Future Shock: Umar Mohammed

Credit: Emma Dockrell Photography

By Tom Humphreys


Welcome back to another edition of Future Shock, where we analyse Scotland’s brightest up and coming talents and tell you why they’re going to be megastars. Their potential will shock you.

There’s a lot of sensations that wrestling brings to its fans. The sensation of following an underdog to see him climb the top of the mountain like Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 30. The sensation of crushing defeat when you witness someone you’ve followed for so long lose, take the Undertaker’s streak being conquered by Brock Lesnar. However, there’s a sensation that is incredibly unique to one man, and one man only – the Asian Sensation: Umar Mohammed.

Mohammed is a versatile young man with a short career, debuting in mid 2018 under W3L, however he’s carrying rupees worth’s of charisma and swagger.

Hailing from Kirkcaldy, he was trained by Mike Musso and Johnny Lions at the W3L Actions Academy starting in 2017, training there up until October 2019 where he started training at the Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum, under Andy Wild, where he has been since.

As a good guy he’s a very endearing and easy to love underdog. Whilst he lacks the size that other wrestlers do, his sound fundamentals make up for it, and he engages the crowd every second. Whilst at FCW, he teamed with the Alpha Male.  When he was being beaten down, he was able to rally the crowd behind him and pick up a win alongside his tag partner.

As a villain he’s cocky, maniacal, scheming, cocky, arrogant, egotistical, and yes, cocky. He has the upmost belief in himself and his abilities and he really lets the crowd and his opponent know it. The Asian sensation breaks and grinds down his opponent’s, and doesn’t relent.

For his young career, Mohammed boasts an impressive CV filled with companies such as W3L, GPWA, SWE, WrestleZone, and Fair City wrestling and opponents like Liam Thompson, a SWE Future Division title match versus Ken Kaiden, alongside competing in the match to crown the inaugural W3L Breakout Champion. One highly acclaimed match of his was when he faced Tallon Jr at his FPWA debut, where he, alongside the luchador from the same academy tore the house down with impressive spots, where Mohammed came out the victor in an impressive performance.

A lot of high profile spots and occasions have come The Asian Sensation’s way, and with his natural ability to get crowds on side or get them to detest him, he’s a natural fit for any card.

If you want to book a sensational show – start with the Asian Sensation.

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