Preview: WrestleZone ‘Live in Montrose 2020’


Following a highly successful start to the year with Summerhill Showdown, all eyes are now firmly locked on the Regal Rumble on March 21st, which will of course kickstart the road to the Aberdeen Anarchy weekender in May. First though, the Granite City stars are heading back to the Montrose Town Hall, featuring a truly massive main event for the Undisputed Championship!


Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
Damien (c) vs Caleb Valhalla

Whenever the Undisputed Championship is draped over his shoulder, Damien always faces tough challenges. Whether it’s Jack Jester, Crusher Craib, or RUDO Lightning, ‘The Revolutionary’ has never had it easy throughout his multiple reigns. That fact will continue in Montrose as he comes up against hometown hero Caleb Valhalla in the evening’s main event, a man who is yet to be pinned or forced to submit. Ever since bursting onto the scene as Alan Sterling’s bodyguard in October 2018, the man mountain has become one of the most destructive forces WrestleZone has ever seen – the sheer brutality shown towards Lord Mr Malice in last year’s Regal Rumble Match still gives me chills. Valhalla has managed to get the reigning Tri-Counties Champion the night off on Saturday, as a thank you for Sterling giving him the night off at Christmas Chaos, the same match that saw Alan lift the championship he clutches to this day. Looks like February 15th won’t be All About Alan, but it could very well be the beginning of the reign of Caleb Valhalla.


WrestleZone Tag Team Championships
Blue Thunder & William Sterling (c) vs Crusher Craib & Connor Inglis

If you had told me one year ago that Crusher Craib and Connor Inglis would be challenging for the Tag Team Championships, I would never have believed you. Nevertheless, the pair will indeed be challenging Blue Thunder and William Sterling for the straps in Montrose, which I believe may mark Crusher’s first venture into the Tag Team Championships picture. In the midst of Connor’s first crack at the doubles gold at Summerhill Showdown, teaming with Scotty Swift on that night, ‘The Red Haired Warrior’ went down with an injury that resulted in him having to be removed from the match. As a result, the fiery WrestleZone Training Academy upstart Inglis chose to continue the match on his own, eventually failing to lift the titles. A post-match ambush courtesy of Sterling would then see Crusher Craib to his former rival’s aid, a sight many thought we would never see. Despite initially being against having Connor as a pal, Crusher has finally come around to the idea, hoping to go one step closer to becoming a Triple Crown Champion. Today (at the time of writing) means we’re now three years removed from Kevin Owens turning on Chris Jericho during the Festival of Friendship – I don’t think I’d be able to cope if Crusher turned on Connor here.


Shawn Johnson & Kaden Garrick vs Bryan Tucker & Ryan Riley

Two of WrestleZone’s most heated rivalries will be combined in Montrose, with Shawn Johnson and The Rejected’s Kaden Garrick set to tangle with Bryan Tucker and Foundation of the Future member Ryan Riley. Both fueds in this match have been boiling for months, with ‘The Doric Destroyer’ joining Chris Archer and Mikkey Vago in their war against the trio who have vowed to take over WrestleZone. In fact, Kaden’s losing streak came to an end at Halloween Hijinx at the expense of the FOTF, as he pinned Bradley Evans after a spear. Meanwhile, the former Granite City Hotshots renewed their incredible rivalry from 2016 at Battle of the Nations, with their previous two singles matches at Christmas Chaos and Summerhill Showdown respectively both failing to find a definitive winner. With management representative Chris McDonald returning to commentary at Summerhill Showdown, perhaps some order will be restored within WrestleZone, assuming he’s still part of management that is.


Zach Dynamite vs Chris Archer

Speaking of the rivalry between The Rejected and The Foundation of the Future, the two high flying members of the groups will face off with one another in Montrose as Zach Dynamite meets Chris Archer. I believe Blue Thunder mentioned this on Twitter, but it’s always a delight whenever these two meet each other in the ring, and I’m sure this one will be no different whatsoever. Dynamite’s rise through the ranks of WrestleZone reached an all-time high in 2019, as he main evented Battle of the Nations in an Undisputed Championship Triple Threat Match against Damien and Liam Thomson, while also facing current AEW bastard PAC at Aberdeen Anarchy in his biggest match to date. So while the greatest and two-time Tri-Counties Champion of all time has been proving himself as a worthy singles competitor, ‘The Outcast’ has mainly been competing in tag team action alongside Mikkey Vago. Several failed attempts at winning the Tag Team Championships once again has resulted in both men going into singles action at the Montrose Town Hall. Whether it’s a frog splash or a moonsault, expect to see plenty of high flying intensity from these two on Saturday.


