Preview: WrestleZone ‘Live in Newtonhill 2019’


For the penultimate time this year, the stars of WrestleZone are out in full force for another stacked show on Saturday evening, taking place at the Bettridge Centre in Newtonhill. The match announcements have already started to roll out for Christmas Chaos in two weeks’ time, which is already shaping up to be a cracking card. This live event in Newtonhill is the final chance for the roster to gain that all-important momentum ahead of the December 7th show at the Danestone Community Centre plus, it’ll be one of Johnny Lions’ final matches before his retirement on December 13th. Still not over it.


Damien & Connor Inglis vs Alan Sterling & Crusher Craib

Two unique pairings square off in the evening’s main event as the Undisputed Champion Damien teams with Connor Inglis to take on former allies in the form of Alan Sterling and Crusher Craib. The battle between Connor and Crusher has only intensified since January, reaching a new high at Halloween Hijinx as The Creator of Carnage battered Connor with a steel chair after the youngster had offered him a handshake following their match. Meanwhile, Damien and Alan had what is being described as a match of the year contender in Huntly a few weeks ago in a wild Falls Count Anywhere Match. Ever since this match was announced, Crusher has done all he can to find a new tag partner to replace Alan. The likes of Nathan North, Rayhne, and Mark Leslie have all put their names forward to team with the former two-time Undisputed Champion, but WrestleZone management weren’t having any of it. Even though they’re former comrades in Sterling Oil, this isn’t the same Alan Sterling that was a multi-time Tag Team Champion. They’ll have Caleb Valhalla at ringside, but Crusher is still at a disadvantage against Damien and Connor.


The Foundation of the Future (Bradley Evans & Ryan Riley) vs Scotty Swift & Johnny Lions

In a first time ever contest, the reigning Tag Team Champions Scotty Swift and Johnny Lions are set to take on The Foundation of the Future’s Bradley Evans and Ryan Riley. Swift and Lions are currently set for a collision course with Blue Thunder and William Sterling at Christmas Chaos, with those teams set to step foot inside a steel cage. Both the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships and Johnny Lions’ WrestleZone in-ring career will be on the line that evening, but as for now, The Mad Dog and The Inspirational One will hope to soften Lions up for the former Thunder Buddies ahead of the December 7th collision. Both of those teams are adamant to rid WrestleZone of Johnny Lions. However, the clock hasn’t struck midnight on Johnny Time quite yet. He’s still got a lot of fight left inside him, despite his lengthy time spent in the ring. Although this is currently scheduled to be a non-title bout, you have to imagine Evans and Riley would do anything in their power to get the championships put on the line, and end Johnny’s WrestleZone career earlier than he had originally intended.


Kaden Garrick vs Zach Dynamite

Kaden Garrick returns to action for the first time since ending his losing streak at Halloween Hijinx, as he comes face to face with one of the men he defeated to bring an end to the streak, Zach Dynamite. Prior to October 26th, Kaden was nearing 30 losses in a row since returning to WrestleZone in March 2018, so when Zach and the rest of The Foundation of the Future were scheduled to fight Dynamite and The Rejected at the end of October, they likely thought they were in for a reasonably easy night, especially when you add in the fact that Garrick and Chris Archer couldn’t quite get on the same page. However, they were able to put their differences aside, allowing Kaden to blast into Bradley Evans with a spear to end his string of bad luck. Now that the worldwide parties have come to an end though, Kaden has to head to Newtonhill with the same sort of game plan to pick up his first singles victory since he pinned Lord Michael of Graham (all hail) at Proving Grounds 2018. Don’t expect Dynamite to come alone though cause, you know, he just won’t. Bradley Evans and Ryan Riley have always had his back, and I see no reason as to why they wouldn’t here.


