NXT UK – Looking At The Scots Involved: One Year On

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DISCLAIMER: To keep it short and simple, I just wasn’t too happy with how the video/audio was coming out. Add that on with my nerves getting the better of me on this occasion, video content is unfortunately no longer going ahead. As much as I’d love to do it, I just don’t feel comfortable with some parts of it. It was an idea I had, but some ideas are best left as just that – an idea. Some of the video ideas I had will likely be turned into written pieces because I still want to do something with them, so keep your eyes peeled for those over the next few weeks. In the mean time, since I already had a graphic and script done for this one, I thought I may as well just put the script up as an article instead. I’ll stop rambling now, have a read through this if you so wish, and keep your eyes locked on the site for a nice ol’ slice of the content as we near the end of another year.

NXT (UK)! NXT (UK)! NXT (UK)! It’s been a full year since NXT UK started airing on the WWE Network, premiering on Wednesday, October 17th 2018. On a night that saw Pete Dunne defend the WWE United Kingdom Championship against Noam Dar and Dave Mastiff decimate Johnny Saint’s pal Sid Scala, it marked the next stage in WWE’s venture into the British wrestling scene following on from two United Kingdom Championship Tournaments in January 2017 and June 2018 respectively. While the show has received its fair share of negativity, you can’t argue with the opportunities it’s presented to some of the finest wrestlers who tear it up week in and week out on the independent British wrestling scene. Of those names who have appeared in an NXT UK ring over the last 12 months, plenty of them are Scottish. That’s exactly why we’re here today – to take a look at every Scottish wrestler who’s laced up their boots and stepped through the curtain in front of an NXT UK crowd. I’m Adam from Scottish Wrestling Network, and this is NXT UK – The Scots: One Year On!

Before we begin though, some special mentions to dish out. A quick mention to BT Gunn, who faced Kenny Williams in a losing effort during a dark match when NXT UK came to Glasgow in April. Although he’s not a full-time NXT UK performer, The Oddity is just as deserving of a mention on this list. In addition, after some persuasion from Tobi on Twitter, a special mention for Ilja Dragunov, who seemed to join Gallus during their war with Imperium at the last set of NXT UK tapings. Unbesiegbar is Gallus.



Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey, and Wolfgang are arguably some of the biggest names on NXT UK’s roster just now. Collectively known as Gallus and making their entrance to the sound of one of wrestling’s most underappreciated tunes, the trio have made it their mission to ensure everyone remembers who Gallus is. Joe is the singles performer of the group, having made it to the semi-finals of the second United Kingdom Championship Tournament before being ousted by “The Kiwi Buzzsaw” Travis Banks. Since then, he’s picked up victories over “The Big Strong Boi” Tyler Bate, “The Leeds Sensation” Ligero, and Trent Seven. Elsewhere, he’s also competed on both of the NXT UK TakeOver events, losing to then-WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne in the Blackpool main event, and then defeating “Bomber” Dave Mastiff in a brutal Last Man Standing Match two months ago in Cardiff. Meanwhile, Mark Coffey and Wolfgang are the tag team pairing of the group. At first, it would’ve made more sense to have Joe and Mark as the tag pairing, but you can’t really argue with WWE’s decision to have Mark team with Wolfgang instead. It’s been fantastic watching them gel together as a team, using their size and power advantage to easily dismantle their adversaries. They defeated Team WhiteWolf, The Hunt, and Pretty Deadly en-route to that wonderful Triple Threat Match at TakeOver: Cardiff alongside The Grizzled Young Veterans and eventual winners Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster. Just recently though, the pair captured the NXT UK Tag Team Championships from Andrews and Webster in Brentwood, Essex. That, ladies and gentlemen, was a pure Gallus moment.



