Review: Fair City Wrestling ‘3: Tulloch Turmoil’

Fair City Wrestling uploaded their latest event on Vimeo, after two successful events from the Tulloch Institute, they once again returned to the venue for Tulloch Turmoil. I’ve been impressed by the last two shows so it would be rude not to check our their latest offering.

FCW Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament – Semi Final – Spike Tierney defeated Cav by pinfall to advance.

Cav didn’t wait to start the match, throwing Spike overhead before the bell even rang. Putting the boots to the youngster, bullying Spike in the early going. Cav whipped Spike into the ropes and hit a nice spinning heel kick to keep the punishment going. Spike fired back with punch after punch but soon found himself back on the mat following a big clothesline. Cav hit his Total Recall pumphandle throw but could only garner a two count. A missed senton from Cav gave Spike the opening he needed, planting Cav with an X-Factor and a big superkick but his opponent rolled out of the ring.

Spike got Cav back into the ring and hit a nice rolling thunder splash but Cav grabbed the bottom rope to break the pinfall. After some traded forearms they both ended up on the outside. Spike pulled out a ripcord enziguri for another close count which was pretty cool. It looked like Cav would steal the win with a low blow following the referee disposing of a dropped foreign object. Spike recovered and hit the Abra-Kebabra to move on to the finals.

Highly enjoyable opening encounter, Spike Tierney continues to impress with some unique moves. Cav was a solid bad guy to have in this one. Super entertaining start to Tulloch Turmoil.

Aspen Faith & Euan G Mackie defeated Lou King Sharp & Mike Musso by pinfall.

In the battle of the odd pairings, Mackie started with a reminder that he booted Musso in the stanes last time they were at the Tulloch Institute which didn’t please Musso as Sharp tried to hold him back. It officially started with Aspen Faith and Lou King Sharp, Sharp started hot with a foot stamp and dropkicks leading Faith to retreat to Mackie, who tagged in… then tagged out as soon as Mike Musso entered.

Musso and Faith traded shoulder barges, which Faith seemed to be getting the worse end of. Sharp tagged in but was treated to hard forearms. In an odd moment, Sharp ended up throwing Mackie into Faith’s… butt and proceeded to boot Mackie’s posterior for good measure.

As the match continued, Sharp was cut off from his corner of the ring as Mackie and Faith traded quick tags as they punished Sharp. Sharp eventually hoisted up Mackie for a Finlay Roll to get some space and tag in Mike Musso, who ran through Faith, bouncing his head off the turnbuckles. Musso dropkicked Faith into the corner which ended up tagging Mackie who was treated to bodyslams from Musso. Musso went for Blunt Force Trauma but Faith provided the distraction, enough to Mackie to jump on for a sleeperhold. Musso fought out. Sharp jumped off Musso’s shoulders on to Mackie but Faith had made the blind tag. In all the confusion Mackie misted Musso once again and Faith rolled up Musso for the tainted victory.

Plenty of action, super entertaining, also gave preview to some matches that would be great in Fair City Wrestling, which may have happened before in other places but would be great to revisit like Sharp versus Mackie, Faith versus Musso and, of course, the eventual Mike Musso and Euan G Mackie showdown. Four brilliantly charismatic wrestlers, what’s not to like?

More of this please.

Triple Threat – Lewis Girvan defeated Luke Aldridge and Taylor Bryden by pinfall.

In a video package before the next match, Aldridge ran down the city of Perth before entering to ‘Ostrich’ chants from the fair city faithful. Girvan and Bryden took turns chopping the brash Luke Aldridge in the early going, lighting up the chest of the ‘exILE’ with blistering chops. After a disagreement, Girvan was soon chopping Bryden for good measure and taking control of the match. Girvan used a child to land some colossal kicks to the face of both of his opponents before using another to get a little extra zip on a running forearm to Bryden then scooping the referee on top of Bryden. The crowd interaction continued with Bryden being offered to be chopped by everyone that was near.

Aldridge snuck in to spoil the party which allowed he and Bryden to take turns slamming Girvan to the mat. The eventual miscommunication arrived which allowed Girvan to start his comeback, leathering both with corner clotheslines. It didn’t last as Girvan almost found himself on the worst end of a Tower of Doom but fought out of it. The back and forth continued with all three finding chances but the bickering of Aldridge and Bryden lead to a breakdown between the two, leaving Aldridge open for a Tombstone piledriver and a win for Lewis Girvan.

Crowd pleasing at its finest. Lewis Girvan is an incredible talent. He was met with two very good villains which makes for a highly enjoyable contest. Back to Girvan, there is little to no wasted motion, he’s always providing something to the match even if it’s a subtle nod or a reaction. One of the very best in the country.

The Alpha Male & Zack Leon defeated Prince Asad & Saqib Ali by pinfall.

Asad and Ali started by running down Dundee, bold move from the duo considering they were in Perth. Leon presented Alpha Male with a snazzy scarf. Leon and Asad started off the action and it wasn’t long before Leon was fighting off a double team. A quick blind tag saw Ali and Asad being thrown about like they were nothing for a couple German Suplexes from The Alpha Male before following up with a Fallaway Slam on Prince Asad for a two count.

Leon got tagged in and hit a lovely elbow drop-nip up-elbow drop triple combo which is very impressive to watch. Saqib Ali re-entered the match and turned the tide, once again cutting off the ring as they quickly tagged in and out to wear down Zack Leon. all while they taunted The Alpha Male.

