Preview: WrestleZone ‘Live in Inverurie 2019’


For the final time before Halloween Hijinx on October 26th, WrestleZone are back with another live event as they’re set to hit up the Inverurie Town Hall tomorrow evening. Although nothing has been officially confirmed for that event thus far (we’re awaiting the graphic for Damien vs Austin Osiris to officially confirm that bout), it’s looking like it could be a great show. Just off the top of my head, I’m thinking Shawn Johnson vs Bryan Tucker and Scotty Swift and Johnny Lions vs Blue Thunder and William Sterling for the Tag Team Championships. Only time will though of course. For now, here’s what WrestleZone have set for their Inverurie fanbase.


Damien vs Dino Del Monte

The reigning Undisputed Champion Damien returns to action on Saturday night as he battles The Outfit’s Dino Del Monte in singles competition. The Revolutionary has had one hell of a job keeping that Undisputed Championship, as each time he has that title around his waist, he’s got people coming from all angles trying to take that title out of his grasp. Although this is a non-title match and although he’s primarily a tag team wrestler, you have to imagine Dino will also fall under that category. The lanky gangster is quite a formidable singles performer in his own right, busting out a nasty rolling elbow to pick up his victories. Just imagine if he’s able to pick up a pinfall victory over the current Undisputed Champion. That would do wonders for not only his career but also the career of Ted O’Keefe. Shame he’s coming up against Damien though, eh?


The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago) vs The Foundation of the Future (Bradley Evans & Ryan Riley)

Finally, we’re getting this match! Ever since Aberdeen Anarchy on April 13th, I’ve waited and waited to see The Rejected taking on Bradley Evans and Ryan Riley of The Foundation of the Future. We were scheduled to get this bout as a Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Match back at Battle of the Nations, but Blue Thunder and William Sterling quickly inserted themselves into the match before the bell (and ended up winning that bout). Now though, we’re finally getting to see it. The pair of tandems have tremendous chemistry with each other from what we saw at the Beach Leisure Centre, a match that also saw them collide with The Outfit. Chris Archer and Mikkey Vago have had a real issue with The Foundation of the Future as of late, so time for them to let off some frustrations in Inverurie. Don’t be expecting to see Evans and Riley winning though – Evans is from Inverurie and as we’ve come to learn from wrestling over the years, it’s rare for people to win in their hometown.


Blue Thunder vs Crusher Craib

While he may be next in line for a shot at the Tag Team Championships, Blue Thunder still isn’t having too much luck in singles competition as it is, let alone when he finds himself coming up against the beast that is Crusher Craib. William Sterling is adamant to lead The Masked Wonder down the same road as him but for the time being, Thunder is doing his best to steer clear of Sterling’s tactics for winning matches. At this stage though, maybe he should just go along with it – it couldn’t hurt to pick up a singles victory now and again. Someone who knows a thing or two about winning though is Crusher Craib. After his return to in-ring action in September 2017, The Creator of Carnage remained unpinned and unsubmitted until this year’s Aberdeen Anarchy event as he was pinned by Bingo Ballance, albeit following a distraction from Crusher’s arch-nemesis Connor Inglis. He’s promised to keep an eye on Connor in Inverurie, but he shouldn’t let that distract him from the task at hand.


Scotty Swift vs Mauler Murphy

Mauler Murphy heads into Inverurie as he takes on one of the men who helped train him and one half of the current Tag Team Champions, Scotty Swift. Murphy has been rather impressive since his debut at July’s Proving Grounds show, picking up victories over Cysto and Kaden Garrick thus far. In fairness to both of those individuals, they are both former WrestleZone Tag Team Champions, but neither can compare to the status Scotty Swift possesses. He’s a man who’s done nearly everything there is to do in WrestleZone – a former two-time Undisputed Champion, a former Regal Rumble winner, three Aberdeen Anarchy main events in a row, a two-time Tag Team Champion, the list goes on. If there’s something to be accomplished in Aberdeen, it’s likely The Red Haired Warrior has it ticked off the list. With a recent loss in Turriff to another student in the form of Ted O’Keefe following a distraction from upcoming challengers Blue Thunder and William Sterling, Swift will need to be on top of the ball, otherwise Murphy will add another tick to that win column.


Mr P vs Caleb Valhalla

Mr P comes up against one of his toughest challenges to date in Inverurie, as he finds himself across the ring from the mighty Caleb Valhalla. The former Tri-Counties Champion hasn’t really had too much success since losing that title to Jason Reed back in April, with losses to Crusher Craib, William Sterling, and Zach Dynamite plaguing his recent win/loss record. Meanwhile, Valhalla remains unpinned in WrestleZone, racking up victories over Scotty Swift, Mikkey Vago, and Umar Mohammed over the last few months. There’s nothing else to really say about this one, other than the fact that it’ll likely be a pretty decent match.


Connor Inglis vs Alan Sterling

The upstart Connor Inglis has settled right into the WrestleZone roster since his debut at Summerhill Showdown, instantly earning the admiration of every WrestleZone fan since that fateful January night. Despite pinning Crusher Craib at Battle of the Nations to seemingly bring an end to their eight month war, Craib isn’t letting Connor get away lightly, interfering in his match with Caleb Valhalla in Balmedie last month to cause a disqualification. In addition, he’s told Connor to keep his eyes peeled tomorrow night, insinuating that he’ll be out to do the same thing once more. Inglis will already have his hands full though as he battles the wacky Alan Sterling. Sure, he’s a bit off his head right now, but he can be vicious when he needs to be. Whether that means lariating the heads off of people or spiking them into with his trademark DDT, Alan can get the job done more easily than you may realise.


VIP Ticket Holders Bonus Match
Kaden Garrick vs Zach Dynamite

VIP ticket holders are in for a treat as they see Kaden Garrick taking on the leader of The Foundation of the Future, Zach Dynamite. As is the case when writing WrestleZone previews, here’s a mention of Kaden’s losing streak – at the time of writing, he’s currently sitting at 0-21 since his most recent victory, which came over Lord Michael of Graham (our lord and saviour was robbed of the victory, he was too busy preparing for the Royal Wedding). So, while he’s been off losing every single match, Zach Dynamite has been making a huge name for himself, regaining the Tri-Counties Championship at Aberdeen Anarchy X last September and also having the match of his life with current AEW star PAC at this year’s Aberdeen Anarchy in April. It’s a great time to be following Dynamite – if you’re not, then you’re failing at life.

Tickets can still be bought from Ringside World, priced at Β£15 for VIP, Β£12 for adults, Β£10 for under 14s, and Β£35 for a family of four ticket. Doors open at 6pm for VIP ticket holders and 6:30pm for general admission ticket holders, with the main card kicking off at 7pm.

Announced Matches
Damien vs Dino Del Monte
The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago) vs The Foundation of the Future (Bradley Evans & Ryan Riley)
Blue Thunder vs Crusher Craib
Scotty Swift vs Mauler Murphy
Mr P vs Caleb Valhalla
Connor Inglis vs Alan Sterling
VIP Ticket Holders Bonus Match – Kaden Garrick vs Zach Dynamite

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