Adam’s Top 10 Wrestlers Of The Month – January 2020


We. Are. Back. Wrestlers of the Month returns for the third year running, partly to document that month’s ten best Scottish-based wrestlers, in my opinion anyway), but also because I have an undying love for statistics that needs to be shared with all the lovely readers of Scottish Wrestling Network. 2018 saw ‘The Prestigious One’ Joe Hendry come out on top of the league table, whereas ‘The Dad Bod God’ Andy Wild won the 2019 season. With 2020 already shaping up to a mammoth year for wrestling in this fine nation, it truly is anyone’s game to win this year. There’s still a long way to go before we determine the 2020 winner though (unless we get to July, and Lou King Sharp has been Wrestler of the Month seven months running, then we haven’t got that long to go). For now, let’s get things underway with January!

Honourable mentions go out to Alex Parker, Dave Conrad, Dickie Divers, Jack Morris, Jason Reed, Kid Fite, Luca de Pazzi, and Robert Wishart.


10. Danny Edwards

Danny Edwards makes his first ever Wrestlers of the Month appearance, as the Big Money Enterprises member was victorious over John Trettan in the semifinals of the Pro Wrestling Innovation Young Lions Tournament. As a result, ‘The Proof of Perfection’ now advances to the finals over the tournament at a future PWI event (as far as I’m aware, the date for the finals hasn’t been officially confirmed), where he’ll meet Daz Black. A bonafide match of the year contender without a doubt – a perfect match if you’ll pardon the pun.


9. Liam Thomson

At ICW’s first Fight Club tapings of 2020, Liam Thomson faced Jason Reed in a match that turned out to be rather historic for professional wrestling as a whole. With an inside cradle failing to result in a decisive winner, we saw the first use of VAR in ICW, and wrestling overall I believe. Seeing as it was decided as a no pinfall, referee Sean McLaughlin restarted the match, with ‘The Bad Boy’ winning the bout, followed by a win over Dylan Angel at Pro Wrestling Innovation’s recent show in Larkhall. An undefeated month for the former Zero-G Champion.


8. Daz Black

If we mention Danny Edwards on the list, we have to mention the other finalist in PWI’s Young Lions Tournament, as Daz Black also advanced to the final match to meet ‘The Proof of Perfection’. Black defeated the much larger Hal Rayner in the semifinals, with ‘The Orbit Breaker’ continuing to rise through the ranks of Scottish wrestling. Whoever goes onto win the whole tournament will forever cement their name in the Pro Wrestling Innovation history books, and will no doubt be a major player in Scottish wrestling for years to come.


7. Stevie Boy

The reigning ICW World Heavyweight Champion is on the list, with Stevie Boy/Stevie Xavier (depending what day of the week is) picking up four points to kickstart the year. Stevie first reunited with his Bucky Boys partner Davey Blaze, which I believe was sadly only a one night reunion (Alexa, play “Somebody I Loved” by Lewis Capaldi), as they defeated The Govan Team at ICW’s Fight Club tapings. Secondly, ‘The Pharoah of Filth’ then teamed with BT Gunn in Just Uz, with the Scottish wrestling icons defeating the team of TJ Rage and Davey Blaze in the main event of the Pro Wrestling Innovation event. Already The Bucky Boys are fighting amongst each other – how upsetting.


6. Andy Wild

The 2019 Wrestler of the Year enters the 2020 edition of the list, as Andy Wild had two fantastic matches throughout January. ‘The Dad Bod God’ first participated in the Six Man Scrap at ICW’s Fight Club tapings, where he was the last man eliminated by Luca de Pazzi, which means he’ll enter at number 20 in the 9th Annual Square Go! Match tomorrow night. Wild did pick up a win at WrestleZone’s Summerhill Showdown event the following week though, defeating Jason Reed and Dave Conrad in a bloody wonderful Triple Threat Match. Good stuff for the reigning UEWA European Heavyweight Champion.


5. Leyton Buzzard

From the 2019 Wrestler of the Year to the 2019 runner up, Leyton Buzzard is back on Wrestlers of the Month, as he successfully defended the ICW Zero-G Championship against TK Cooper in a sensational match. The reign of ‘The Captain’ at the top of ICW’s Zero-G division is off to a fantastic start, with another two defences scheduled for Square Go! weekend. If I’m being honest, Buzzard is my suuuuuper early pick to become the 2020 Wrestler of the Year. It’s a safe bet probably.


4. Joe Hendry

The success of former Wrestlers of the Month entries continues, as the 2018 winner Joe Hendry comes in at number four. Joe began his month with two Ring of Honor shows alongside former World Champion Dalton Castle, with the charismatic pairing first defeating Griff Garrison and Marcus Kross, collectively known as The Master and The Machine, in the dark match before Saturday Night at Center Stage, followed by a win in a Triple Threat Match over The Briscoe Brothers, and the team of PJ Black and Brian Johnson at Honor Reigns Supreme. To end the month off, ‘The Prestigious One’ defeated Alan Sterling at WrestleZone Summerhill Showdown, although he won by disqualification, meaning the man who proclaims it’s All About Alan retained the Tri-Counties Championship.


3. Alan Sterling

So, the Tri-Counties Championship match at Summerhill Showdown was fantastic from start to finish, as both Joe Hendry and the defending champion Alan Sterling put in one hell of an effort. Because of how hilarious he can be at times, it’s often easy to forget just how good of a wrestler Alan is when given the opportunity to show off. Seeing as he shoved down referee Mikey Innes, ‘The Captain’ retained his title, meaning it will remain All About Alan heading forward.


2. Krobar

Krobar has the moniker of ‘The Hardest Part of the Ring’. When you watch him wrestle fight, you can see that fairly easily, with his recent Death Match in ICW against Lou King Sharp proving just that. The reigning ICW Tag Team Champion, alongside Purge pal Stevie James, is just such a deadly force when he steps inside the ring. With a Glasgow Street Fight waiting for him tomorrow evening at the 9th Annual Square Go!, it’ll no doubt be another day in the park for the crowbar-wielding Krobar.


1. Lou King Sharp

So, here we have it. The first recipient of the full ten points in 2020 is none other than Lou King Sharp. Like with Krobar, LKS is a dangerous man when he steps through those ropes – they don’t call him ‘The Blood Tourist’ for nothing. Even though he lost that Death Match to Krobar, Sharp left his heart and soul inside the ring (almost literally), taking a powerbomb off the ropes and straight through a barbed wire table. Nasty. Sharp would unsuccessfully challenge Damien for the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship six nights later as the pint-sized Glaswegian made his return up north, but he now has the chance to win a different title tomorrow evening at the Square Go! alongside Krieger. Come on, lads!

January’s Wrestlers of the Month is at an end, we have our first ten on the league table, and what a group it is. This month was a quieter month, with only five shows on in Scotland, but rest assured it is all guns blazing from here onwards. February has some huge events lined up for us, including ICW’s Square Go!, Discovery Wrestling’s secret shows, the joint show from Pro Wrestling Innovation and Pro Wrestling Scotland, and more. Good things are coming for the Scottish wrestling scene.

Point Standings as of February 1st 2020
1. Lou King Sharp (10 points)
2. Krobar (9 points)
3. Alan Sterling (8 points)
4. Joe Hendry (7 points)
5. Leyton Buzzard (6 points)
6. Andy Wild (5 points)
7. Stevie Boy (4 points)
8. Daz Black (3 points)
9. Liam Thomson (2 points)
10. Danny Edwards (1 point)

Credit for promo pics used goes to David J. Wilson, Photography By Kevin, Tony Knox, Warrior Photography, and WrestleZone.

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