Mikkey Vago vs Ted O’Keefe

The rivalry between The Rejected and The Outfit will be reignited at the Bettridge Centre in the form of two singles matches, the first of which will see Mikkey Vago tangle with Ted O’Keefe. Now, if you’ve been following Ted’s social media the last few days, then you’ll be aware that Vago has the advantage here, seeing as O’Keefe has been battling the man flu as of late. If we’ve learned anything from the last year and a half though, absolutely nothing will stop these two sides from getting their hands on one another. In both singles and tag team matches, the bikers and the gangsters have laid it all on the line in an effort to prove who the best tag team in WrestleZone truly is. This will actually be Ted’s first match since the brilliant Halloween Switcheroo Match on the pre-show of Halloween Hijinx. If nothing else, that match only lit a fire inside of Ted. The Outfit aren’t here to be taken as a joke, something that Mikkey Vago will once again learn first-hand in Newtonhill.


Dino Del Monte vs Chris Archer

With their partners set to do battle on Saturday evening, it’s only fair that Chris Archer takes on Dino Del Monte in a battle between speed and power. Archer is a real joy to watch when he takes to the skies, with a gorgeous moonsault off the ropes being a prime example of that fact. Just remember guys, it’s that moonsault that gave him and Mikkey Vago their second reign with the Tag Team Championships in January 2017 after William Sterling was on the receiving end of it. Speaking of beautiful moves though, Dino Del Monte’s rolling elbow will always come out on top. Take your Rainmaker, take your V-Trigger, take your Coffin Drop, Dino’s forearm to the jaw wins the fight (in my heart, at least). I’m not entirely sure if there’s a way he could counter the moonsault into the rolling elbow, but if all else fails, he can just use a piledriver like what he did at Aberdeen Anarchy.


Mr P vs Blue Thunder

Mr P will look to change his fortunes in Newtonhill as he takes on one half of the Tag Team Championships #1 contenders Blue Thunder. Even though he did defeat Ted O’Keefe on the Halloween Hijinx pre-show, P found himself beaten down at the hands of Dino and Ted O’Keefe. In addition to that, Dino would defeat the former Tri-Counties Champion in Huntly three weeks ago, the same show that saw Thunder defeat one half of the Tag Team Champions Scotty Swift in singles action. Christmas Chaos would very well be the night that Blue Thunder finally wins big once more, if he and William Sterling can lift the doubles gold from Swift and Johnny Lions. Who knows, maybe we’ll see Sterling assist Thunder in defeating Mr P here, even though they’re not exactly best mates after a brief war of words after they failed to dethrone The Swift Lions at Halloween Hijinx.


VIP Ticket Holder Bonus Match
Cysto vs Caleb Valhalla

VIP ticket holders are once again in for a treat, as they’ll again see Caleb Valhalla dismantle Cysto limb by limb. For whatever reason, The Tangerine Dream demanded a rematch with the Norse God after coming up short in Huntly, something that WrestleZone management agreed to. Valhalla remains undefeated since his in-ring WrestleZone debut this past February, defeating the likes of Scotty Swift, Umar Mohammed, and Robbie Solar since then. It’s only a matter of time before he starts collecting championships, but until, then I’m sure he can cope with collecting bones (ยฉ Irving Garrett, 2019).

Tickets to the show are still available from Ringside World, priced at ยฃ15 for VIP, ยฃ12 for adults, ยฃ10 for general admission, and ยฃ35 for a family of four. Doors open at 6:30pm for VIP ticket holders and 7pm for general admission ticket holders, with the main card kicking off at 7:15pm!

Announced Matches
Damien & Connor Inglis vs Alan Sterling & Crusher Craib
The Foundation of the Future (Bradley Evans & Ryan Riley) vs Scotty Swift & Johnny Lions
Kaden Garrick vs Zach Dynamite
Mikkey Vago vs Ted O’Keefe
Dino Del Monte vs Chris Archer
Mr P vs Blue Thunder
VIP Ticket Holder Bonus Match – Cysto vs Caleb Valhalla

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