Preview: Source Wrestling ‘Mayhem 5’


Source Wrestling had a terrific 2019, a year that saw the likes of More Than Hype and Ivelisse come to Scotland, while Shaun Walker called an end to his in-ring career. 2020 though, things appear to be getting even larger for the promotion, with the crowning of their first Tag Team Champions in an eight-team tournament that starts on this very show. We’ve got LJ Cleary, Darren Kearney, and Nathan Martin back up from Ireland, while Ethan Allen and Luke Jacobs of The Young Guns are coming in from England alongside Big Guns Joe. It truly is a star-studded affair for Source’s first big event of the decade, as they head to the Fairfield Club. Always a rowdy crowd on hand in Govan!


Source Wrestling Championship
Grant McIvor (c) vs LJ Cleary

The reigning Source Wrestling Champion Grant McIvor (yes, he’s Still Doing The Wrestlingβ„’) has a tough test in store for him, as he has to defend his title against one third of More Than Hype, he’s living a beautiful life, it’s LJ Cleary. ‘The Gazelle’ was the one to end Alexander Darwin MacAllan’s dominating 481-day reign with the title this past November, besting ‘The Clyde River Killer’ in a Fatal Four Way Match that saw Scott McManus and Kieran Kelly also challenging for the top prize on offer in Source Wrestling. Since that moment, McIvor has had two successful defences, one in a Triple Threat Match the night after winning the title against both ADM and MacAllan’s originally scheduled challenger Luke Matthews, and the other against Alex Webb last month at an Origins show. Meanwhile, LJ Cleary will be making his Source singles debut here, following MTH’s six man tag team match last August against ya bois KOE. Elsewhere in the wacky world of professional wrestling though, LJ is the reigning Irish Junior Heavyweight Championship in his second reign, and also recently had a screamer of a match with the reigning OTT World Champion David Starr for that very title. Could he add the Source Wrestling Championship to his trophy cabinet? Who knows. What we do know though is that this match will be, as the kids say, straight fireeee.


Source Tag Team Championships Tournament – Quarterfinals
The Fair City Saints (Alex Webb & Steven Myles) vs More Than Hype (Darren Kearney & Nathan Martin)

The first of two quarterfinal bouts in the Source Tag Team Championships sees the main Source show debut of Reckless Intent duo Alex Webb and Steven Myles, collectively known as The Fair City Saints, as they face their toughest test to date in the form of More Than Hype’s Darren Kearney and Nathan Martin. Webb and Myles made their debut for Source Wrestling at Origins 4 at the end of November, losing to fellow quarterfinalists KOE in the main event of that show, while Webb also unsuccessfully challenged Grant McIvor for the Source Wrestling Championship in the main event of the following Origins show. As for MTH, they’re the reigning Irish Tag Team Champions in one of their home promotions Fight Factory Pro Wrestling, while they (alongside pal LJ Cleary) also recently came so close to lifting the TNT Extreme Wrestling Tag Team Championships from The Kings of the North, a match that saw Kearney and Cleary debut a move that needs to be seen to be believed. Having More Than Hype as the first Source Tag Team Champions would add some lineage to the titles from the offset, but a victory for The Fair City Saints here would immediately make them a force to be reckoned with in Source Wrestling.


Source Tag Team Championships Tournament- Quarterfinals
KOE (Kai Williams-King & King Killa) vs The Young Guns (Ethan Allen & Luke Jacobs)

The second quarterfinal set for Govan sees your favourite bois and mine KOE taking on a team who have been making waves all across the north west of England in The Young Guns, which is another fantastic booking decision courtesy of Source Wrestling. Now, I know what you’re all thinking – didn’t Kai Williams-King and King Killa proclaim themselves the ‘Sourse’ Tag Team Champions in July 2018? Yes, yes they did. For whatever reason though, Source management have refused to acknowledge those titles as officially-licensed championships. Rudeness if you ask me, but at least ya bois got included in the tournament I guess. They may not be as pleased come Friday though if Ethan Allen and Luke Jacobs have their way. The hard-hitting duo are known for hitting people really, really, really, really hard, hence why I called them the hard-hitting duo at the start of the sentence. With the FutureShock Wrestling Tag Team Championships currently sitting around their waists as well as the fact they took NXT UK stars The Grizzled Young Veterans to their absolute limit, The Young Guns clearly have what it takes to be a successful tandem. It should be interesting to see them in Scotland – here’s hoping they set the path for other lads and lasses from the general north west area to head across the border. *cough* Joe Nelson *cough*.


Luke Aldridge vs Ravie Davie

For the first time since winning the inaugural Mayhem Rumble Match, Ravie Davie returns to his hometown with quite the obstacle standing across from him – Luke Aldridge. ‘The Ned Nightmare’ overcame the unthinkable back in November as he outlasted a sea of Source talents to win the first Rumble Match from the number one position, earning himself a future crack at Grant McIvor and the Source Wrestling Championship, while also reuniting with his Govan Team partner Zander McGuire in the process. This is undoubtedly the biggest opportunity of Ravie Davie’s career, a chance to win the top title of a promotion. Bit of an issue there in the form of the physically imposing Luke Aldridge. ‘The exILE’ has, if we’re being honest, been far overlooked in the Scottish wrestling community for a good wee while now, but he has been able to taste his fair share of championship gold throughout his career. The SWE Hardcore Championship and the W3L Wrestling Showdown Championship are just two of the titles that have been placed over the shoulder of this fine specimen. In my eyes, he’d be a fantastic pick to be the face of Source Wrestling – Aldridge vs McIvor? All of the yes. Every last one. A win over the hometown boy on Source’s first big show of the year will no doubt put him in the running for a run with the championship.


