Wrestler Spotlight: Umar Mohammed

Photo credit David J Wilson
  • Umar Mohammed
  • The Asian Sensation
  • The Professor of Islamanomics
  • TV’s Umar Mohammed
  • The Desi Debonair
  • The Bollywood Blockbuster
Debut Year
  • 2018
  • Discovery Wrestling
  • Fair City Wrestling
  • Family Fortunes
  • Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum
  • Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum
  • Insane Championship Wrestling
  • Pro2 Wrestling
  • Reckless Intent Wrestling
  • Respect Pro Wrestling
  • Scottish Wrestling Entertainment
  • World Wide Wrestling League
  • WrestleZone
titles & accomplishments
  • Made it to the final round of Family Fortunes.
  • John Cena follows him on Twitter.
Signature moves
  • Diamond in the Rough (Cutthroat Backstabber)
  • Call To Prayer (Spike DDT)
  • Saudi Dream (Corkscrew Senton)
  • The Big Kachowski (Last Chancary)
  • Thunder Gun Express (Running Double Knee Strike to the back of a corner opponent into a Bridging Fisherman’s Suplex)
  • Glory Hunter Enterprises w/Sebastian Asher & Marcus ‘The Glory’ Hunter
  • w/ Scotty Swift
Social Media
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