Following her appearance in the 2017 Mae Young Classic, where she suffered a first round defeat against Princesa Sugehit, Kay Lee Ray would go on to join the NXT UK women’s division in January 2019. After appearing in the crowd at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool alongside fellow Mae Young Classic competitor Jazzy Gabert, the current ICW Women’s World Champion would make her official in-ring debut two months later, defeating Candy Floss in her first match. It didn’t take long for The Queen of Insanity to etch her name into the history books, winning a Battle Royal to earn the right to challenge for the NXT UK Women’s Championship at a later date. With additional victories coming against the martial artist Xia Li and her recent ICW adversary Kasey Owens, KLR would go on to capture the Women’s Championship from Toni Storm in the culmination of an immensely personal rivalry at TakeOver: Cardiff. Toni hasn’t been seen since – clearly, she couldn’t handle the Filth Life.



Kenny Williams’ journey in NXT UK has been a bit of a strange one to say the least. Although he’s regarded as one of the best singles wrestlers to be signed to NXT UK, mixing a wonderful high-flying arsenal with some headlock drivers and Quiff Busters, he’s primarily been a tag team performer alongside Amir Jordan. That’s not to say it wasn’t a great tag team though – even if their win/loss record says otherwise. The pair’s first televised victory came over the team of Dan Moloney and Jamie Ahmed, more commonly known to the independent scene as Screwface, but they would also go on to defeat The Grizzled Young Veterans when they were the Tag Team Champions, earning a title match in the process. An injury to Amir though caused Kenny to instead team with fellow Scot Noam Dar, and while they didn’t capture the gold that night, they certainly left an impact on the NXT UK faithful. More recently, Kenny released a promo video filmed and edited by the incredible Shaun Walker. Seriously, look how beautiful it is (and I don’t just mean Krobar).



Now that he’s no longer dating Alicia Faaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwxxxxxxxxxx, Noam Dar has managed to find a fair share of success since coming to NXT UK after competing on both Monday Night Raw and 205 Live following his participation in the 2016 Cruiserweight Classic. He made his return from injury as a last-minute addition to a United Kingdom Championship #1 contenders match opposite Mark Andrews, Travis Banks, and Flash Morgan Webster at last summer’s United Kingdom Championship Tournament, a match he would go on to win before failing to take the title from big Peter Dunne on the inaugural episode of NXT UK. Since then, The Scottish Supernova has been floating around the roster, having random matches here and there in between calling people dafties. He opened NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff in victorious fashion over Travis Banks, and would then proceed to call himself the best in the world as a result. Come on Noam, you’re good and all but you’re not Private Party. They’re the real best bois. More recently, Noam angered Trent Seven after using Trent’s trademark towel to wipe his nose, resulting in the British Strong Style member snapping and getting himself disqualified. That towel must mean a lot to him. Perhaps it was a birthday present from Tyler Bate.



Whether you know her as The Vixen of Violence or The Babe of Brutality, there’s no denying the fantastic talent possessed by Viper, or as she’s known in NXT UK, Piper Niven. She competed in the first Mae Young Classic back in 2017 prior to her appearances in WWE’s United Kingdom division, making it all the way to the quarterfinals before being pinned by Toni Storm. Piper would officially debut for the brand during the NXT UK tapings in Coventry, defeating Killer Kelly in her first official match. More wins would follow over Isla Dawn, Zelina Vega, and the inaugural NXT UK Women’s Division Rhea Ripley in what was arguably her biggest victory to date. At the current moment, Niven is embroiled in a fued with Jinny and Jazzy Gabert, with Rhea coming to defend her from The Fashionista and her German bodyguard.



Whenever I think of Isla Dawn’s NXT UK career, I don’t often remember her picking up too much victories but after undertaking the research for this video, I’ve discovered she has actually picked up quite a few victories. The White Witch has defeated Xia Brookside and Nina Samuels throughout her NXT UK career, but she is often the go-to option to use as enhancement talent for the women’s division. Jinny, Kay Lee Ray, Nina Samuels, and Piper Niven have all picked up pinfall victories over the former Stacey Coates. Perhaps she’ll be a future NXT UK Women’s Champion but as for now, Isla isn’t that high up the pecking order within the NXT UK.

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