Adam’s Top 10 Wrestlers Of The Month – February 2020


February for Scottish wrestling was massive, and not just because Big Massive Wrestling had their first show of the year. We had big shows all over the place, from ICW’s 9th Annual Square Go! to Discovery Wrestling’s All About The Raffle to Source Wrestling’s Mayhem show from Govan. All big events, all with some big moments. Things are only going to get better going forward in the rest of 2020 – ICW are back in Newcastle in about three weeks, we’ve got two Rumbles (!) this month, and WrestleZone kick off their Training Academy shows. But first, the ten best Scottish wrestlers from February 2020!

Honourable mentions go out to Alex Parker, Bradley Evans, Brandon Adams, Caleb Valhalla, Connor Inglis, Crusher Craib, Dickie Divers, Ian Skinner, Jack Morris, Jason Reed, Kai Williams-King, Kieran Kelly, King Killa, Levi Justice, Lewis Girvan, Liam Thomson, Luke Kyro, Molly Spartan, Rayhne, Sammii Jayne, and Tommy Cross.


10. Kid Fite

Kicking things off with the first of three (so, every one of them) members of Pure Dead Brilliant as Kid Fite makes what I believe is his first ever appearance on Wrestlers of the Month. I promise I’m not just being biased because of Fito’s Finds. ‘The Demolition Man’ kicked things off by entering ICW’s 9th Annual Square Go! Match from the number 19 position (he was originally set to enter at number 5, but an ambush before the show thwarted those plans), and ended up being the final man eliminated as Kez Evans won the bout. This marked Fite’s final appearance for ICW, at least for now, as he leaves behind him quite the career in the Insane Fight Club. He teamed with Davey Blaze in a victory over Lucha Scotland’s Lucha DS and Falcon at the joint Pro Wrestling Innovation and Pro Wrestling Scotland event in Alloa, followed with wins against Ace Anderson and Alex Parker at Big Massive Wrestling’ and PWI respectively. His month didn’t end off on the best note sadly as a string of losses followed Fito, losing to Ewan O’Raw at PWS’ debut in Douglas while also losing the Rumble Match, and he was then defeated by Grado at SWA’s latest show from Clydebank.


9. Lou King Sharp

January’s Wrestler of the Month is back for more points as Lou King Sharp retains his spot at the top of the league table. LKS began his month with a return to Denmark’s Copenhagen Championship Wrestling, failing to win the Heavyweight Championship in a Six Way Elimination Match from Sebastian Day, but he and Krieger captured the ICW Tag Team Championships the following day by defeating The Purge in a brutal Glasgow Street Fight. Alongside Mike Musso, the duo lost to Aspen Faith and Euan G. Mackie at the latest show for Fair City Wrestling, while he and Krieger teamed again in their debut for Preston City Wrestling, defeating the team of Joe Wade and El Matcho. ‘The Blood Tourist’ lost to Dylan Angel at a Pro Wrestling Innovation event, before defeating Paxxo at PBW’s recent show in Wishaw to end his February off on a high.


8. Krieger

Rounding off the members of Pure Dead Brilliant is Krieger, with ‘Scudmaster Sexy’ winning the ICW Tag Team Championships alongside Lou King Sharp at the 9th Annual Square Go! as they defeated The Purge. He and LKS defeated Joe Wade and El Matcho in their PCW debut, before going on to defeat Xero in the main event of the latest Big Massive Wrestling show. After defeating Ian Skinner at Pro Wrestling Scotland’s Douglas debut, he found himself eliminated from their Rumble Match at the hands of ‘The Shooter’, while then going on to lose to Lucha DS at a PBW show in his home of Wishaw. Krieger rounded out the month with a loss to Lewis Girvan at Respect Pro Wrestling’s first show of the year in Kilbirnie, meaning ‘The Renegade became the number one contender for the Respect Pro Heavyweight Championship.


7. DCT

Fresh off a long stint in Australia, DCT returned to Scottish wrestling at ICW’s 9th Annual Square Go! as he confronted the equally returning JAXN (formerly Jackie Polo). ‘The Glam Rock God’ defeated Jason Reed at Discovery Wrestling’s All About The Raffle show, ensuring ‘The One Fo The Future’ would be forced to enter the 2020 Disco Derby Match from the number one position. Ending the month for DCT was a championship victory, as he dethroned Mikey Whiplash of his SWA Highland Championship at Clydebank Chaos this past Saturday afternoon, marking a successful return month to the Scottish wrestling scene.


6. Alexander Darwin MacAllan

Alexander Darwin MacAllan had a pretty decent February, beginning with a win over Rob Mills at Reckless Intent Wrestling’s first show of 2020 in Livingston, followed up with a debut for Discovery Wrestling as he teamed with Xero in the aptly named Killer Xero, defeating The Sam Barbour Experience in a Handicap Match. ‘The Clyde River Killer’ returned to Source Wrestling action at their latest show from Govan’s Fairfield Club, losing to Griffin in singles action, before lifting the Respect Pro Heavyweight Championship from Robert Wishart in Kilbirnie. What a way to end the month for ADM.


