SWN Fan Art Corner #10 | Behind The Art: Lewy L

Here we are again with another SWN Fan Art Corner: Behind The Art. Letโ€™s set the scene behind this fantastic piece…

If you go into Box Glasgow, an independent pub on Sauchiehall Street, lined up along the walls youโ€™ll see paintings of the heroes and, in Begbies case, anti-heroes of Scotlands history and culture. They include the aforementioned Trainspotting crew including Begbie. Loveable old rogues Jack and Victor from Still Game. The โ€˜Big Yinโ€™ Billy Connolly. Biffy Clyroโ€™s Simon Neil. And โ€˜The National Bard of Scotlandโ€™ himself Rabbie Burns. The latest addition to this fine crowd of Scots will be a moving one as he was a regular in Bar Glasgow itself, so Iโ€™m told. Lionheart, Adrian McCallum.

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The artist, Lewy L who only spoke to Adrian a couple of times but long enough to know he was a very humble, down to earth guy, has just painted a portrait of the, sadly recently passed away, former Insane Championship Wrestling World Champion, which will grace the wall of fame in the the pub in the near future. He recalls a couple of memories for me of Adrian.

โ€œI saw him wrestle loads of times yeah. In fact I was in Preston that fatal night he wrestled AJ Styles and the neck break happened.

I remember there was just this weird silence after it happened and people were running into the ring, wrestlers and promoter, then everyone was told to make their way outside. It was weird. We all hoped he was alright.

He was always cool to talk to. I had the honour one time of making a painting for him to raffle of for his wrestling company. I was glad to help him.โ€

“Obviously [I] was very sad, like everyone else, to hear of his passing. Such a shame.”

In regards to his own work:

โ€œI’ve got to be honest I used to do loads of wrestling paintings but recently I haven’t been doing as many. I’m a bit uninspired by the mainstream wrestling scene at the moment and I feel that the Indies are the only thing worth watching these days. I was always a WCW guy and I watched some ECW also.

But Iโ€™m a big admirer of the Scottish scene. Some great up and coming talent there.โ€

You can find more of Lewyโ€™s work on Instagram and Twitter @lewylpaintings

Thanks again for tuning in to SWN Fan Art Corner. More to come soon.

If you have a Scottish Wrestling inspired fan art piece and would like to be featured, get in contact is with us

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Thanks again see you next time.

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