SWN Clan Warfare – First Round Matches Confirmed

As announced in the SWN Live! Clan Warfare Special, we can now reveal the first round matches in SWN Clan Warfare!

Monday May 4th

  • Leninade – Tapaqu, Niko & Vladimir w/Big Daddy Marx & The Spectre Of Communism vs Those Kind of People – Jamie Jones, Rhoderick Jones & The Tormentor w/Debbie Sharpe & the Twechar Bear
  • Sin City Saints – Alastor Adams, Steven ‘Air’ Myles & Alex Webb w/Shadow The Hedgehog & Hannah vs The Forgotten – Alex Cavanagh, Glen Dunbar & Jam O’Malley
  • THE C*NTS – Crusher Craib, Bradley Evans & Sammii Jayne w/Bronson & Jetta The WrestleCat vs Kingsmen – Ian Skinner, Bradley Poole & Daz Black
  • DJ Blair Strike – AJ Diaz, Jack Ripley & Derren J Blair vs Sky-High Net – Ross Hauser, Dylan Thorn & Levi Justice

Tuesday May 5th

  • Dawn of the Heroes – Dawn Devlin, Jay Robin & Duke Cannon w/Alfred Pennyworth & an Owlbear vs Team Tommy – MC Tommy, Scotty Swift & Martyn Clunes w/James Midas & Eddie Sideburns
  • We Are The Hype – Kyle Khaos, Rabu Romero & Mikey Devine vs The Unclaimed – Eli Bulwark, Hal Rayner & Kerrigan w/Teen Wolf (Michael J Fox) & Cookie Monster
  • School of Rejected Luchadors – Dynamico, Botchico & Atomico w/ El Santo & a pinata vs Hobobanders Unite – Manlon, Jackie Grady & Rob Mills
  • Team Inhuman – Xero, Taylor Vite & Deacon Awesome vs Devine Brand Worldwide – Spike Tierney, Johnny Thunder & Eddie Devine w/Sean McCulloch & Garrison Cade

Wednesday May 6th

  • Two and a Half Men – Marc Munro, Ace Anderson & Dylan Angel w/Mike Tyson & his tiger vs Chips, Cheese & Doner Meat – John McInally, Alex McRoberts & Gary Cassidy w/Grado & Rab Florence
  • Wizard’s Angry Walk – Kevin Williams, Luke Aldridge & Euan G Mackie w/The Wizard & Joe Fordyce vs Hello There – Craig Berry, Joe T Nova & Johnny Reaves w/Obi-Wan Kenobi & Peter Griffin
  • The Scrandalorians – Brent Carter, BIG Bennie & Caleb Valhalla vs Aberdeen Hoss Beef Murder Squad – Aspen Faith, Grum & Dino Del Monte
  • BME – Dean Ford, Danny Edwards & Matt Tyson w/Conor McGregor & LeBron James vs Two and a Holds Men – Irving Garrett, Ryan King & Danny Cantrell

Thursday May 7th

  • Unity – Bobby Roberts, Christopher Saynt & Emily Hayden w/Charlie Murphy & Rick James [from Chappelle’s Show] vs Baĭkŭr Ulichna Banda – The Bulgarian Baker, Daihlan Hendry & Kieran Swinney w/Swedish Chef & Sherlock Holmes
  • Fife’s Finest – Umar Mohammed, Ross Hunter & John Kerr w/Andy Wild & Johnny Lions vs The Working Men’s Union – MATT DALY, Scott McManus & Thatcher Wright
  • The Ref Express – Denzil Law, Mikey Innes & James Chesser w/Earl Hebner & Aubrey Edwards vs Lucha Scotland – Soldato, Falcon & Robbie Solar w/Lucha DS
  • KoE – “Klyde River Killa” ADM, King Killa & Kai Williams-King w/Kwaku Adjei vs Chris Clark Inc. – Chris Clark, Colton Davis & Rayhne w/a Wii

Additional Rules:

  • Only two managers per team, per round are allowed.
  • Team names are encouraged.
  • Promos are also encouraged.

All the action can be voted for @ScotWresNet on Twitter! We look forward to beginning the Clan Warfare!

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