Bradley Evans vs Mr P

The storied rivalry between friends turned enemies will write another chapter this weekend as Bradley Evans meets Mr P one more time. Heading into Aberdeen Anarchy X in the summer of 2018, the pair struck up a friendship of sorts, resulting in ‘The Mad Dog’ being at ringside for P’s Tri-Counties Championship Fatal Four Way Match at the event. However, Evans would cost Mr P the title, choosing to instead realign with former pal Zach Dynamite, who won the championship as a result. In that moment, the first seeds for The Foundation of the Future were planted. The duo have collided on a few occasions in both singles and multi-man action, with Mr P typically having the advantage over Evans. Since he got the win over Chris Archer in a six man tag team match three weeks ago, perhaps big Bradley can continue his winning ways in Montrose.


Mikkey Vago vs Ted O’Keefe

Rounding out the main portion of the card is a singles bout between The Outfit’s Ted O’Keefe and hometown hero of The Rejected, Mikkey Vago, writing another page into the history books of the rivalry between the two warring pairings. Ever since Ted and partner in crime Dino Del Monte burst onto the scene at the 2018 Regal Rumble, ‘The Granite City Gangsters’ have proven just how worthy they are of the opportunities that come their way, and they’re not the type of duo who’ll shy away from showing anyone that doesn’t believe them first-hand what The Outfit is all about. Vago is someone who knows a bit too much what that means, with several run-ins with both O’Keefe and Del Monte. A tag team match at last year’s Summerhill Showdown saw ‘The Heavy Metal Hooligan’ have to be escorted back through the curtain after Dino and Ted focused their onslaught on his leg throughout the match. Returning to his hometown though, Vago will be looking to score his first win in quite some time, as long as he’s able to avoid those lovely, lovely spinebusters of course.


VIP Ticket Holders Bonus Match
Dino Del Monte vs Scotty Swift

VIP ticket holders will be treated to quite the match, as Dino Del Monte faces one of the men who helped train him in the form of Scotty Swift. After going down with what appeared to be some sort of knee injury during his Tag Team Championships match at Summerhill Showdown, Swift has now been cleared to return to in-ring competition without having to miss any in-ring time, something I’m sure he’s elated about. What an incredibly tough match to come back to though. Dino is no easy man to beat, as he’s proven time and time again. All it takes for him to put an opponent down is one simple rolling elbow to the jaw, so good it made Kassius Ohno stop using them in NXT UK because he knew he couldn’t live up to Dino’s elbows. As I mentioned in the above match, Mikkey Vago had to be helped backstage after The Outfit focused their attack on his leg during one of their many tag team outings. With Swift returning from a brief injury related to the leg, Dino will surely exploit that to its full advantage come Saturday.

Tickets to the show are still available from Ringside World, priced at Β£15 for VIP, Β£12 for adults, and Β£10 for general admission, as well as an online-only family of four ticket for Β£35. Fans can also pay at the door on the night. Doors for VIP ticket holders open at 6:30pm, with general admission ticket holders gaining entry at 7pm, and the main card kicking off at 7:30!

Announced Matches
Undisputed WrestleZone Championship – Damien (c) vs Caleb Valhalla
WrestleZone Tag Team Championships – Blue Thunder & William Sterling (c) vs Crusher Craib & Connor Inglis
Shawn Johnson & Kaden Garrick vs Bryan Tucker & Ryan Riley
Zach Dynamite vs Chris Archer
Bradley Evans vs Mr P
Mikkey Vago vs Ted O’Keefe
VIP Ticket Holders Bonus Match – Dino Del Monte vs Scotty Swift

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