Leon eventually got Alpha Male tagged in but thanks to a distraction the referee didn’t spot it which allowed Ali to pounce on ‘The Man of Glam’ once again. Some diving and dodging allowed Leon to finally get the witnessed tag to get The Alpha Male in to batter everyone. Leon hit the Worm on Asad but was bundled out of the ring by Saqib Ali as the match broke down. Alpha Male soon grabbed both Ali and Asad and dropped them hard with a double chokeslam for the win.

Fun start, it dropped a little in the middle thanks to the prolonged beat down of Zack Leon which seemed never ending at points. The double chokeslam at the end was brutal, Prince Asad bounced about a foot upon landing (might be exaggerating somewhat). Pretty decent match. It will be interesting to see if there’s a little bit of friction between Umar Mohammed and Zack Leon following them both having success teaming with The Alpha Male, certainly when the future FCW Tag Team Championships comes into play. An interesting possibility.

FCW Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament – Quarter Final – Tommy Cross defeated Johnny Thunder by pinfall to advance.

Thunder went for quick roll ups in the opening exchange, trying to catch Tommy Cross off guard. Spending the next exchange flipping around the ring to keep Cross off balance. Cross found an opening on the outside, slamming Thunder’s face on the apron and booting him in the chest for good measure.

Cross hit a sweet hiptoss backbreaker to keep the pressure on Johnny Thunder. Built up a head of steam but found himself springboarding straight into a German Suplex that folded him up in the middle of the ring. Cross continued to slowly punish Thunder, tossing him into the middle turnbuckle head first before adding a spear then a big lariat but Thunder wouldn’t stay down.

Cross looked in a standing cloverleaf on the outside, bouncing Thunder off the ring post which looked brutal. He went for it again inside the ring but Thunder escaped, thwarting a kick for a capture suplex to leave them both laying on the canvas. Thunder hit a cracking springboard paydirt but was too close to the ropes, flowing up with a springboard DDT on the apron with Cross landing hard then a dive through the ropes for a tornado DDT which both took damage in. Thunder rolled Cross back in and hit a Shining Wizard but only mustered a near fall.

As they battled on the top rope, the lights went out, Thunder dropped to the mat and was curb stomped from the second rope. A little showboating saw Thunder almost snatch the win with a roll up but a second curb stomp sealed it for Tommy Cross.

Tommy Cross swayed between methodical and a bit too lackadaisical, there’s a fine line to tread in order to get it to work. The finish sequence possibly didn’t need the second curb stomp and could’ve ended after the lights out and second rope stomp. It’s picky, I know. Johnny Thunder was really good in this one, I can see why he teams with Spike Tierney elsewhere as their style and intensity are really well matched. Hopefully we’ll see Thunder and Spikening in FCW in the near future.

Sammii Jayne & Rosie Nyte defeated Sara Marie-Taylor & Rayhne by pinfall.

Rayhne and Sara weren’t for getting involved in this one but thanks to Nyte and Jayne, the duo were soon brought into the action as all four brawled around the venue before Sara and Rayhne were thrown into each other head first and rolled into the ring.

Now with the match officially started, Rosie Nyte gave Rayhne and Sara the run around before bringing in Sammii. Sara got an early shoulder charge but Sammii soon took control with a knee charge into the corner. A quick tag out to Rosie was all the time Sara needed to recover, grabbing Sammii while Rayhne charged through Nyte to turn the tide in her teams favour. Rayhne and Sara continued to bully Nyte, using their size and strength advantage to keep Nyte at bay.

Nyte finally tagged out and Sammii was unleashed, knocking down both opponents with a top rope dropkick but Rayhne interrupted the flurry with a big spinebuster. Sara hit Nyte with a lovely sit out pumphandle slam before Rayhne barged in with a Rahyne Drop slam on Sammii which landed hard. Nyte and Rayhne battled to the outside with Nyte launching herself through the ropes, while Sammii hit Sara with Shadowfax and sealed the deal with a sit out fireman’s carry driver to win.

A brisk main event with Sammii Jayne once again victorious. It was a bit chaotic, the interactions between Sammii and Rayhne were brief but really good. It wasn’t the prettiest match, a little rushed in parts, but there were glimpses of great stuff. Rayhne and Sara made a for a good team, especially when towering over the plucky Rosie Nyte. Once again I can see how this can progress further, Sara has already put out the challenge to Sammii for Fair City Wrestling’s next event ‘Nae Mercy’ but I’m more intrigued about a one on one Sammii versus Rayhne match. I can certainly see these two battling it out over the incoming FCW Women’s Championship due for the future.

Another stormer of a show from Fair City Wrestling as they continue this fine form of really entertaining shows. The production value being increased is noticeable, the only thing that’s went a little backwards is the commentary. Not the content itself but the volume. I could hear John Young but his broadcast partner was like they were standing as far away from the microphone as they possibly could, whispering some lines. I’m sure there was some worthwhile additions for them to make… I just couldn’t hear them.

One match has already been confirmed for ‘Nae Mercy’ in April and it’s one I really want to see, Don Massimo versus Caleb Valhalla. I will certainly be back reviewing the next Fair City Wrestling event shortly after upload.

Speaking of upload, you can watch the full show here:

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