Preview: Fierce Females ‘We Want To Bookings You?’


If I’m being honest, I’m surprised no other company (to my knowledge, at the very least) has used this as a show name yet. But alas, Fierce Females are back on Sunday evening with We Want To Bookings You?, an ode to everyone’s favourite wrestling social media users. With a new Fierce Females Champion being crowned at Disgusting Animals back in January, a new era is about to begin for Scotland’s only all-female wrestling company. The main question though – will any of these fine talents be signed to KPW afterwards?

Fierce Females Championship
Gisele Shaw (c) vs Chantal Jordan

It was announced at the end of December that Sammii Jayne would be vacating the Fierce Females Championship because she simply wasn’t able to sign herself down to all of Fierce Females’ 2020 dates for commitments outside of the squared circle. As a result, The Tournament We Promised You In December took place at Disgusting Animals to crown a new champion, with Gisele Shaw (who defeated Angel Hayze and Alexxis Falcon en-route to the finals) and Chantal Jordan (who was victorious over both Rosie Nyte and Dani Luna to reach the finals) set to square off in the final match of the night. Sadly though, Jordan suffered an injury, resulting in Fierce Females co-owner Mikey Whiplash awarding the vacant championship to Shaw, and rescheduling the finals for the next show. ‘The Quintessential Diva’ isn’t exactly one to shy away from gloating – winning the title proved just that. She’ll need to back her words up though, of course – Chantal Jordan is known to kick your head off, and if that (somehow) isn’t enough to put you down, then she has a lovely Jig’n’Tonic to do that for her. This may only be Gisele’s first title defence, but there’s a strong possibility it’ll be her only one too.

No Disqualifications Match
Amy Allonsy vs Ayesha Raymond

Since September’s Welcome to the Hellmouth event, Amy Allonsy and Ayesha Raymond haven’t exactly been seeing eye to eye. Tensions between them arose when Allonsy saved Alexxis Falcon from a post-match beatdown at the hands of Ayesha after the two of them went to a Double Count Out at the September show, with a match between the pairing at Disgusting Animals ending in controversy. Amy, who was ‘accompanied’ to the ring that evening by none other than Emily Hayden’s beloved toaster friend Toastie, used the kitchen item as a weapon against ‘The Female Predator’, which came after the intervention of Hayden, who is of course banned from any and all Fierce Females events since her loss to Sammie Jo in June. As everyone should be aware though, Toastie is not a toaster to be used as a weapon, or to cook toast/butteries/etc. Toastie has a soul, just like me and you – okay, maybe not me, but you get the point. He’s a person. He isn’t meant to be used to inflict pain. If he gets used as a weapon, then chaos could break loose in the Shed. You never know when the toaster activists will strike next.

What am I actually on about…


Sammie Jo vs Lucia Lee

Originally, Fierce Females management had planned to put Sammie Jo on the pre-show of We Want To Bookings You?, something that she wasn’t exactly best pleased about. ‘Sparkling’ Sammie firmly believes she’s better than the pre-show, and she has a point – she made a statement in Fierce Females in 2019, sending Emily Hayden packing after their I Do Match, as well as nearly capturing the Internet Championship from Debbie Keitel at Avenging Angels in Liverpool. FF management listened to her, and moved her match to the main show, something that I imagine her opponent is equally as pleased about. Lucia Lee, straight out of Coventry. ‘The Descending Angel’ is seemingly a bit of a varied performer, being able to strike an opponent out of nowhere, dive off the ropes, or make them tap out, or while having a nice refreshing swig of apple Lucozade (we all know the real best flavour is wild cherry though). She’s eager to make a statement nonetheless – what better way to do so than against a firm fan favourite?


The Angels of the Nyte (Angel Hayze & Rosie Nyte) vs The Pretty Little Killers (Ivy & Ruby Radley)

Rosie Nyte has finally put down the Tinder to pull double duty at We Want To Bookings You?, firstly teaming up with Angel Hayze in a fantastically named team – The Angels of the Nyte. They’re set to face two ladies who I believe haven’t appeared since Goddesses of War 11 months ago, Ivy and Ruby Radley, why it’s The Pretty Little Killers. Sadly, Angel and Rosie, two standouts of the PBW Academy currently on the rise within Scottish wrestling, were both ousted from the recent championship tournament in the opening round, losing to Gisele Shaw and Chantal Jordan respectively. As such, they’re now coming back to Fierce Females as a cohesive unit – well, unless Rosie gets herself distracted with Hannah Taylor on the Tinder, of course. As for The Pretty Little Killers, the last time they were in Fierce Females was actually in singles action last April, with Ivy defeating Little Miss Roxxy and Ruby losing out to Anastasia. However, now that they’ve been booked in tag team action, it’s time to see what the duo are really capable of. Depending on how the pre-show goes for Ms Nyte, it could more or less be a Handicap Match by the time this comes around, which to be fair is still a test in itself – Angel Hayze is a machine in the ring.


Rhio vs Little Miss Roxxy

Since making her return to Fierce Females in September as a replacement for Kanji, Rhio has had quite a chunk of success. Her return bout against Chantal Jordan didn’t exactly end in her favour, but since then ‘The Braider Bruiser’ has racked up wins against Hollie Barlow and Myla Grace in both women’s Fierce Females debut match. Now, the second best purple-haired wrestler in the UK (behind only Rayhne, of course) is set to do battle with Little Miss Roxxy, someone we haven’t seen since Welcome to the Hellmouth where she defeated Angel Hayze. The Newcastle native is always a crowd-pleaser when she steps through the curtain at any promotion, but she may have her hands full in her Glasgow return. Rhio made reference to Gia Adams during a recent promo, perhaps looking to bring the former UCW Women’s Champion in as her hired gun. It’s essentially impossible to prepare yourself for what sort of chaos those two could cause if they joined forces.


