SWN 128 Wrestler Mega Tournament Of Doom TM – First Round Matches Revealed

Following the support for the SWN 128 Wrestler Mega Tournament of Doom TM, we can now reveal the first round matches.

First announcement.

Initially we were going to have 16 matches per day but after writing all the matches out that just seems a bit much so it will be broken down into 8 matches per day. 4 over the morning and the further 4 matches over the afternoon. They will be staggered a little bit but the matches themselves will be open for 1 hour to vote in.

The matches were chosen at random using the TournaMake app so there has been no intervention from ourselves to influence any of the matches taking place. The winners of each bracket will face off in the finals somewhere down the line. Let’s just get through the first round and we’ll take it from there.

The wrestlers involved are more than free to keep their promo skills sharp by getting involved and adding managers, valets, and/or back up. Let’s have some fun while we’re all quarantined eh?

Voting will take place on Twitter @ScotWresNet

March 21st – AK64 Bracket

  • John Trettan vs Kasey
  • Dickie Divers vs Angel Hayze
  • Darren Vice vs Bobby Roberts
  • Connor Inglis vs Grant McIvor w/Beulah McGillicutty


  • Jokey w/Ronald McDonald, Pennywise & Twisty The Clown vs Eli Bulwark w/Doink The Clown, Paxxo & Penny The Balloon
  • Charlie Vyce vs Falcon
  • Jackie Polo vs Kai Williams-King w/Wu Tang Clan
  • Kay Lee Ray vs Joe Hendry

March 22nd – AK64 Bracket

  • Ewan O’Raw vs Darren Blair
  • Jack Jester vs James Scott
  • Austin Osiris w/Brock Lesnar & Drew McIntyre vs Bradley Evans w/Terry Funk & Dory Funk
  • Felix Fortune vs Chris Archer


  • Emily Hayden w/Toastie, Christopher Saynt, Darrell Costello & Big Bennie vs Kenny Williams
  • DCT vs Alex Cavanagh
  • Brodie Adler w/Alexander Darwin MacAllan, Ayesha Raymond & Mikey Whiplash vs Dean Ford w/Shane McMahon & Steve Blackman
  • Caleb Valhalla vs Damien

March 23rd – AK64 Bracket

  • Ashley Vega vs Alan Sterling
  • Grum vs Glen Dunbar
  • Isla Dawn vs Deacon Awesome
  • Alex Webb vs Delsin Dayre


  • Craig Anthony vs Brandon Adams w/The Addams Family
  • Ian Skinner w/Bradley Poole & three Shiba Inus vs Grado
  • Ian Ambrose vs BT Gunn
  • Alexander Darwin MacAllan vs Irving Garrett

March 24th – AK64 Bracket

  • Daz Black vs Andy Wild
  • Danny Edwards vs Euan G Mackie
  • Joe Coffey vs Jack Morris
  • Blue Thunder vs Ken Kaiden


  • Bryan Tucker vs Anastasia
  • Crusher Craib w/Santa Claus vs Alex Parker
  • Jason Reed vs Davey Blaze
  • Aspen Faith vs Dino Del Monte w/Tony Soprano, Paulie ‘Walnuts’ Gualtieri & Silvio Dante

March 25th – KZ64 Bracket

  • Leyton Buzzard vs Kevin Williams
  • Krieger w/Sooty & Sweep vs Theo Doros
  • Ryan Griffin vs Sara Marie-Taylor
  • Taylor Bryden vs Scotty Riccio


  • Mike Musso vs Zack Leon
  • Viper vs Noam Dar
  • Steven ‘Air’ Myles vs Ted O’Keefe
  • Lewis Girvan vs Krobar

March 26th – KZ64 Bracket

  • Shady Nattrass vs Prince Asad
  • Mark J Wilson vs Soldato
  • Owen Jakks vs Sammii Jayne
  • Zach Dynamite vs Sha Samuels


  • Molly Spartan vs King Killa w/Wu Tang Clan
  • Tallon Jr w/Linda McMahon vs Kid Fite
  • Luca de’ Pazzi vs Logan Smith
  • Levi Justice vs Wolfgang

March 27th – KZ64 Bracket

  • Liam Thomson vs Stevie James
  • Shawn Johnson vs Nathan North
  • Scott McManus vs Sammie Jo
  • Lad Chapman w/Bob Ross vs Kieran Kelly


  • Luke Aldridge vs Lucha DS
  • Scotty Swift w/Lex Luger & Sycho Sid vs Manlon w/Daihlan Hendry & Nick FN Gage
  • Rosie Nyte w/crutch and boot vs Mark Coffey
  • William Sterling vs Mikey Whiplash

March 28th – KZ64 Bracket

  • Stevie Boy Xavier vs KUMA
  • Rayhne w/Stone Malone vs MATT DALY w/tea & biscuits
  • Luke Matthews vs Robert Wishart
  • Xero vs Ryan Riley


  • Spike Tierney vs Lou King Sharp w/Joe Exotic, a tiger, Tatanka, Mitsuharu Misawa, Tommy Dreamer & ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan
  • Mr P vs Mikkey Vago w/Tex Ferguson & Chad 2 Badd
  • Ravie Davie vs Umar Mohammed w/Ariya Daivari, Shawn Daivari, Samir Singh, Sunil Singh, Tiger Ali Singh, Frank Gallows, Tommy Kartel, Tee Ga & Ross Hunter
  • Zander McGuire w/Donnie T vs Saqib Ali

We’ll take a break for a day while updates to the brackets can be made then we will hopefully return on March 30th to begin round two.

Let’s do this!

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