Future Shock: Danny Edwards

Photo credit Pro Wrestling Innovation

By Tom Humphreys


Welcome to the first edition of the Future Shock. This is where we take a dive into some of Scotland and the UK’s most promising young talent, and tell you why you should keep an eye on them. They’ll shock you with how much potential they have.

Perfection. This word gets thrown about a lot. A lot of wrestlers claim themselves to be it. Maybe you think of Curt Hennig when you hear the word associated with a wrestler. However, is he the Proof Of Perfection?

You’ll find that moniker belongs to one Danny Edwards. If you think you knew cockiness, think again. Danny Edwards, at 19 years old, is perhaps one of the most self indulgent young men on the British Wrestling scene today. What he lacks in height, he more than makes up for in attitude. With a swagger reminiscent of Vince McMahon and a disdain for the crowd like MJF, Edwards can more than back up his mouth with natural talent and charisma.

Debuting in May of 2017, for a short career, Edwards has racked up a fair few accolades and has worked for many different promotions north and south of the border. Being a staple of Pro Wrestling Innovation, Shield Pro Wrestling, and having debuted in British Championship Wrestling, among others. Yet another incredible prospect, Edwards more than holds his head up high. After beating Daz Black in the finals of the inaugural Young Lion’s Tournament, he has not only inscribed his name into the history books, but has put himself on the map as one of the top talents in the country. Alongside that, his alliance with Big Money Matt Tyson and the Prizefighter Dean Ford have helped him rise through the ranks of Pro Wrestling Innovation.

Being featured on Adam’s Top 10 Wrestlers of the Month aplenty recently, finishing at number two for February, it’s hard to argue against the following that the Proof of Perfection is gaining. Whilst being a small man, he has a great in ring style. Brutalising opposition with hard hitting and sharp offense, but also classic skulduggery and wear and tear on his opponents, Edwards knows how to capitalise on a situation in the same way Edge did. He’s an opportunist. Can you blame him? After all, he was the, self proclaimed, “Belter of the Year” in 2018.

No matter whether you love him or hate him, majority of which, are the latter, Edwards is a young man with a lot of potential and a good reputation to his name. One of the top villains within the up & coming scene. You may get cocky wrestlers – he’s cockier. You may get smart wrestlers – he’s smarter. You may get opportunistic wrestlers – he’s a thief. By hook or by crook, Edwards will climb, low blow and ‘Perfection!’ his way to the top of the industry, with his Swinging Neck Breaker, and all the confidence in the world to back it up.

You wanted a reason as to why Danny Edwards is perfection? There’s Proof!

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