Discovery Wrestling: A 2019 Recap


In 2019, Discovery Wrestling had quite the year. Believe it or not, they were scheduled to take a break from the Disco Derby in March until Year Five in October, a break that would end early in July as they took everyone on a summer trip to Camp Discovery. I’m sure I speak for the entire Discovery fanbase when I say this has been their best year to date. Each and every show provided at least one banger match, from Joe Coffey vs Andy Wild to the Disco Derby Match to the battles between Theo Doros and Christopher Saynt.

With 2020 set to be an even bigger year for Discovery with a few dates already confirmed, let’s look back at the year that was 2019 for Discovery Wrestling!

A New God


Since the middle of September 2017, Joe Coffey had been running roughshod through the Discovery Wrestling roster, as well as any international stars management had brought in. There was simply no-one who was able to stop The Iron King from reigning as the Y Division Champion. Jordan Devlin couldn’t. Matt Riddle couldn’t. Zack Sabre Jr. couldn’t. Heading into 2019, both Andy Wild and Joe Hendry had opportunities waiting for them, with Wild winning the 2018 Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Tournament while Hendry became the #1 contender for the title as he defeated Timothy Thatcher at 48 Months Later.


Discovery’s first show of the year saw The Dad Bod God take advantage of his title match, challenging Joe Coffey for his most prized possession in January. That match would go down as one of the absolute best in Discovery history. Both men tore into one another in an effort to head home as the Y Division Champion, but eventually, it would be Joe Coffey that retained the championship as he was able to put away Andy Wild after a back and forth brawl that captivated everyone in attendance that evening. Unfortunately, the loss would result in Andy Wild refusing to appear on any Discovery events going forward, unable to bring himself to face the Edinburgh fans after feeling as if he’d let them all down with his loss to the NXT UK star.


So, with Andy Wild failing in his effort to end the reign of Joe Coffey, all eyes turned towards Joe Hendry. However, there was someone else who wanted to end the reign of Coffey before a specific date. Lewis Girvan, the man who Joe had defeated to begin his reign as the Y Division Champion at Year Three two years ago, had held the title himself for 666 days, the record for longest reign at the time. With an opportunity to prevent the Coffey brother from surpassing that record, The Renegade went on to challenge Joe at the second Disco Derby, eventually being unsuccessful in his attempt at prying the championship away from The Iron King. Now, Joe Hendry could step up.


Discovery Wrestling made an impromptu return from their scheduled break in July, making a return to the Edinburgh Corn Exchange. However, someone who wasn’t in attendance for this show was Joe Coffey. The reigning Y Division Champion was contractually obligated to be elsewhere, which meant that he would definitely break Lewis Girvan’s 666-day reign. As a result, Joe Hendry was left without an opponent for the show, resulting in him offering to put his number one contendership on the line against anyone who thought they were worthy enough of challenging for the biggest prize on offer in Discovery. It would be Lewis Girvan who answered the call of The Prestigious One, with the Filthy Generation member being unable to earn himself another crack at Joe Coffey’s Y Division Championship. With the win, it confirmed that Joe Hendry would indeed be challenging Joe Coffey for the Y Division Championship at Discovery’s fifth anniversary show.


Year Five, which was held at the start of October, saw the two Joes go to war, which is typically the case for Discovery’s Y Division Championship matches. After being able to duck out the way of an All The Best For The Bells lariat, The Prestigious One connected with a Freak of Nature fallaway slam as he ended the 750 day reign of Joe Coffey as the man to beat in Discovery Wrestling. Hendry would retain the title against Coffey once more inside a steel cage at the Christmas Disco at the start of December, ensuring he’ll head into the new decade as the Y Division Champion.


Photo credit Elaine Wilson

The women’s division in Discovery Wrestling is packed full of incredible talent from all over the UK, as is the entire Discovery roster in fairness. In particular though, the female talent pool in Discovery is exceptional. Whether it’s full-time talent or one-offs, the ladies who make the journey to Edinburgh a few times a year are some of the best on offer.


