Full Results: Pro Wrestling Scotland ‘Live In Newmains’ December 2019

The following results are from Pro Wrestling Scotland’s event at The NCT Centre in Newmains, Scotland on December 13th, 2019:


Davey Blaze & Kid Fite defeated Ian Skinner & Darrell Costello by pinfall.

Danny Clarke defeated Owen Jakks by pinfall.

Daz Black defeated Kenny Williams by pinfall.

Liam Thomson defeated Stone Malone by pinfall.

Elimination Tag Team Match – Team Krieger (Krieger, Rayhne, Frank X. Cross & Hal Rayner) defeated Team Hyde (Jason Hyde, JD Bravo, Ewan O’Raw & Brian Frank)

Elimination Order:

  • Frank X. Cross eliminated JD Bravo by pinfall.
  • Hal Rayner eliminated Ewan O’Raw by pinfall.
  • Rayhne eliminated Brian Frank by pinfall.
  • Jason Hyde eliminated Frank X. Cross by pinfall.
  • Jason Hyde eliminated Hal Rayner by pinfall.
  • Rayhne was eliminated by disqualification.
  • Krieger eliminated Jason Hyde by pinfall.

Triple Threat – Dean Ford defeated Stevie Boy Xavier and BT Gunn by pinfall.


Our thanks to Pro Wrestling Scotland for the results from the event.

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