Alexander Darwin MacAllan vs Griffin

Alexander Darwin MacAllan and Griffin will lead their teams into battle at the next Origins show on Sunday afternoon, but before then they’re scheduled for singles action in Govan, stemming from Griffin’s treatment of Source newcomer Brodie Adler as of late. Griffin was actually Adler’s first opponent when she debuted at the end of November, with the former SWA Scottish Junior Heavyweight Champion coming out victorious on that occasion. When he unleashed a post-match assault on her though, ‘The Clyde River Killer’ was having none of it, as he saved the debutant from any further damage. Things were turned up a level at the following Origins show last month, however, as Griffin would interfere in Brodie’s match with Scott McManus to assist ‘Mr Hapjitsu’ in winning that bout. Once again, ADM wasn’t standing for it – not only did he save Adler, but he also challenged Griffin to this match at Mayhem. As I mentioned earlier on, these two will collide again on Sunday, as MacAllan teams with Brodie and Mark J. Wilson to battle Griffin, Athena, and Rob Mills. There’s just something about ADM booting people in the skull that I enjoy so, so much. Plenty of that this weekend.



Once upon a time, The Violence Institute ran roughshod over Source Wrestling. Had they still been a thing, they would’ve no doubt been a front runner to win the Tag Team Championships Tournament. But alas, the group is no more, having split off from each other. Luke Matthews went off on his own as a singles performer and MATT DALY forged a new alliance with Scott McManus in The Working Men’s Club, but Xero and Alexander Darwin MacAllan remained pals as Killer Xero. Now, DALY and Xero are set to face off in Govan in what could very well be a dark horse for match of the night. The latter has been repeatedly praised for both his in-ring work and, in particular, for his mesmerising promo skills, leading to debuts for the likes of Insane Championship Wrestling and TNT Extreme Wrestling down in Liverpool. Meanwhile, ‘The Man Who Needs No Introduction’ has continued plying his trade in Source with recent victories coming against the team of Nathan North and Sammie Jo and MANateur Wrestling, while also ensuring all the correct safety precautions are taken – he doesn’t just wear the hard hat as a fashion choice!


Rob Mills vs Kieran Kelly

When Source Wrestling first announced Rob Mills vs Kieran Kelly for this event, there seemed to be a bit of a buzz generated by it, and rightfully so. Sure, everyone and their dog knows how good Kieran is because he’s had opportunities in the likes of ICW and PBW, and is also the reigning Megaslam Wrestling Champion. As for Rob though, he’s mainly been kept in Reckless Intent Wrestling, but he’s coming out of his home a little this weekend. As well as Source, he’ll also be at Respect Pro Wrestling’s next show in Kilbirnie on Saturday night as he attempts to qualify for The Walker Brawl 2. He’s been a hidden gem in the West Lothian area for years now, something that Source management have clearly taken a notice in. Maybe this is the match he needs to show what he can do on the big platforms. I’m all in for Mills vs McIvor, which I’m aware is something I’ve said a lot in this preview – so many possibilities to challenge ‘The Gazelle’ for the title.


Six Man Scramble Match
Zander McGuire vs Craig Anthony vs Brandon Adams vs Scott McManus vs Luke Matthews vs Big Guns Joe

A big Scramble Match rounds things off at Mayhem 5, with four of the biggest names in Source Wrestling, plus an imposing figure from Reckless Intent and the biggest henchest guy in all of British wrestling as he makes his Scottish wrestling debut. Zander McGuire regained the respect of Source fans at the last Govan show as he saved Ravie Davie from a beatdown at the hands of KOE, reforming The Govan Team to a huge ovation from their hometown audience. Maybe ‘The Pride of Govan’ heard some rumours of Tag Team Championships being introduced, and wanted a pal to enter the tournament with. Speaking of the tournament, both Craig Anthony and Scott McManus will enter the eight-team field, teaming with Kieran Kelly (as I-Gen) and MATT DALY (as The Working Men’s Club) respectively. Luke Matthews is also in the bout as he looks to continue his pursuit of the Source Wrestling Championship, and reigning Breed Pro Wrestling Champion Big Guns Joe debuts in Source to round out the field. A lineup and a half right here folks.

Tickets to the show can be bought in advance either from the venue or from Source Wrestling’s official website, priced at just Β£5. Tickets bought on the day will revert back to the normal prices of Β£10 for adults, Β£6 for children, and Β£28 for families. Doors open at 7pm, with the action kicking off at 7:30!

Announced Matches
Source Wrestling Championship – Grant McIvor (c) vs LJ Cleary
Source Tag Team Championships Tournament – Quarterfinals – The Fair City Saints (Alex Webb & Steven Myles) vs More Than Hype (Darren Kearney & Nathan Martin)
Source Tag Team Championships Tournament – Quarterfinals – KOE (Kai Williams-King & King Killa) vs The Young Guns (Ethan Allen & Luke Jacobs)
Luke Aldridge vs Ravie Davie
Alexander Darwin MacAllan vs Griffin
Rob Mills vs Kieran Kelly
Six Man Scramble Match – Zander McGuire vs Craig Anthony vs Brandon Adams vs Scott McManus vs Luke Matthews vs Big Guns Joe

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