At the start of the year, the reigning Women’s Champion in Discovery was Sammii Jayne, with The Main Event Empress successfully defending her title against NXT UK star Nina Samuels at the first show of the year. However, her reign of dominance over the women’s division would come to a crashing halt at the second annual Disco Derby, with Angel Hayze dumping her out of the 2019 Disco Derby Match to confirm the crowning of a new champion that evening. That new champ would of course be Martina, as John Cena’s biggest fan lastly eliminated fellow Irish star Kasey to win both the bout and the title, later laying down a challenge to anyone and everyone who dared try to take that title away from her. It’s highly possible she may have been slightly intoxicated when issuing that challenge but hey, they don’t her The Session Moth for nothing.


After lifting the gold, Martina would go on to have two successful defences in multi-woman frays, firstly defending against both Emily Hayden and Ashley Vega in a Triple Threat Match at Camp Discovery, while also seeing off the challenges of Sammii Jayne, Angel Hayze, and Kasey in an Elimination Match at Year Five. As we head into 2020 with Martina still at the top of the division, it looks highly likely that 2020 will be year of the sesh, although that mystery card show in February could very well bring a change to that fact before it’s even begun.


Aside from the Women’s Championship itself, two ladies who had breakout performances in Discovery throughout 2019 were Angel Hayze and Ashley Vega, both graduates of the PBW Academy. They faced off in singles competition back in January in a double debut showcase, with Hayze coming out on top on that occasion. Following on from this, both of them took part in the Disco Derby Match that saw Angel eliminate the defending champion Sammii Jayne, before going down very different paths for the remainder of the year. Ashley Vega would unsuccessfully challenge Martina for the Women’s Championship in The Session Moth’s first defence before losing out to American indie star Veda Scott at Year Five, whereas Angel Hayze would embark on a rivalry with mentor Sammii Jayne. The Young Lioness would win the pair’s first bout at Camp Discovery, before finding herself the first elimination from a Women’s Championship Fatal Four Way Elimination Match at Year Five, and ending with Sammii Jayne retaining her Scottish Women’s Championship over Angel in a Submissions Match at the Jam House of Horrors.

All of that, as well as appearances from the likes of Raven Creed, Isla Dawn, the returning Lucy Cole, and Jayla Dark, amongst others. A lovely year for the female performers in Discovery Wrestling.

Chaos, Melee, Pandemonium


Throughout 2019, one of the bigger rivalries that has overtaken Discovery Wrestling is the one between Theo Doros and Christopher Saynt. After some tension between the two as part of The House of Saynt throughout 2018, The Superior Cypriot finally left the group at the final show of that year, with the animosity reaching an all-time high this year.


They were both part of a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match at the first show of the year alongside their former House of Saynt brother in arms Grant McIvor, a match that was won by “Shotgun” Kieran Kelly. Following that though, the duo took part in an Unsanctioned Match at the Disco Derby that saw the pairing absolutely go to town on one another. Even though Doros very nearly had the match won over Saynt following two Superman punches known as the Hand of God, referee Chris Quinn was forced to end the match as a no contest as Doros attempted a splash off part of the stage setting through a table that had been propped across the ring apron and the guard rail. With the table failing to break though, both lads were deemed unfit to compete, resulting in a chorus of boos and jeers from the Jam House crowd that evening.


As the time went by, we saw Saynt suspended from Discovery Wrestling after ambushing Theo backstage, which opened the door for him to go on to pastures new for a while as he battled Kieran Kelly in a losing effort at Camp Discovery. Once The Patron Saint of Selfishness had returned though, Discovery management provided the platform for both he and The Superior Cypriot to handpick their opponents for Year Five as part of a Pick Your Poison series. Michael Chase would defeat Saynt while KUMA would put away Doros, because obviously. You can’t be putting away a man of his size. Look at all of that beef.


At the Jam House of Horrors, another stipulation was provided courtesy of Discovery management that would see both men allowed to choose their own tag team partners for an Intergender Match, with the winner of that match then given full reign to pick the stipulation for their final bout at the Christmas Disco. Emily Hayden came to the help of her Sensational Scenebirds pal Christopher Saynt, while the returning Ayesha Raymond would assist Theo Doros, with The Scenebirds using their experience as a team to overcome Doros and Raymond. Therefore, Christopher Saynt would be allowed to pick the rules for the duo’s last ever match against each other in a Discovery Wrestling ring.


