SWN Battle Bowl – Quarter Final Matches Confirmed

We can now reveal the quarter final matches in SWN Battle Bowl!

Saturday April 25th

  • Christopher Saynt & Mikkey Vago w/Sensational Sherri & Power Uti vs The Chaotic Connection (Joe T Nova & Craig Berry) w/Jack Jarvis & Victor McDade
  • Dawn of Valhalla (Dawn Devlin & Caleb Valhalla) w/Dom The Pizza Bot & Big Papa John vs Scotty Swift & Jackie Grady w/Kryten
  • Crusher Craib & Dylan Thorn w/Richard R. Russell & Captain Raymond Holt vs Athena & Jack Ripley
  • Martyn Clunes & Griffin w/Bill Decker & Dr Shakamoto vs Colton & The RayhneBo’s (Colton Davis & Rayhne) w/Bo Dallas & Bo Jackson

Additional Rules:

  • Only two managers per team, per round are allowed.
  • Team names are encouraged.
  • Promos are also encouraged.

All the action can be voted for @ScotWresNet on Twitter! We look forward to continuing the Battle Bowl madness!

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