The Rev’s Review | Fair City Wrestling β€˜II’

By Jim Campbell


Again The Tulloch Institute in Perth looked to be another sold-out crowd, two in a row for this young up-and-coming wrestling promotion and like the first show the second show did not disappoint.

We got Jason Reed against Lou King Sharp. Once Lou King Sharp was announced, coming through the crowd shaking everyone’s hand, the crowd were in high spirits and got behind Lou King Sharp all the way with chants against Jason Reed coming from the kids in the crowd. People were banging their feet clapping her hands as Lou King Sharp and Jason Reed had, in my opinion, the best match of the night. It was a stroke of genius by the commissioner to have a fans favourite like Lou King Sharp ‘The Blood Tourist’ on this card. Both wrestlers champions in their own right Jason Reed, the new kid on the block with a few years behind him, and Lou King Sharp just returning from China with years of experience wrestling in Kid Fite’s stable as a member of The Fite Network. Lou King Sharp won by pinfall.

For the second time Aspen Faith took to the ring in FCW, this time against Zack Leon. Aspen and Zack where supposed to face each other at the first show but Aspen’s opponent was changed as Zack had to call off. So this was the rescheduled match. Zack started off very positive getting the crowd onside and trying to get Aspen onside also by giving him a present of a scarf. Aspen didn’t appreciate this and attacked Zack while his back was turned with a cheap shot forearm to the back then continued with a brutal attack on Zack. The attack lasted for a few minutes and Zack got thrown about the ring like a rag doll. Zack tried to fight back but with no avail the match finished with Aspen Faith winning by pinfall.

On ring announcing duties was Stevie Wizard. Perth’s very own Ollie Silverstone was announced against Spike Tierney. As Ollie made his way to the ring, you could hear his friends and family in the crowds cheering him on. During the match the whole crowd got behind Ollie and again the fair city flyer showed the crowd just what a prospect this young man is with his cruiserweight type of wrestling. On the other side Spike Tierney, our very own Nacho Libre, did not disappoint with his very own version of the 619 taking this wrestling match to the hometown boy and beat him by pinfall. Watching these two, you have got to appreciate what these wrestlers put themselves through and their bodies, well done guys.

The Wizard, as charming as he is, announced John Kerr and the crowd waited in anticipation to find out who Kerr’s mysterious opponent would be. The music started and Ken Kaiden made his way to the ring to a round of applause from the Perth crowd. The Perth crowd seem to get behind Ken, or was it that they just didn’t like John and his overconfident image. In my eyes Ken, as the more experienced wrestler, won this match easily by pinfall.

Next up was Taylor Bryden and Tommy Cross against Perth’s very own Alpha Male along with Umar Mohammed. Taylor and Tommy were tagging well together at the beginning of this competition, UmarΒ  was getting put through the ringer as Taylor and Tommy dominated until The Alpha Male was tagged in and took the match to Taylor and Tommy like a one-man wrecking machine. Umar and Alpha Male got the win by pinfall and redeemed themselves after the defeat at the debut show of Fair City Wrestling.

Next up was Sammii Jayne against Emily Hayden. Both women, respectively, have been wrestling really well in all promotions they have been representing. Emily started the match with time wasting while Sammii waited patiently in the corner for Emily to get ready to wrestle. It didn’t take long for Sammii toΒ  get the upper hand and win by pinfall one, two, three. That’s Sammii’s second win in FCW, is this a start of a winning streak or can our commissioner find a tough opponent for Sammii in February?

So it was time for the main event of Jack Morris versus Ian Ambrose versus ‘The Very Good’ Mr Euan G Mackie versus Mike Musso. Everybody had a dislike for Euan, the kids in the crowd didn’t stop for the whole match shouting “goblin goblin goblin” and Mr Mackie did not like this at all. After a barrage of hits from all three wrestlers, Mr Mackie tried hiding underneath the ring and generally stayed out of the way as the other three went to war on each other with some high flying moves over the rope and out to ringside. The crowd appreciated these wrestlers putting themselves out there but, you didn’t think he had a hope of winning, Euan used the mist spraying from his mouth to get the upset pinfall. After the match the other three wrestlers served out their own kind of justice.

What a night! The crowd love it and, by the looks of things, FCW has got the start of a good fan base. I hope to see you all in the new year and a merry Christmas from me.

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