Five Matches That Totally Have A Chance Of Happening At Discovery Wrestling’s ‘All About The Raffle’

On February 9th, Discovery Wrestling are taking the mystery show concept and putting their own Disco twist on it. They are presenting ‘All About The Raffle‘. No matches announced beforehand, the wrestlers draw a raffle ticket and if their number is called they will compete in a match. The rules are simple but the chaos is guaranteed.

So here are five matches that could totally happen, as long as they’ve got a raffle ticket!

Jason Reed & Sammii Jayne vs Aspen Faith & Ashley Vega

A fun bit of mix and match between real life couples which would actually be a really great match. Reed and Faith have faced each other in the past but have both become more well rounded and just fantastic total packages since. The chance to see Sammii Jayne and Aspen lock up in a competitive match is worth a look in whilst interactions between Ashley Vega and Jason Reed are definitely sure to be fun. The more I think about it, the more I want to see this happen.

Rampage Brown vs Andy Wild

When Discovery Wrestling first began, the first BIG feud was between Rampage Brown and Damian O’Connor (now known as Killian Dain in WWE). They battered each other from pillar to post until one man was left standing. In my limited research I could only find one singles match between these two and it was Premier British Wrestling back in 2013. A lot has changed since 2013, with both guys now bigger, stronger and maybe even hungrier. Imagine the colossal showdown between two of the best in Europe. Maybe Andy could take his UEWA Heavyweight Championship along to add some extra flavour to the pot.

Krieger vs Kid Fite vs Lou King Sharp

You know that this raffle is surely going to throw out some partners facing off hilarity and this would be pure dead brilliant. Maybe add Sean McLaughlin in for an added bonus. A sure fire show stealer between three outstanding wrestlers that could produce some absolute magic at The Jam House. Hopefully they’re all pals at the end of it.

Joe Hendry vs Dave Conrad

A curve-ball for the current Y Division Champion Joe Hendry, drawn against his podcast co-host and friend Dave Conrad, maybe even with the title on the line. These two know each other very well considering their friendship plus they are trainers at Joe Hendry’s wrestling school in Edinburgh. This could be a nice mix of power and technique that could very well be a dark horse for match of the night… if the raffle tickets are drawn for this to happen of course. The Sonic water and sausage suppers be flying if this showdown occurs.

Gene Munny vs Alan Sterling

As always, my last pick is always very “out there” so here is quite possibly the funniest match that may never actually happen. ‘That Damn Dirty Dog’ versus ‘The Captain’, it would be the first time the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Champion would appear at Discovery Wrestling (Jason Reed), however, it would be the first appearance for new champion Alan Sterling, with hopefully his bodyguard Caleb Valhalla in tow (yes I even got a Caleb reference into another list) to represent the North East. The majority of the Discovery Wrestling faithful may not know who Alan Sterling is but they will once the match is over.

Are there any matches that you want to see?

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