Future Shock: Daz Black

Photo credit David J Wilson

By Tom Humphreys


Welcome to another edition of future Shock where we analyze the best up and coming talents in Scottish professional wrestling. Their potential will shock you!

You get some once in a generation type talents in the professional wrestling industry. Will Ospreay, Bret Hart, AJ Styles, and in Scotland, we have one here just waiting to revitalize the professional wrestling industry. He’s been making one hell of an impact across the country already – his name is Daz Black.

Being trained from under TJ Rage from 12 years old, traveling 2 hours just to get to training, Daz committed himself from a young age, and his ability in ring proves that he has skills beyond his years. For being 18 years old Black possesses a great look, as well as incredible athletic ability with a high flying arsenal alongside hard hitting strikes. Black is one who is going to flourish wherever he goes.

Having worked for many high profile promotions in the country, such as ICW as a part of Gonzo and Fight Club, staking a claim to the Zero-G Championship upon arrival and putting the division on notice, he has been a part of many high profile matches and taken on the likes of Krieger, PWS where he has put on main event bouts against some of the country’s best, such as Stevie Boy and NXT UK superstar Kenny Williams, and PWI, where he was a finalist in the first ever Young Lions Tournament. Black has a lot of experience in big spotlights and at such a young age puts in impressive performances under the pressure of the bright lights, showing how he already possesses natural capabilities of top stars across the country.

Black has some of the country’s highest potentials to be someone who will be well documented and one for the history books as a boundary breaking performer. With the rise in stock he’s receiving, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him be snapped up by a bigger company in the not too distant future.

He’s called the orbit breaker for a reason and he’s the undisputed future of Scottish and British wrestling, ready to take over the world

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