Future Shock: Tallon Jr

Photo credit Sandy Smith Photography

By Tom Humphreys

Welcome to another edition of Future Shock, where we analyze some of the best up and coming talent in Scotland, letting you know why they’re the talk of many towns. Their future will shock you!

Luchadors are very hard to come by in Scotland. We only have a sparse amount of the traditional masked sensations, who bring a very high flying and athletic style to the ring. When you mention the word luchador you think of some of the greats. Jushin Thunder Liger, Rey Mysterio, instantly recognisable for their masks and insanely unique offense. In Scotland we have a young luchador on the rise, and his name is Tallon Jr.

Debuting in February 2019, under a mask, a young man made his first impressions in front of a crowd, however he had two matches in one night, as out came the ‘Young Bullet’ Ollie Silverstone. Making a good impression as a high flyer, Silverstone was out to let everyone know he’s here to play!

A product of Kevin Williams and JD Wilde, Silverstone started training in late 2018, after waiting outside the training centre for months, only to learn they had relocated, and in early 2019 joined the recently opened Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum under the tutelage of Andy Wild.

I remember sitting in the front row of FCW’s second show, and being a fan of cruiserweight wrestling, I was ecstatic to see what type of high flying action that the traditional the junior heavyweights bring. One of the competitors in the junior heavyweight tournament was a young man I hadn’t heard much about named Ollie Silverstone. Putting in a defining performance against Spike Tierney, the young bullet showed that he didn’t understand the concept of fear. Having very high risk offense, such as placing Spike on a chair and charging at him with a drop kick, a saksue special, and going from the ring post to the floor with a flip senton. Silverstone displayed a wrestling ability beyond his years and experience, with impressive athleticism, striking prowess, and blistering speed for an 18 year old. Being able to effortlessly cartwheel and flip as much as desired, alongside being able to absorb some brutal and impactful punishment, fighting until his last breath, Silverstone wouldn’t give a single inch up to his opponent. Least to say I was incredibly impressed to witness this with my own eyes.

Silverstone had an effortless connection to his home town crowd in Perth and was able to whip them into a frenzy, blowing the roof off with his gravity defying maneuvers. Sadly he wouldn’t come out with a win, however you could argue that he won in a way, putting his name on the map as a name to look out for, leaving a mark on the audience. Strangely after this, we wouldn’t see Silverstone again.

This would be due to the emergence of Tallon Jr. A new persona for the high flyer, as a luchador, which coincided with a match against Umar Mohammed for GPWA’s £5 Wrestling. This was another stand out match for the young man, with Tallon Jr proving his worth as an outstanding luchador and not afraid to risk hurting himself in order to captivate the audience and try and earn a victory in the process. He was able to mesmerize the Glasgow crowd and gain their support with his endearing nature and captivating move set. Tallon was also able to show off his strength and agility within this match, and someone of his height should not be as agile as he is! Sadly he didn’t come away with the victory but again he stamped his name onto the map of Scottish wrestling, proving why he belongs in the conversation of freakishly impressive young wrestlers who are ready to break out.

With the retirement of Solar looming, there is perhaps no better time for Tallon Jr to punch his ticket into the upper echelons of Scottish high flying talent. A young career with many great upsides for a man of his young age, you can guarantee that Tallon Jr is a name that will be on everyone’s lips in the very near future. Possessing all the assets to be genuine Scottish megastar, you can bet your bottom dollar that Tallon Jr will be impressing people up and down the country.

If you want to watch his match from FCW second event against Spike Tierney, you can do so here:

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