So, what did Saynt choose for his bout with Doros? A Last Man Standing Match? An Iron Man Match? An I Quit Match? None of those, actually. He didn’t choose an exact stipulation, choosing to instead take a methodical approach by adding certain stipulations into one. He would be allowed to use weapons whereas Doros wouldn’t, Doros would be unable to use the Hand of God move and would have to gain a five count to win the match while Saynt only needed the standard three count, and the winner would receive a future opportunity at the Y Division Championship. With the numbers firmly stacked against him, The Superior Cypriot fought through and still defeated Christopher Saynt in their last match, now sitting with a Y Division Championship match later on in the future.

Seeing as Christopher Saynt announced his intentions to retire at some point during 2020, it’s possible this was their last ever match together full stop, not just in Discovery Wrestling. A sensational rivalry between the pair throughout 2019.

The Deadmunn Has Risen (And Fallen)


At 48 Months Later in November 2018, Gene Munny was defeated by Sugar Dunkerton in a Survival Match. What is a Survival Match exactly? A Lumberjack Match with zombies surrounding the ring as opposed to fellow wrestlers. As you do. The Sexual Gammon was eaten alive that night, so there was no possible way he could ever wrestle again. After all, he died. However, in his place came The Munndertaker, his long-lost cousin from the Death Valley region of Milton Keynes.


The Deadmunn made his Discovery Wrestling debut in January, seeing off a challenge from Martina (or Moth Lesnar, as I believe she has been referred to for that bout) after answering her open challenge. After defeating Shady Nattrass that July, the gong would next be heard at Year Five, as GeneThe Munndertaker rose from the ashes during Sugar Dunkerton’s match with Jason Reed. The distraction was enough for Reed to score the win, but it was crystal clear that the issues between ‘Taker and Suge D were far from over.


At the Jam House of Horrors, Munndertaker and Dunkerton faced off in another first for Discovery, a Loser Loses Their Soul Match. Bah gawd! The Munndertaker would go on to win that bout, resulting in Suge D losing his soul and becoming Sugary McDunkDunks (came up with that at three in the morning, cut me some slack). The James Brown of Throwin’ Down was now without a soul, until the Christmas Disco at least. Just as the crew were building the steel cage for the Y Division Championship match between champion Joe Hendry and challenger Joe Coffey, the American sensation entered and challenged The Munndertaker to enter the cage with him in an attempt to regain his soul. Luckily, he would do just that as Sugar Dunkerton was reborn, while Gene Munny also appeared to come back to life after Munndertaker left his coat and hat in the middle of the ring.

It’s been a strange year for these two in Discovery Wrestling. Who knows what 2020 has in store for this pairing. Maybe we’ll see another Survival Match.

End Of An Era

2019 has been an unfortunate year for Scottish wrestling, as many wrestlers from the nation have retired from the ring. Many of them have appeared for Discovery Wrestling in their final years as a performer, whether it was their final match ever or their final match in a Discovery ring.


The most notable of those names is Michael Chase, a man who had been a regular for Discovery for quite some time. Chase suffered a loss to the man of many nicknames David Starr back in January, before then being chosen by Theo Doros to defeat Christopher Saynt in a Pick Your Poison Match at Year Five. However, before this, the Reckless Intent founder had announced his plans to retire by the start of November, as was revealed back in May. His final weekend in wrestling saw Chase lose to Doros at a Reckless Intent event, before his retirement match saw him lose to former WWE star MVP at the Jam House of Horrors.


In addition, Johnny Lions made his Discovery return during 2019 before his retirement at the end of the year, insisting on reuniting The Wild Lions with Andy Wild. With The Dad Bod God refusing to appear for Discovery though following him failing to capture the Y Division Championship from Joe Coffey, Johnny instead got back together with his old Revolution pal Damien. The duo would lose to The Kings of Catch at Year Five, resulting in The Tenacious One ambushing The Revolutionary backstage following the match, blaming Andy Wild for their loss. Lions would continue on his journey to antagonise Wild, firstly attacking Damien after his bout with Fraser Thomas at the Jam House of Horrors, before then assaulting Andy at the FPWA training facility. Eventually, The Stovie Superman agreed to face Johnny in a No Disqualifications Match at the Christmas Disco, a match that Wild would win in Lions’ final match in Discovery, and penultimate match overall.


