Full Results: Wrestling Experience Scotland ‘Live In Dennistoun’ November 2019

The following results are from Wrestling Experience Scotland’s event at Wood Street Social Club in Dennistoun, Scotland on November 29th, 2019:


Levi Justice defeated Luca De Pazzi by pinfall.

Mark Coffey defeated Leyton Buzzard by pinfall.

The Handsome Bams Club (Ravie Davie, Zander McGuire & The Sam Barbour Experience) defeated The Super Purge (Krobar, Stevie James & Kez Evans) by pinfall.

Wolfgang vs ‘Just Justice’ Jackie Polo ended in a no contest.

Krobar, Stevie James and Kez Evans interfered to cause the no contest. Ravie Davie, Zander McGuire, Levi Justice, Leyton Buzzard and The Sam Barbour Experience made the save. A battle royal was made.

Battle Royal – Winner: Wolfgang


Our thanks to @aom_ref for the results from the event.

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