Future Shock: Dean Ford

Photo credit David J Wilson

By Tom Humphreys


Welcome to another edition of Future Shock, where we analyse the future of Scottish professional wrestling. Their potential will shock you!

There are many different types of wrestlers in the industry. Bruisers and brawlers, high flyers and luchadors, technical wizards and craftsmen, however a lot of wrestlers have started to take a striking based offence info their arsenals. When it comes to strikers in Scotland, perhaps there are none more lethal than Dean Ford.

A kick-boxer with a legitimate pedigree in knocking your jaw clean off, heโ€™s collected multiple accolades within the sport of kickboxing, as a four time British champion, nine time Scottish champion, and obtaining a world silver medal, if youโ€™re standing across the ring from Ford, don’t expect him to pull any punches or kicks.

As expected, Ford has a very striking based style and has a wide range and variety of ways to break you down bit by bit as he chops his opponents down to size. The prizefighter has put many opponents out for the count with his trademark โ€œSnooze Buttonโ€ spinning back kick as he sends their head spinning into the front row.

Ford has a wealth of experience, at 26 years old and debuting in November of 2016, he has competed for a wealth of companies and taken on many high profile opponents. Companies heโ€™s worked for include Pro Wrestling Scotland, Pro Wrestling Innovation, British Championship Wrestling, and Shield Pro Wrestling, where he is a former tag team champion.

Having faced the likes of BT Gunn, Stevie Boy Xavier, Liam Thomson, and Dean Allmark, among others, Ford has a wealth of experience, facing some of the best that the UK has to offer and more than holding his own.

Whether heโ€™s rolling out on his own, teaming with TJ Rage, or as a part of Big Money Enterprises alongside Danny Edwards and Matt Tyson, Dean Ford will always be one of the most feared strikers in the country, and with his stock rising constantly, it wonโ€™t be long until we see Ford replicate the successes heโ€™s had in kickboxing within the professional wrestling industry.

The Prizefighter is here to kick your head off – donโ€™t get in his way.

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