As well as those two, Jayla Dark and Lucy Cole were both participants in the 2019 Disco Derby Match, with both ladies going on to retire later in the year. Jayla would retire at the end of September, while Lucy would reveal her in-ring career may be over for good. The Disco Derby marked her return to in-ring competition, but a Twitter post published in September saw Lucy explain her mental health issues as a reason for her stepping away from the squared circle. It’s important to note that this isn’t necessarily a full-blown retirement, but it’s still key to note Lucy Cole during this portion of the recap.

So, what a year that was for Discovery Wrestling. So far in 2020, they’ve announced a mystery show for February 9th at the Jam House that will see nothing announced in advance, as well as the third annual Disco Derby on March 29th, also at the Jam House. It should be another brilliant year for the company that states they’re all about the wrestling!

47 Matches
27 Singles Matches
5 Tag Team Matches
2 Six Man Tag Team Matches
1 Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match
1 Triple Threat Match
1 Fatal Four Way Match
1 Disco Derby Match
3 Elimination Matches
2 Intergender Matches
1 Loser Loses Their Soul Match
1 No Disqualifications Match
2 Steel Cage Matches
1 Submissions Match
1 Unsanctioned Match

Out of 10 Title Matches
The Y Division Championship was defended 4 times, with 1 title change (Joe Hendry once) and 3 successful defences (Joe Coffey twice and Joe Hendry once)
The Discovery Women’s Championship was defended 4 times, with 1 title change (Martina once) and 3 successful defences (Sammii Jayne once and Martina twice)
The Scottish Women’s Championship was defended 1 time, with 1 successful defence (Sammii Jayne once)
The WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship was defended 1 time, with 1 successful defence (Jason Reed once)

Championship Reigns

Y Division Championship
Joe Coffey – September 16th 2017-October 6th 2019
Joe Hendry – October 6th 2019-Present

Discovery Women’s Championship
Sammii Jayne – November 5th 2017-March 3rd 2019
Martina – March 3rd 2019-Present

