Review: World Wide Wrestling League ‘Unlocked’

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, World Wide Wrestling League have put together a compilation of matches on their YouTube channel, aka W3L Network. These matches haven’t appeared on W3L Wrestling Showdown before and have been unlocked from the archives.

Taylor Bryden defeated Craig Stephens by pinfall.

A long lock up exchange started off this one with Bryden coming out with the early advantage. It got back and forth with each going for their respective finishing moves before Stephens took a break to the outside, stalling the action. Bryden gave chase as the action returned to the ring. Stephens ramped up the aggression, choking Bryden on the ropes, taking full advantage of the referee’s five count.

Bryden fought back but was cut off and thrown out of the ring. Bryden just made it back in before the ten count but was met with stomps and a big stalling vertical suplex. These two kept throwing everything at each other, a straight kick to the side of the head and Butterfly DDT couldn’t keep Bryden down.

Stephens went out get a chair but Euan G Mackie appeared to snatch it away, Stephens went for another kick but Bryden rolled through with a pinfall and the win.

A pretty good much, but as always I think there could’ve been a couple minutes shaved off of the Stephens beat down. The middle portion dragged a little bit. The top and tail was good fun and nice to see a wild Euan G Mackie appearance.

W3L Women’s Championship – Emily Hayden defeated Rosie Nyte by pinfall to retain.

Hayden started with Kung Fu Emily moves to avoid Nyte coming anywhere near her, along with jaw jacking with the crowd… before losing a game of rock, paper, scissors… second round saw her pull out a gun… finger guns that is… they had a stand off… Rosie got shot… what am I writing…

Once the actual wrestling started, Nyte hit a nice headscissors, followed up with a running neck snap to send the champ reeling. Emily shook it off, catching Rosie with a chokeslam and face plant to take over. Nyte was able to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge to get in some hard kicks whilst Hayden was trapped in the ropes but Hayden’s power advantage soon cut off the momentum.

Nyte got another flash to offense, hitting a nice second rope diving flatliner for two but was soon on the receiving end of a headbutt from Hayden. Nyte tried to fight back but was hit with the Ever After and that was all she wrote.

Very entertaining beginning, some nice wrestling action, good stuff. It showed Emily as not only a bit of a goof but her aggressive side. Rosie Nyte is a great fan favourite, finding it very easy to get behind her whilst Hayden congratulates herself and bad mouths everyone within ear reach.

Euan G Mackie defeated KJ Nitro by pinfall.

Mackie started his early shenanigans by rolling out of the way from a barraging Nitro. Nitro waited for Mackie to be chatting to the crowd to strike. The match briefly went to the outside but Nitro caught the smaller Mackie and rammed him into the ring post. Once it got back into the ring, Nitro targeted the arm and hand of Mackie. A wheelbarrow bulldog from Mackie was countered at first but Mackie was able to get another chance and had Nitro in position for a gorgeous top rope leg drop for only a two count.

A DDT was countered by Nitro into a Falcon Arrow that was good for another near fall. Mackie managed to hit a seated senton, followed by a knee to the stomach and springboard Vader Bomb. Nothing seemed to be keeping Nitro down, not even a Sliced Bread #2. Mackie went back to the top rope but was caught for an Air Raid Crash but Mackie just kicked out. Nitro went for another on the apron but Mackie wriggled out, sending Nitro to the outside, diving from the top turnbuckle to the outside with a crossbody.

With little prompting, Nitro was swarmed by the children in attendance, stomped and punched. A second Sliced Bread #2 was countered into a hard rolling cutter but Mackie rolled to the ropes. It looked like Mackie was dead but he rolled Nitro into an inside cradle to win.

Mackie had no time to celebrate with Nitro punching Mackie, grabbing a chair, wrapping it around the neck of Mackie. Before any further damage could be caused, Taylor Bryden ran out to chase off KJ Nitro.

Another very entertaining bout, it’s always bound to be with Euan G Mackie involved. KJ Nitro looked really good in this as the big monster aggressor, he’s a bit rough around the edges but has something that can be built upon.

W3L Heavyweight Championship – Mike Musso defeated James Scott by pinfall to retain.

Slow start with James Scott stalling in the early going. Scott suckered Musso the outside to give him the chance to pounce upon Musso’s return to the ring. The match returned to the outside, Scott rammed Musso’s head into the ring post but found himself dropped onto a plastic chair before Musso clotheslined a seated James Scott to the roar of the children in attendance.

Musso went to the top rope but was thrown off by Scott, landing hard onto the mat. Scott took over, dodging a corner charge to send Musso shoulder first into the ring post and focusing his attack on the shoulder. Musso fought out of a butterfly hold to back drop Scott but a follow up big splash was met by the knees of James Scott who went back to the shoulder.

Another fight back from Musso, a flying clothesline, ten count punch into the Musso special knee smash into a knee lift but the Blunt Force Trauma DDT was thwarted due to the injured shoulder. Scott hit a Death Valley Driver but it was only a two count. Musso avoided a top rope attack and foot stomp to backslide James Scott for the victory.

A fun heated match, heavy hits and it was brief with no downtime. An enjoyable contest.

Joe E Legend Wins The Over The Top Rumble

Christopher Saynt and Mike Musso kicked off the rumble, with Saynt finding himself close to being eliminated but was saved by the number three entrant, Bobby Roberts. Taylor Bryden entered next, almost eliminating Saynt but Saynt was doing his best Road Dogg 2000 impression. The Tormentor bungled his way out only to be knocked down by Bryden, he took a rest until Leo King entered who stomped away at the apparent most dangerous man in W3L. KJ Nitro was next as he and King went straight at it, trading punches but both found themselves being pummeled in the corner by Taylor Bryden. Johnny Hollywood entered next… who was attacked by everyone and eliminated quickly by Taylor Bryden. The final entered was Joe E Legend who eliminated The Tormentor, Saynt tossed out KJ Nitro as the pool began to empty. Musso eliminated Leo King, Saynt low blowed Bryden and threw him out to get down to four.

Roberts dumped out Mike Musso, leaving Roberts and Saynt to double team Legend. Legend side stepped Saynt to send him over the top rope. Saynt tried to interfere to help Roberts but Legend soon dumped out Roberts to win the rumble.

A very quick rumble but it was another very fun match. Nothing ground breaking but it’s a rumble, hard to mess up a rumble! A good way to end this W3L Network special.

An entertaining 90 minute distraction from the outside world. It’s on YouTube, and you can watch it below:

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