Bathgate on a Wrestling Experience Scotland show. Two great matches from The Dad Bod God but of course, that’s not all Andy has been up to – he’s also been working tirelessly ahead of the launch of the Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum, which officially opened today with its first proper training session.


1. Stevie Boy

There was only really one person who could be the September Wrestler of the Month – Stevie Boy. Things for The Pharoah of Filth began with a successful defence of the PBW Heavyweight Championship over Aaron Echo in Motherwell, but he would go on to suffer an upset loss to Daz Black at the Pro Wrestling Scotland show, a match that’s been receiving rave reviews. As I just mentioned in the previous entry, another match that’s been highly praised is Stevie’s bout with Andy Wild at the ICW Fight Club tapings, with the Filthy Generation member coming out on top in that contest. A loss to Lucha DS in a Triple Threat Match at the second Pro Wrestling Innovation event (a match that also included BT Gunn) came prior to another two defences of his PBW Heavyweight Championship over Krieger and Liam Thomson in Drumchapel and Larbert respectively. A victory over Luke Kyro at Wrestling Experience Scotland’s event in Bathgate and a loss to The Kings of the North where he teamed with Aspen Faith in their Over The Top Wrestling debut at Martina’s Gaff Party ended Stevie’s highly impressive September.

There we have it then, yet another instalment to the 2019 Wrestlers of the Month record books. Andy Wild takes a massive step forward as he remains in first place, now sitting with 43 points, while Leyton Buzzard and Sammii Jayne move into fourth and sixth place respectively. Further down the list, the likes of Lucha DS and Emily Hayden are continuing to gather points together as the year comes to a close, while others are just taking their spot on the list for the first time. Things are heating up as we enter the final three months of 2019 – who knows what October will bring, especially with Brexit and a WWE Saudi Arabia happening on the same day.

Point Standings as of October 1st 2019
1. Andy Wild (43 points)
2. Jackie Polo and Lionheart (28 points)
3. RUDO Lightning (27 points)
4. Leyton Buzzard (23 points)
5. Kieran Kelly (22 points)
6. Sammii Jayne (21 points)
7. BT Gunn and Joe Coffey (19 points)
8. Joe Hendry and Lewis Girvan (18 points)
9. Aspen Faith (17 points)
10. Angel Hayze and Stevie Boy (16 points)
11. Damien (14 points)
12. Ashley Vega and Emily Hayden (13 points)
13. Lucha DS and Zach Dynamite (9 points)
14. Aivil, Austin Osiris, Jason Reed, Jayla Dark, Krieger, Lou King Sharp, and The Sam Barbour Experience (8 points)
15. Liam Thomson, Sammie Jo, and Viper (7 points)
16. Johnny Lions (6 points)
17. Dickie Divers, Jack Morris, and Ravie Davie (5 points)
18. Chris Renfrew and Kay Lee Ray (4 points)
19. Jack Jester and Michael Chase (3 points)
20. Davey Blaze, Daz Black, Ken Kaiden, Paxxo, Ryan Riley, and Umar Mohammed (2 points)
21. Alexander Darwin MacAllan, Connor Inglis, Ian Skinner, Jonathan Richards, Kez Evans, Krobar, and Stevie James (1 point)

Credit for promo pics used goes to Dale Brodie, David J. Wilson, Elaine Wilson, Sandy Smith, Simon Crawford, and Warrior Fight Photography.

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