SWN Fan Art Corner #11 | Behind The Art: Kato

Welcome again to SWN Fan Art Corner and without further ado, lets get right to the story Behind The Art, this time with Kato Garrigues and his fantastic portrait of Viper Piper Niven. (See below)

Kato takes up the story. “Viper was coming to Manchester with Pro Wrestling EVE, so I knew I definitely wanted to see her, as I’m a big fan of women’s wrestling and she’s one of my favourite wrestlers at the moment. I didn’t have any money so, bit of a secret here, unexpectedly she got me in for free to make sure I didn’t miss the show. Quickly I put together this painting in around 3 hours, doubling as a thank you and a present. It was a great show that night. She teamed with Jetta to face the Woke Queens Debbie Keitel and Valkyrie. It was very entertaining. Loved every minute. And loved meeting her.Β 

In fact it’s starting to be a bit of a tradition now whenever I know I’m gonna meet one of my favourite wrestlers I’ll paint a portrait. I recently did the same when I met PAC.Β 

I’ve been an artist my whole life, tattooing for 7 years (I’m currently on bit of a sabbatical), and experimenting with all kinds of different media, so it feels like a way to give them a bit of me, that you can’t get anywhere else as a sign of appreciation in exchange for their work and the hours of fun and entertainment that they’ve given me.

I’m inspired by the things I love, such as comics, TV shows, movies, and of course last but by no means least Wrestling! It’s almost perfect for inspiration. You get lots of different characters, all with their own quirks and characteristics, you get the over the top fashion of wrestling with the bright colours, pyro, crazy moves… It’s just really fun to draw wrestling related artwork as you can go multiple ways with it! I’m currently trying to learn how to draw in the 30s Cartoon rubber hose style just so I can mix it up with wrestling and do my own fan art of my favourite wrestlers, and it’s been incredibly fun so far.”

Check out more of Kato’s work on

Instagram: @greenbeetleworks

Thank you once again and we hope you enjoyed getting to know the story Behind The Art.

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Thanks again see you next time.

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