Review: Source Wrestling β€˜Mayhem: Rumble! 2019′


I love a rumble, it’s one of my favourite match types and when Source Wrestling uploaded their most recent Mayhem event I knew that I had to find time to watch it. Plus I’ve heard how insane the Govan crowd is and was curious to see if it was exaggerated. It was not.

Two Out Of Three Falls – Zander McGuire defeated Ravie Davie [2:1].

Zander attacked Davie as ‘The Fresh Prince’ made his entrance as Zander was serenaded with, I think was, a “you’re a b*stard” chant from the kids in attendance. The first fall was quick with Zander hitting a spear before using the ropes for leverage. The second fall begun as hot as the first with Davie getting some offense in, tripping up Zander, landing on his feet from a Lionsault before locking in an ankle lock. Zander rolled out but was met with a senton over the ropes as the crowd were loud for everything. Davie slide out of an attempted Razor’s Edge on the outside as they made their way back into the ring. Davie locked in the ankle lock again to win the second fall.

Zander regained control at the start of the third fall, hitting a nice backbreaker for two. He got a bit cocky and attempted a Lionsault of his own but couldn’t quite balance himself. Davie hit a hard spinebuster but couldn’t put away Zander for the three. Zander reached the ropes after another ankle lock, Davie geared up in the corner but found himself rolled up and pinned with Zander holding the tights to gain the final entry spot into the Mayhem Rumble later on. Davie would have to enter number one.

This crowd is up for everything which made the match even better, they were just barraging Zander with abuse as they willed on Ravie Davie. This is what wrestling should be about. Great match.

The Kingdom of Catch (Aspen Faith, Lewis Girvan & Sammii Jayne) vs The Nine9 (Dickie Divers, Jack Morris & Sara Marie-Taylor) by pinfall.

A match that I was excited to see. The Nine9 weren’t best liked as they were welcomed with a handful of middle fingers from the young crowd at ringside. The Kingdom of Catch received a heroes welcome as both teams were taken aback by the sheer noise filling the venue. The match kicked off with Sara and Sammii, Jayne took charge before Sara tagged in Divers as he received the “fatty fatty boom boom” chant. I loved this crowd. Faith and Divers had a little skirmish before Girvan and Morris tagged in for a bit of the wrestling before all six ended up in the ring. Girvan and Faith threw Sammii onto Divers and Morris on the outside before Girvan dived out onto everyone. Chaos unfolded with everyone getting their licks in. We were treated to some grand Kingdom of Catch knee offense while I was trying to keep up. Eventually we got five person headlock that was ended with a stunner by Sammii Jayne to Divers who was at the front of the human centipede (don’t Google that reference). Back to the chaos with The Nine9 looking like they were heading to victory, Sammii slid in and rolled up Sara for the win.

This was incredible. It got a bit wild, the rules of tagging in was ignored very quickly but I didn’t care. It was fun to watch and all six looked great. Fantastic match, two fantastic teams and this crowd man, this crowd were unstoppable.

Luke Matthews defeated Xero by pinfall.

Xero started with a hard slap to Matthews as they brawled. Xero grunted away as he clawed and mauled at Matthews at any chance, setting his sights on the knee of Luke Matthews as he slowed down the pace. It wasn’t pretty but thanks to a receptive audience they made Xero look like the baddest of the bad guys. The punishment continued as Xero bad mouthed the children, like a modern day child catcher. Matthews hit a dropkick to create some space. Xero couldn’t get the job done with a shoulder breaker and a half crab was broken up by the bottom rope. Matthews fired up with a pop up knee to the face then a spinny kick thingy to pick up the win. His celebration was short lived as Xero attacked Matthews and locked in choke, Alexander Darwin MacAllan tried to pull Xero off Matthews but received an elbow to the eye.

Maybe one of the weaker matches of the night but the stark contrast from when I saw Xero last, when he has an audience that gives him something he thrives on it and that’s what we got here. I really liked Luke Matthews and his effort to make sure everyone knew his knee was hurt, even when he was dishing out kicks, was really good.

Source Wrestling Championship – Fatal Four Way – Grant McIvor defeated Alexander Darwin MacAllan, Scott McManus and Kieran Kelly by pinfall to win the Source Wrestling Championship.

ADM was already out getting his eye attended but still insisted in competing. Grant McIvor is still doing the wrestling and MATT DALY entered with Scott McManus, taking out ear defenders to block out the boos, love it. After Sean McLaughlin announced that the numpty in the hard hat (MATT DALY) would not be competing, Kieran Kelly made his entrance.

As with four way matches it had the typical brawl until it was down to two to start off with. Just as it looked like it would be ADM and Kelly, McIvor and McManus returned to take out ADM and double team Kieran Kelly. Kelly took out McManus but McIvor took out Kelly leaving McIvor to rethink some life choices when ADM re-entered, battering McIvor. McManus raked the eye of ADM which allowed him and McIvor to do a bit more teaming up. ADM fought back and chokeslammed the duo before catching Kieran Kelly from mid-air for a third chokeslam.

