Future Shock: Alex Parker

Photo credit David J Wilson

By Tom Humphreys


Welcome to the second edition of future shock, where we analyze the future of the Scottish professional wrestling scene, and let you know why they should be on your radar. Their potential will shock you!

After bursting onto the scene after his debut in December of 2018, in a short space of time Alex Parker been making waves as one of the top prospects across the Scottish independent wrestling scene. The young man has a lot of potential, with a great grasp of the combat, with a flashy and exciting move set, similar to the likes of his inspirations such as Jeff Hardy, he doesnโ€™t ever let up with his hard hitting impact, and will always keep fighting no matter the position that he gets put in.

Parker has made appearances for Pro Wrestling Innovation, being a part of the inaugural โ€˜Young Lionโ€™s Tournamentโ€™, falling to rival and eventual winner, Danny Edwards in the first round, but putting in another impressive performance in the tournament, when put into a triple threat with Darren Vice and eventual finalist Daz Black. Parker and Edwards have faced each other in multiple promotions at this point. From Dumbarton, Shield Pro Wrestling, and Pro Wrestling Scotland as two members of a fatal four way in Douglas.

Parker has also put in two very impressive, yet, unfortunately unsuccessful, performances. An underdog with a scrappy and fiery fighting spirit, Parker does anything possible to entertain the audience whilst picking up the win. With an impressive size for a young man of his age, Parker more than possess all the tools to be a major player in the next couple of years, already catching the eyes and hearts of audiences across the country. He has an instant connection with the audience the same way Jeff Hardy did – heโ€™s an endearing good guy who we all want to see succeed, and rally behind when heโ€™s fighting from underneath.

He is scheduled to team with another rising star in Daz Blackย  at British Championship Wrestlingโ€™s East Kilbride show on the 11th of April. This could be a breakout moment for Parker as his stock grew exponentially during a tag team match in Larbert against Darren Vice and John Trettan, where although he didnโ€™t come out with the win, he put his body on the line in the name of the sport and impressed all in attendance, not looking out of place on the same show among some of Scotlandโ€™s top names.

Parker is not only a name on the rise but a incredibly intelligent and exciting prospect that you need to be keeping your eyes on. Remember the name, he will go into the stratosphere.

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