Combat League Wrestling – What We Know So Far

The Rules

Four houses of three wrestlers will duke it out to win the first season of Combat League Wrestling.

Points will be awarded for wins by pinfall or submission (5) and knockout, if the wrestler is unable to answer a ten count (6).

New tag team rules have been announced, which are similar to Lucha rules. If a wrestler exits the ring, and touches the floor, their tag team partner becomes the legal wrestler.

The Authority

Following losing his final match in Caithness Pro Wrestling, per the stipulation former CPW Undisputed Champion Corvyn Cameron ended his in-ring career. He was confirmed as General Manager of Combat League Wrestling on February 20th.

The Houses

House Stag

House Raven

House Wildcat

House Wolf

The First Round

The first round of the 2020 season will take place at The British Legion in Thurso on February 29th, 2020. Early entry from 6pm, first bell at 6.30pm.

The Matches

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  • House Wildcat (RJ Cash & Taylor Vite) vs House Raven (Lucha DS & Xero)
  • House Stag (Logan Smith & John Trettan) vs House Wolf (Connor Rose & Glen Dunbar)
  • Lucas Craig (House Stag) vs Exile (House Raven)
  • Damien Ryan (House Wolf) vs Lad Chapman (House Wildcat)
  • 12 Man War Games Rumble

How To Get Tickets

Message the Combat League Wrestling Facebook page (here) to get your tickets for round one of Season 2020!

  • Standard Tickets – ยฃ8
  • Front Row – ยฃ10
  • Full Package – ยฃ15

A season pass (ยฃ55) will also gain entry to the following events including Round One:

  • Round Two – May 30th
  • Round Three – August 29th
  • The Final – November 28th

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