Sara Marie-Taylor vs Hannah Taylor

The long-awaited battle of the Taylors is set for the Shed as Sara Marie-Taylor battles Hannah Taylor. Sara, who laid the foundations for women’s wrestling in Scotland, made her return to Fierce Females on the pre-show for Disgusting Animals, defeating Hollie Barlow to mark a successful comeback. Now though, ‘The First Lady of Scottish Wrestling’ is on a mission to climb back up the ranks of Scottish wrestling to get where she wants to be – the Fierce Females Championship. As for Hannah Taylor, she’s still looking for that all-important first inside a Fierce Females ring. She lost to Lizzy Evo on the Avenging Angels pre-show, and was then ousted from the championship tournament in January in the quarterfinals courtesy of Dani Luna. With a strict lifestyle of wearing Nico Angelo shirts, drinking Monster after Monster, and walking her cat, it’s hard to imagine why she isn’t winning matches. She was trained by The Grizzled Young Veterans, after all – two of the absolute best. Focus less on the Monsters, and more on the graps.


Myla Grace vs Taonga

Fierce Females always looks to showcase females from around the UK that are perhaps unfamiliar to us here in Scotland. Two of the names they’ve introduced to us in recent months are Ireland’s Myla Grace and England’s Taonga, both of whom are still looking for that first big victory in a Fierce Females ring. Myla was defeated by Rhio during her debut at Disgusting Animals, while Taonga suffered a defeat at the hands of Jokey at Avenging Angels this past November when Fierce Females made their debut in Liverpool. Even though she had previously pinned Rosie Nyte on the Welcome to the Hellmouth pre-show at the beginning of September, it wasn’t necessarily the biggest victory ever recorded – had it been on the main card, then possibly, and that’s no offence to the pre-show. Just ask Dino Del Monte, who is the resident (pre)showstopper up in WrestleZone. A win for either of these two ladies could put them in the running to challenge either Gisele Shaw or Chantal Jordan for the Fierce Females Championship further down the line.


Lacie Adams vs Maria de la Rosa

Speaking of newer names, two more ladies are scheduled for their first Fierce Females appearance at We Want To Bookings You? in a special double debut match. I’ll be honest though, there’s not much I can really say here, having personally never heard of either of these two. Upon looking into their social media pages though, I’ve managed to digress some key points. Lacie Adams, a graduate from Kamikaze Pro (the same school as Chantal Jordan, who’s main eventing the show, so that should say all you need to know), proclaims herself to be just your average girl next door. She always seems to be up for a laugh, having been in Amsterdam recently – hopefully not blazing it, but we don’t judge here at Scottish Wrestling Network. As for Maria de la Rosa, the Spanish star appears to be quite the hard-hitting performer, leaping right into the air in a picture I found of her doing a seemingly deadly double foot stomp. Scottish fans may not know too much about these two ladies heading into Sunday’s show, but I’m sure both will leave a lasting impression.


VIP Ticket Holders Pre-Show
Isla Dawn vs Rosie Nyte

At the start of December, Fierce Females had planned an eight-woman tournament known as the Queen’s Carnival Tournament. However, that show would be postponed until the following month at Disgusting Animals (now known as the Tournament We Promised You In December). Going back to the originally planned December date though, the pre-show for the event had already been set in stone with Rosie Nyte taking on the returning NXT UK star Isla Dawn, a match that has now been rescheduled for the pre-show of We Want To Bookings You? with Nyte pulling double duty. Rosie has really been rising through the ranks of women’s wrestling, capturing the Women’s Championship in Shield Pro Wrestling a few months ago, whereas ‘The White Witch’ has recently been flourishing in ICW. She’s got the opportunity to win the vacant ICW Women’s World Championship, while she could also be a viable challenger for either of the available titles on offer in Fierce Females. Who knows, perhaps The Pretty Little Killers will aid Isla on the pre-show to weaken Rosie ahead of the main card tag team match.


Despite what she says and despite the fact she stormed the ringside area at Disgusting Animals, Emily Hayden is very much still banned from Fierce Females shows. Will this stop ‘The Best, The Beautiful, The Only’? Perhaps not.

Tickets to the show are available from Fierce Females’ official website, priced at Β£40 for VIP ticket holders (these get you early entry, access to the pre-show, a photo with some of the show’s wrestlers, either a Fierce Females logo t-shirt or a signed We Want To Bookings You? poster, and access to the balcony of the Shed), Β£20 for early entry (everything included with the VIP tickets except for the t-shirt/poster and balcony access), and Β£12 for general admission. Fans can also pay at the door on the night, although general admission tickets will be Β£15 on the door. Doors open at 6pm for VIP and early access ticket holders then 6:30 for general admission, with the main card kicking off at 7pm!

Announced Matches
Fierce Females Championship – Gisele Shaw (c) vs Chantal Jordan
No Disqualifications Match – Amy Allonsy vs Ayesha Raymond
Sammie Jo vs Lucia Lee
The Angels of the Nyte (Angel Hayze & Rosie Nyte) vs The Pretty Little Killers (Ivy & Ruby Radley)
Rhio vs Little Miss Roxxy
Sara Marie-Taylor vs Hannah Taylor
Myla Grace vs Taonga
Lacie Adams vs Maria de la Rosa
VIP Ticket Holders Pre-Show
– Isla Dawn vs Rosie Nyte

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