SWN Battle Bowl – Coming Soon

As we’re still in lock down… fancy another tournament?

This time we’re taking 32 teams to face off on the Twitter machine but they will be randomly matched up, Battle Bowl style.

We asked wrestling personalities on Twitter to confirm their entry and here’s the names confirmed so far, it will be updated until all 64 slots have been filled:

  1. Alex Cavanagh
  2. Big Ross Hauser
  3. Dylan Thorn
  4. Rayhne
  5. Jesse Santana
  6. Umar Mohammed
  7. Taylor Bryden
  8. Glen Dunbar
  9. Daihlan Hendry
  10. John Kerr
  11. Caleb Valhalla
  12. Scotty Swift
  13. Mikkey Vago
  14. Cpt. L. L, Manton Esq.
  15. Kerrigan
  16. Brent Carter
  17. Craig Berry
  18. Tallon Jr
  19. Denzil Law
  20. Mikey Innes
  21. Marc Munro
  22. Bradley Evans
  23. Dean Ford
  24. Joe T Nova
  25. Jam O’Malley
  26. Ewan O’Raw
  27. Johnny Reaves
  28. Alexander Darwin MacAllan
  29. Xero
  30. Ian Skinner
  31. Bradley Poole
  32. Spike Tierney
  33. Hal Rayner
  34. Brodie Adler
  35. Crusher Craib
  36. Rhys Dawkins
  37. Chris Clark
  38. Lucha DS
  39. Dawn Devlin
  40. BIG Bennie
  41. AJ Diaz
  42. Mikey Devine
  43. Rabu Romero
  44. Austin Osiris
  46. Ryan King
  47. Soldato
  48. Falcon
  49. Robbie Solar
  50. Griffin
  51. Athena
  52. Scott McManus
  53. Christopher Saynt
  54. Bobby Roberts
  55. Emily Hayden
  56. Jack Ripley
  57. Taylor Vite
  58. Colton Davis
  59. Jason Hyde
  60. Samael
  61. Jackie Grady
  62. Nathan North
  63. Martyn Clunes
  64. Damien

Once we have 64 entrants we will randomly draw 32 teams to begin the tournament.

Brackets will follow afterwards.

If you are a wrestling personality and wish to be entered, contact us @ScotWresNet

Additional rules will follow once the entrants teams have been confirmed.

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