Win/Loss Records
“The Catch Provocateur” Alexander Dean – 0 wins, 2 losses
“The Dad Bod God” Andy Wild – 1 win, 1 loss
“The Young Lioness” Angel Hayze – 2 wins, 3 losses
Ashley Vega – 0 wins, 4 losses
“The Lost Boy” Aspen Faith – 3 wins, 2 losses
“The Female Predator” Ayesha Raymond – 0 wins, 1 loss
“The Oddity” BT Gunn – 3 wins, 0 losses
Chief Deputy Dunne – 1 win, 2 losses
Chris Brookes – 1 win, 0 losses
Chris Renfrew – 0 wins, 1 loss
“The Patron Saint of Selfishness” Christopher Saynt – 1 win, 3 losses, 1 draw
“The Kliq Kid” Cody Hall – 0 wins, 1 loss
“The Revolutionary” Damien – 1 win, 2 losses
“The Cream in Your Coffee, Your Favourite Wrestler’s Favourite Wrestler, The Jewish Cannon, The Physical Embodiment of Charisma, The Most Entertaining Man in Professional Wrestling, The Bernie Sanders of Professional Wrestling, The Best of the Best, Mr Americanrana, Davey Wrestling, The 104 Minute Man, The Main Event, He’s Really Good at Twitter, The King of Taunts, The Product” David Starr – 1 win, 0 losses
“The Whole Shebang” Debbie Keitel – 0 wins, 1 loss
“The Wayward Son of Professional Wrestling” Dickie Divers – 2 wins, 1 loss
“The Headbanga” El Phantasmo – 2 wins, 0 losses
“The Best, The Beautiful, The Only” Emily Hayden – 1 win, 2 losses
“The Lost Boy” Fraser Thomas – 0 wins, 2 losses
“The Gazelle” Grant McIvor – 0 wins, 1 loss
HIKULEO – 1 win, 0 losses
“The White Witch” Isla Dawn – 1 win, 0 losses
Jack Morris – 2 wins, 1 loss
“The One For The Future” Jason Reed – 3 wins, 0 losses
“The Supreme Leader of The Thirst Order” Jayla Dark – 0 wins, 1 loss
“The Iron God” Joe Coffey – 3 wins, 2 losses
“The Prestigious One” Joe Hendry – 4 wins, 0 losses
“Tenacious” Johnny Lions – 0 wins, 2 losses
“The Twisted Priestess” Jokey – 0 wins, 1 loss
“Turbo” Josh Terry – 1 win, 1 loss
“The Mother of Chaos” Kasey – 0 wins, 3 losses
“The Lucky Yin” Kenny Williams – 0 wins, 1 loss
“Shotgun” Kieran Kelly – 2 wins, 1 loss
“The Demolition Man” Kid Fite – 0 wins, 4 losses
Kid Lykos – 1 win, 0 losses
“Scudmaster Sexy” Krieger – 0 wins, 3 losses
Kuma – 1 win, 0 losses
“Stunning” Lana Austin – 0 wins, 1 loss
“The Renegade” Lewis Girvan – 3 wins, 4 losses
“Bad Boy” Liam Thomson – 1 win, 0 losses
Los Federales Santos Jr. – 1 win, 1 loss
“The Blood Tourist” Lou King Sharp – 0 wins, 3 losses
Lucy Cole – 0 wins, 1 loss
“The Session Moth” Martina – 3 wins, 1 loss
Michael Chase – 1 win, 3 losses
“Speedball” Mike Bailey – 0 wins, 1 loss
Moxie Malone – 0 wins, 1 loss
The Mundertaker – 3 wins, 1 loss
MVP – 1 win, 0 losses
Nina Samuels – 1 win, 1 loss
“The Lord of the Manor” Paul Tracey – 0 wins, 1 loss
“Unhinged” Raven Creed – 0 wins, 2 losses
Rosie Nyte – 0 wins, 1 loss
“The Most Handsome Man in Scottish Entertainment” The Sam Barbour Experience – 0 wins, 1 loss
“The Main Event Empress” Sammii Jayne – 2 wins, 3 losses
Sean McLaughlin – 0 wins, 1 loss
“The Franchise Player” Shady Nattrass – 0 wins, 2 losses
Simon Miller – 1 win, 0 losses
“The Pharoah of Filth” Stevie Boy – 1 win, 0 losses
“The James Brown of Throwin’ Down” Sugar Dunkerton – 1 win, 2 losses
“The Superior Cypriot” Theo Doros – 1 win, 4 losses, 1 draw
Veda Scott – 1 win, 0 losses

The Anti-Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne & Los Federales Santos Jr.) – 1 win, 1 loss
Ayesha Raymond & Theo Doros – 0 wins, 1 loss
BULLET CLUB (El Phantasmo & HIKULEO) – 1 win, 0 losses
CCK (Chris Brookes & Kid Lykos) – 1 win, 0 losses
Chris Renfrew & Michael Chase – 0 wins, 1 loss
Damien & Lewis Girvan – 0 wins, 1 loss
The Filthy Generation (The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan) & Stevie Boy) – 1 win, 0 losses
Kid Fite & Sean McLaughlin – 0 wins, 1 loss
The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan) – 2 wins, 1 loss
The Nine9 (Dickie Divers & Jack Morris) – 1 win, 1 loss
The Nine9 (Dickie Divers & Jack Morris) & Simon Miller – 0 wins, 1 loss
Pure Dead Brilliant (Kid Fite, Krieger & Lou King Sharp) – 0 wins, 2 losses
Pure Dead Brilliant (Krieger & Lou King Sharp) – 0 wins, 1 loss
Revolution (Damien & Johnny Lions) – 0 wins, 1 loss
The Sensational Scenebirds (Christopher Saynt & Emily Hayden) – 1 win, 0 losses

Unless otherwise credited, credit for all photos used goes to David J. Wilson.

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