The McIvor-McManus alliance eventually broke down as they begun scrapping. McManus returned with a plastic road cone to knock down Kieran Kelly. Kelly narrowly avoided being brought down with a tower of doom but his follow up dropkick to ADM seemed to take a lot out of him. ADM was subjected to a triple submission with McIvor locking in a crossface, McManus with an armbar then Kelly with a half crab. They abandoned that plan then fought among themselves which allowed ADM to smash everyone with rolling forearms, with a piledriver to everyone for good measure. Just as it looked like ADM was going to finish Kieran Kelly, MATT DALY and Scott McManus grabbed the legs of ADM and duct taped them to the ring post. Xero returned to fight off DALY and McManus which left McIvor and Kelly fighting it out as ADM could only watch on.

Kelly looked to be on course for victory but he ran into a low blow from McIvor and a Side Effect later we had a new Source Wrestling Champion.

This had a lot going on, all four had chances to win, it was non-stop action and had my eyes darting everywhere to keep up. Great match.

Ivelisse vs Amy Allonsy

From the entrances alone there was the bad ass, from the mean streets Latina, Ivelisse against the bubbly, chirpy, unicorn Allonsy and I was already invested. Chalk and cheese characters and this was from seeing neither wrestle before. They tied up with Allonsy getting the early advantage, throwing out some Fortnite dances in celebration to the enjoyment of the young crowd. It was short lived with Ivelisse going onto the attack with hard kicks. They traded forearms before Ivelisse locked in a roll through Dragon Sleeper. Ivelisse continued to cut off any comebacks from Allonsy. Allonsy managed to hit a cutter to give her a chance to recover and fired back with clotheslines. Amy Allonsy almost had it with a Famouser but Ivelisse just kicked out. Ivelisse rolled through a snapmare and ended the match with a straight up hard kick to the face.

Another excellent match, Amy Allonsy is one I want to see more of, her resiliency was fantastic. Ivelisse is a bad ass and looked like a merciless killer when on offense. Great showing from both wrestlers.

Ravie Davie Won The Mayhem Rumble

The ring filled up quickly, with everyone that entered getting a moment to shine before joining the rest in brawling around the ropes. When ADM entered he went straight after MATT DALY and Scott McManus, quickly eliminating the pair. The crowd were loud in support of Ravie Davie throughout the whole match, as he entered number one. It eventually lead to Davie squaring up with the final entrant Zander as the ring started to empty. Davie poked ADM’s one good eye to eliminate him to leave the final four being Ravie Davie, Zander and both members of KoE. Davie threw out Zander to a reaction that blew the roof off the Fairfield Club. In a fantastic finishing sequence, Davie launched both of KoE over the top rope and knocked their heads together to blow what was left of the roof off altogether to win the Mayhem Rumble and earn a Source Wrestling Championship match at any time he chooses. It will surely be at a future Govan show, I don’t think my ears are ready for that!

KoE attacked Davie after the match but Zander returned to make the save, ending in an embrace in the middle of the ring as the sugar-fueled kids in the crowd went absolute berserk chanting for The Govan Team.

The rumble itself wasn’t anything special, with fun little moments but the final portion with the return of The Govan Team was played out brilliantly.

I was disappointed that the crowd sounded like they were shouting “she’s a guy” at Athena, who appeared at ringside for Griffin, I’m hoping I misheard it but they dedicated a good five minutes just shouting at her which was brutal. A rare black mark on an otherwise loud and passionate crowd. They had to get a language warning from Sean McLaughlin for a prolonged “Ravie f*cking Davie” chant.

Speaking of Sean McLaughlin, he was a riot on ring announcing duties, with some highlights being “Scott The JellyTot McManus”, “that numpty in the hard hat” when introducing MATT DALY, and announcing that Ravie Davie had t-shirts for sale at the merch stand but didn’t know why anyone would want to buy one. I don’t think he announced Jack Morris the same way twice with “Jackie Morris” and, I’m sure I heard, “Jock Morris”, could’ve been “Jacques”… which I find funnier so we’ll go with that. Little silly bits that I found funny which didn’t distract from the show at all.

An incredible event worth watching, so much good stuff happened with a crowd that wanted wrestling and they bloody got it. I don’t think I’ve heard a crowd enjoy a show so much in a long time and it always adds something extra to any event. A crowd can make or break a show and these folks didn’t have any down time and chanted the whole night. Sure, sometimes it got a little bit risque with what they were shouting but they made a hell of a lot of noise.

I put together a playlist of the matches on YouTube, mainly so it was easier for me to watch them in order, I would recommend checking it out as it was a brilliant show. Thank you Govan, you were great.

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