5. Daz Black

When you think of rising talents in Scottish wrestling, Daz Black is top of the list. ‘The Orbit Breaker’ had a banger of a match with Kieran Kelly at ICW’s third GONZO show, a match that he went on to win. He lost to Stevie Xavier at the joint Pro Wrestling Innovation and Pro Wrestling Scotland show in Alloa, then going on to sadly lose in the finals of PWI’s Young Lions Tournament against Danny Edwards. A win over Saqib Ali and Rayhne alongside Angel Hayze at PWS’ show in Douglas was followed when he failed to win the Rumble Match that same night to end February for the rising PBW Academy graduate.


4. Angel Hayze

The first lady of Wrestlers of the Month 2020 is Angel Hayze, as ‘The Young Lioness’ lost to Kasey at ICW GONO #3, and then followed things up with a victory alongside NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray on the 9th Annual Square Go! pre-show over ICW debutants The Woke Queens. After defeating Rayhne at the Pro Wrestling Innovation/Pro Wrestling Scotland show, Hayze lost to Jennie B in her debut for InOut Wrestling, before defeating Isla Dawn the following weekend to kick off the ICW era of Wrestling Experience Scotland in Bathgate. Angel lost to Gia Adams on the pre-show of TNT Extreme Wrestling’s Merseyside Massacre event, but she was victorious over Saqib Ali and Rayhne at PWS’ show in Douglas, while also failing to win the Rumble Match that same evening. To end the month on a positive, Angel defeated Oliver Barrett to become the first woman in history to hold the Shield Pro Wrestling Almost Pro Championship. HISTORIC.


3. Theo Doros

Theo Doros is a gifted athlete, no questions asked. Doros retained his Reckless Intent Heavyweight Championship twice at the start of the month, once against Deacon Awesome in Livingston, and then against Aspen Faith in Tillicoultry. ‘The Superior Cypriot’ then defeated BT Gunn at Discovery Wrestling’s secret show at the Jam House in what’s being described as quite the encounter, proving why he deserves to be challenging Joe Hendry for the Y Division Championship at the end of this month.


2. Danny Edwards

Danny Edwards is a perfect talent. He even says it himself – ‘The Proof of Perfection’ isn’t just a fancy moniker, it’s a fact of life. Edwards teamed with Hal Rayner and Owen Jakks at the Pro Wrestling Innovation and Pro Wrestling Scotland show in Alloa, with the trio defeating the team of Stone Malone, Ewan O’Raw, and Darren Vice, before the Big Money Enterprises member then defeated Daz Black in the finals to become the first winner of the Young Lions Tournament. Big Danny was victorious the next night in a Fatal Four Way Match over Ray Berani, Alex Parker, and Darren Vice, losing a Rumble Match the same night to Ian Skinner, with his final matches of the month coming alongside Jay Nitro in a losing effort to the team of Owen Jakks and Hal Rayner at PBW’s show in Wishaw, followed by defeating Ray Berani at Shield Pro Wrestling’s most recent event. It pays to be perfect ya know.


1. Kez Evans

There couldn’t be anyone other than Kez Evans as the Wrestler of the Month. ‘The Dastardly One’ first defeated Wolfgang at ICW GONZO #3, before the big moment the following day. Entering the 9th Annual Square Go! Match at number 15, Evans feigned an ankle injury before dumping Kid Fite out of the match to become the holder of the Square Go! briefcase. Genuinely didn’t see this one coming, but I’m well buzzing ‘This Guy’ now has a future crack at the ICW World Heavyweight Championship. He and Thatcher Wright defeated Dylan Thorn and big Ross Hauser at the most recent GPWA Five Pound Wrestling show to make it a 100% win/loss record for Kez Evans in February 2020.

There we have it guys, another month gone by, another ten wrestlers gaining points. Lou King Sharp remains at the top of the table for another few weeks at least, having earned an extra two points to keep him just above Danny Edwards and Kez Evans, both on ten points. Daz Black also rises up to joint third place alongside Krobar, while the other league table members sit in place having only made one appearance each. March has the potential to drastically change things, as mentioned in the opening paragraph – that’s exactly what makes Wrestlers of the Month such a fun article to do!

Point Standings as of March 2nd 2020
1. Lou King Sharp (12 points)
2. Danny Edwards and Kez Evans (10 points)
3. Daz Black and Krobar (9 points)
4. Alan Sterling and Theo Doros (8 points)
5. Angel Hayze and Joe Hendry (7 points)
6. Leyton Buzzard (6 points)
7. Alexander Darwin MacAllan and Andy Wild (5 points)
8. DCT and Stevie Boy (4 points)
9. Krieger (3 points)
10. Liam Thomson (2 points)
11. Kid Fite (1 point)

Credit for promo pics used goes to Dale Brodie, Pro Wrestling Innovation, Respect Pro Wrestling, Sandy Smith, Warrior Photography, and The Wilsons.

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