Full Results: Discovery Wrestling ‘The Christmas Disco’

The following results are from Discovery Wrestling’s ‘The Christmas Disco‘ event at The Jam House in Edinburgh, Scotland on December 1st, 2019:


BT Gunn defeated Cody Hall by pinfall.

Christopher Saynt announced that in his match against Theo Doros, Saynt will be allowed to use weapons but Doros will not, Doros will also not be allowed to use the Hand Of God move during the match, Doros must win with a five count but Saynt can win with a three count. Finally, the winner will receive a Y Division Championship match.

Theo Doros defeated Christopher Saynt by pinfall to receive a future Y Division Championship match.

Nina Samuels defeated Kasey by pinfall.

Sammii Jayne interfered during the match.

Before the next match, Johnny Lions attacked Andy Wild.

No Disqualification Matchย – Andy Wild defeated Johnny Lions by pinfall.

Johnny Lions praised Wild after the match.

The Filthy Generation (Stevie Boy Xavier, Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan) defeated Pure Dead Brilliant (Kid Fite, Krieger & Lou King Sharp) by pinfall.

Sugar Dunkerton entered while the cage was being built to demand The Munndertaker to return his soul.

Sugar Dunkerton’s Soul – Sugar Dunkerton defeated The Munndertaker by pinfall to win his soul.

The Munndertaker left his coat and hat in the middle of the ring.

Discovery Wrestling Y Division Championship – Steel Cage – Joe Hendry defeated Joe Coffey by escape to retain the Discovery Wrestling Y Division Championship.


Our thanks to Dominic Thomas for the results from the event.

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  1. I think it’s worth adding that Gene Munny folded his Munndertaker coat and left it in the centre of the ring with his hat on top of it, suggesting this was the last we would see of the Munndertaker character.

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